Nokia E72

Dear sir,today just now i had updated my nokia E72 after i updated when i restart my nokia mobile and click ctrlpanel  then phone and  my nokia it says SYSTEM ERROR and in your new software indian rupee sign is not there please add it and in india 40

SCC Box Molex Connector

I have purchased the SCC box with power option 001 (5VDC supplied by the DAQ board). I assume power will be supplied over the 68-pin cable from the DAQ board, but there is a molex connector on the back of the SCC box that has me concerned. What is th

USB/Audio connector card

my USB/Audio connector card got cracked when my laptop( 3000 N100, 0768-04u) fell on the carpet. So my headphone circuit is disconneced. How much would it cost to replace with a new one in India and generally how much does it cost as right now I'm in

Can't connect to external Oracle DB with JDBC connector

Hello guys, I had failed to connect to connect external Oracle  via JDBC connector . Could you please help me to resolve the problem ? Backgroud: We need to connect the external Oracle DB with JDBC connector, because BI need to connect to the target

RMAs, and 12v connectors!!!!

Ok i keep e-amiling MSI about my RMA status and still no word! It's been 12 Days!!!!! Has anyone experienced such long delays?? Can they atleast send me some feedback? Anyways this is all because of their crappya$$ mobos. My k7n2 delta-l started maki

Suffering doing business with Oracle University India

Hello, I want to report the difficulties I'm finding placing an order with Oracle University India. It all started after I'd placed an online order for a CD ROM, about a week ago, the last message said I'd get an email suggesting ways to pay for it.

Ledger for india operations

Hi Experts, Can i have the primary ledger for India set up with currency as USD, calendar as per US (Oct-Sept) and according to USGAAP. The secondary ledger to be in currency INRa nd calendar as per india (apr-mar). If i do so, can i enable localizat

Exchange 2013 - Location for SMTP Receive Connector verbose logs

So I'm trying to troubleshoot a relay failure: + 1415809433 51000008 Wed Nov 12 11:23:53 2014 F:[email protected] T:[email protected] A:c:\v1\temp\200046.pdf S:Sales Order Number  200046 ! Error in SMTP conversation:   550 5.7.1 Unable to relay   dbm

Service connector fail

Hi, We keep on having problem when trying to connect SAP service connector through service marketplace. The service marketplace alsways reposnse me with host not reponsed for X times. The service connector could was running well, but can't be connect

Using an iPhone in India.

Hi - I live in the US and have the Apple USB Power Adapter and a power outlet adapter from Radio Shack.  Will that work?  Do I need to worry about the 220-240v?  Do I really need to buy the $40 Apple World Travel Adapter Kit?  Thanks, RJiphone charge

Subscribed India 400 minute 1 month package, not a...

My order for India 400 minute 1 month package was delivered thru Order No 539466610 Dt Oct 17, 2011. Should have been activated effective 19th. However, not able to make any call to India. Message displayed "You have used all your month minutes......

RACF Standard connector "LookupField Target File" parameter

Hi! I'm configuring RACF Standard connector (Release and im not an expert in RACF so i need some specification regarding the file used as parameter "LookupField Target File" in the " Scheduled Tasks for Lookup Field Synchronizati

Using a Stored Procedure with the DBUM connector

Hello, I am a new to the Oracle Identity Manager. The system I am running on is Windows Server 2008. I have recently installed version of the Identity and Access Management suite, along with the appropriate components. I am using an 11g R2

Material ABCD not defined sales from India

Dear Gurus!! could you please solve anybody this error. when I am creating outbound delivery VLO1N, these error came. Please do me needful asap. Error: *Material ABCD not defined sales from India.*Hi 1. Check the plant definition... wheather country

Large Oracle database breaks Oracle Connector?

Our Problem: Oracle connector is unable to retrieve the schema for column selection (uninstrumented/instrumented columns) in the connector setup due to timeout on a database with a large amount of schema. Has anyone else had a similar experience? We

Can the new lightning connector connect to my mac for syncing iPod

Can the new lighning connector connect to my mac for syncing ipod/iphoneNew iPhone, iPod, and iPad come with a Lightning to USB cable. If you need to buy one it's in the Apple store.Read other 2 answers

Camera connector and Samsung ST1000 - "too much power"?

I purchased my iPad primarily to take on an overseas holiday so that I could access my email; and (ii) Download and manage photos off my Samsung St1000 digital camera. I also purchased the camera connector. However, whenever I try and connect the cam

Configuring MySQL and Connector/J server

I now have a working Applet that, when run from the compiler, will retrieve and update a MySQL database. Unfortunately, when I run the same Applet in a web brower (on an Apache server), the Applet does not pass values to/from the MySQL database. Is t

SAP Enterprise Connector Error - NWDS

Hello I have the following issue, I found the same problem in the eariler forums(no solution though) and pasting it here... the content is copied from /thread/9971 [original link is broken] Hi I've installed the sneak edition of the NDS which is a pa

Translate Spanish newspapers to English on my new Macbook air?

How do I traslate Spanish newspapers to English on my new MacBook Air?Greetings, Do you have a backup?  It sounds like your iPhoto Library database has become damaged and the cleanest way to resolve this would be to restore from your backup from a po