Insert id   (USER Register)Dev toolbox

Francais/French Bonjour à vous tous, voilà j'ai un petit probleme, J'ai un formulaire d'enregistrement de membre en deux parties et j'aimerais recupérer id_membre ("type" mysql_insert_id)pour pouvoir continuer ma deuxieme partie d'enregistrement

Registering group (user) administrators

Hi, Instead of users registering themselves, we want to assign that particular task of creating the users to a user administrator (not the portal admin) belonging to a certain user group. On trying this, with the jsps derived on the userreg.jsp, I am

Using different SMTP port for external user registration

Hi, I need to configure a different SMTP port rather than the default port 25 for sending all external user registation invites, reset password, etc... Would it possible to configure that? I am using Adobe Policy Server 7.0.2. Thanks. Regards, Prem.H

How to migrate users from solaris 9 to 10?

Hi. I have a V480 machine with Solaris 9 installed. In this machine I have 100 users registered. I need to transfer this 100 users to a new server (T2000 with Solaris 10). I need to transfer the user and passwords to the new server. Copying /etc/pass

Someone registered my email address on Skype

Someone has used my e-mail address to register their Skype account. After reading the FAQ I see that I cannot delete an account or change a name, so I need someone who is able to do that to do it for me. The user registered 2 different names on Skype

More on automating user-dependent settings

Hi Marcela, Thank you for your prompt response to my query. Yes, I would welcome more details! The only problem is, I have only been working with TestStand for a few weeks, do not have very much experience with it and do not want to botch up the stat

Portal mail service "from" specification

Hello all, I am using Portal mail service but if I do not specify te from field it did not work:           ISendMailService sendMailSvc = (ISendMailService) ResourceFactory.getInstance().getServiceFactory().getService(ISendMailService.SERVICE_ID);   

Group policies not working in one lab.

G'day I've got a situation at my school where group policies are not having any effect on the PCs - but only in one of the 3 computer labs. I've run through the steps of most of the troubleshooting documents I could find but they haven't really helpe

I downloaded firefox 4 and it will not work on my Mac OSX4.11

I downloaded firefox 4 and it will not work on my Mac OSX4.11.Very weird day in Firefoxland First on a Powerbook G4 running 10.4.11 I respond to an invitation to upgrade to Firefox 4 (like a lot of others). Long story short, I wind up losing the brow

How to upload image files in sqlserver from jsp

hi friends, i want to upload images to sqlserver how will i store url of the image or dorectly store the file in binary format, if we store in related path,plese give some ideas on store that paths in data base and how we store that image files in us

Connection reset when accessing HTTPS through proxy

Since upgrading to firefox 27 when trying to access I receive a connection reset or connection interrupted error. I am connecting through a proxy. Firefox 26 works correctly. I have tried on 3 different machines 2 windows a

SSO installation host name problem

Hi all, I am trying to install OCS single box on my server. I have successfully installed oracle storage and infra. When it came to SSO it asks for valid host name and port number. My system is in workgroup. I am trying to give my server name but it

Distributed deployment migration to Clustering over the WAN

Hello All, The existing deployment is distributed with different CM versions running on each of them i.e 6.1.3(2 Clusters), 7.1.5(1 Cluster) and 8.6(1Cluster). It has been requested to get these clusters migrated to version 10.x in either centralized

Contact form with preloaded information

Hey guys, I'm making a contact form for my site. Certain fields in the form like name, email address, etc., are already in a mysql database from the user registering. I'd like it to bring in the information from the mysql database to flash with php s


Hi Gurus , We are in SRM7.0 and ECC 6.0 Extended Classic Scenario. 1.The Middle ware settings are done correctly and product category is replicated without any error. But when we are running DNL_CUST_BASIS3  system is throwing an error . R3AM1 status

LOV table column filter with bind variable

Greetings everyone, I am using JDev version: I have a table which has all it's columns with filterable property set to 'true'. I have already created a filter for the first one which displays the total list of users registered in the syste

Lync SBA limited connectivity

Hi Do lync SBA/SBS support DNS load balancing ?  I have the case below  1 SBA 2 Enterprise edition pool  Internal web services is not same as pool name and pointing to one of the FE  the user registered in the SBA showing limited connectivity only wh


A customer is asking where to find the Technical Reference Manual for Release for Oracle Applications 11.0.3 I have search metalink and OTN but have not been able to find it. Seems eTRM only exist from 11.5.1 and higher but there existed hard copy "b

Is it possible to create a domain with 2 Foundation 2012 servers ?

Hello, I need to install Windows 2012 servers, acting as DHCP servers, each one managing half of the IP range. There will be less than 5 users registered in this domain. My question is : can I use 2 Foundation versions (each one being a DC) ? Thanks

Global_name and database link

I have Windows XP with I have made my database global_name to be And, I create a database link as: create database link preview using 'xxxxx'; the db_link is However, if I use the following command: crea