DC Offset problem with Peak 4.14 on MacMini after new hard drive upgrade

Tiger 10.4.11 Bias Peak 4.14 (24-bit 44.1 AIFF files) USBPre 1.5 The reason for this new topic is a problem that developed with Bias Peak 4.14 on my MacMini. Suddenly, when I apply the "Remove DC Offset" DSP process to a recording, the Bias Peak

Z77A-GD80 Driver issue unknown SM Bus Controller missing

I have a Z77A-GD80 running with Windows XP SP3 all drivers from the CD have been installed I have even used Live Update 5 application I can not find out what this missing SM Bus Controller driver is. There is nothing found on Windows Update, even sea

Looking for clarification on network latency issue vs drive mapping

Hi, I am seeing this as mystery and not getting crystal clear idea on the reason for the issue. Issue is related to the performance of the application interms of time it is taking in processing the input file. I wrote a swing application, which is a

Hard drive crash...want to restore play counts from ipod.

My hard drive crashed and obviously I lost all of my iTunes library stuff.  I have all of my song files on an external hard drive so that is not the issue.  What I want is to restore my library including play counts and all of that.  My ipod touch is

I can't find my printer driver on my macbook pro with mavericks......

I can't find my printer driver on my macbook pro with mavericks......Hello kenhale26, Thanks for using Apple Support Communities. For more information on this, take a look at: OS X: Printer and scanner software available for download http://support.a

Mounting Old Power PC Drive As an External Drive

I am trying to use my 160 gb hard drive from my "dead" iMac G4 PPC 1.25 GHZ as an external drive for my MacBook. I am trying to mount my old hard drive (in an Icy Dock USB 2 enclosure) on my MacBook running Leopard. My MacBook sees the hard driv

Disk utility or time machine not discovering back up drives

Hi I'm new to Mac and before getting lost in all the benefits am looking to set up automatic back ups using my LaCie network space drives I previously used from my P/C. I have managed to discover the drive and copy required files in Finder. Next step

Never used Photoshop CS6 nor Adobe Bridge CS6, on my drive. Trash them before using CC?

I am a photographer. I never used the Photoshop CS6 nor Adobe Bridge CS6, both of which are on my drive. I used Apple's Aperture software instead. a) should I trash them before downloading CC  (I don't see any Uninstall feature for them)? and, b) doe

One drive (sky drive) for sharepoint 2013

Looking for support on the one drive: referenced here: We have Sharepoint 2013 and would like to use the sky drive (one drive).. We don't use Office 2013, but Office 2010 I found the link to the download of oned

Time machine problems w/ external hard drive and airport extreme

Time machine is keeping backup for only 6 days + the hourly backup. When I open time machine preferences, though, it appear that time machine is off. When turning it on it does not show my external hard drive (however, the backup has been running as

Upgrade to Tiger on an iBook without a dvd drive?

My wife has a g3 iBook running 10.3.9. I have a g4 powerbook running 10.49. I want to upgrade my wife's system to 10.4 so we can have network security. Unfortunately her computer has only a cd drive and the install disks I have are dvd. I've tried co

I tuned on IMatch, hated it, so turned it off. I want to get all my music back from the Cloud so that it sits locally on my hard drive. How do I do that?

I tuned on IMatch, hated it, so turned it off. I want to get all my music back from the Cloud so that it sits locally on my hard drive. How do I do that? wrote: this seems to me to indicate that Match copied the library up into the cloud a

Strategy for "unpartitioning" hard drive.

I have a G4 PowerBook with an 80 gig drive partitioned into 55/20. I want to unpartition it for several reasons, one being that I got a new 80 gig LaCie drive, and now I can finally do a nice 'n easy CCC backup that's bootable and also allows for inc

PLEASE HELP!- New internal hard drive not recognizing

I have a MacBook pro unibody, purchased October 2008, 250 GB, 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM. I bought a new hard drove from OWC, which is 750 GB. I followed all I strychnine from their website by installing osx again on the new drive, and transferrin data and up

Cd drive ejects on boot

cd drive ejects on boot it is a powermac g4 450, computer boots and works fine. the drive doesn't eject by itself any other time. any ideas on why this is happening? paulplas1, welcome to Apple Discussions. The problem could be due to some add-on dev

Network Drives Disappearing

I'm using Dreamweaver CS3. When I connect to a folder for a site, the network drive it is on will briefly appear on the right hand side (in the files list) and then will quickly disappear. If I click the refresh button the drive will re-appear briefl

No suitable driver found error while connecting to remote IBM DB2 database.

While trying to connect to IBM DB2 database on a remote location, though the connection was successful from 'Application Resources', following trace could be recovered while performing 'Run' from 'AppModule': ERROR: (oracle.jbo.DMLException) JBO-2606

Troubles with iTunes on an external drive

I'll try and make this brief. My music library had become too large for my computer, so a few years ago I started keeping it on an external drive. This worked much better until I decided to change drives for a variety of reasons. The first time I did

Scale driver through USB

We are going to use a Mettler Toledo MS303S USB scale.  Ohaus was recently bought by Mettler Toledo and I think that the product that we are using is a re-branded Ohaus scale.  I am looking for an available driver. Any help?There was a recent discuss

Can I attach USB drive to Airport Express USB port

I would like to attach a USB drive to my Apple airport Express USB port so that I can back up my data on my MBP and have my music stored on it for playing back over Apple TV. Is there any issues to doing this? As an example, how would I see the drive