Can't play some uploaded content on other devices/mac's.

I have an issue where iTunes refuses to play some uploaded content on my iPhone, iPad and other Mac's in iTunes. It's not purchased content, it's originally ripped. Even if it were purchased my authorized devices are under five total and I'm on autho

I am using ION U Record EZ vinyl/tape converter and cannot upload content onto itunes

I am using ION U Record vinyl/tape converter which uses itunes.  I can record the track but it does not upload content onto itunes. I have successfully transferred many songs but have now updated to a later version of itunes and can no longer upoload

Can you still upload content to iTunesU?

We are getting ready to start a small iTunesU evaluation site for password-protected course material. One of the main advantages, for us, is being able to upload content to a hosted server. Is this still possible with iTunesU? We don't have an accoun

Trapping no upload content

We have built a set procedures that update both the ORD_CONTENT and meta data associated with the media asset from a single click. We have a requirement to update just the meta data without changing the asset. i.e. send no upload content to intermedi

Netwearver WAS version 640 of the content server for PLM DMS

Hi, We have SAP R/3 4.7 version & have implemented PLM-DMS with content server on WAS620.We are contemplating to use distributed content server for our requirement. Has anyone used multiple content servers? if so, could you please share your experien

Content Server Installation in DMS

Dears, We are implementing DMS on our Windows server and Database is Oracle For it I have installed ECC6  server and now as I know I have to follow SPRO steps for DMS configuration. Beside it I have to install a content server also,For whic

Error in uploading content of file int internal table

I want to upload one file.Store the content into internall table.  i ahve written the the following code under input processing. event handler for checking and processing user input and for defining navigation file upload and echo     data: entity   

URL Duplicate Names - Uploading contents of folder

There are several posts about issues with iweb created sites that are uploaded but the url address has duplicating names, i.e. The responses for the fix for this is to "upload the contents of the folder, not the entire

Uploaded content first time - now wont upload

I received a replacement 20GB ipod (my 4th faulty one in a year...) and managed to plug it in and successfully load 56 of the 1000+ songs in itunes to it. Half way through it stopped all by itself. Now when I plug it in to try and continue uploading,

Is it possible to import / bulk upload content and associated metadata?

We are just getting started with the Oracle portal (migrating from a previous portal vendor) and I wanted to check with other users to see if what we're thinking about trying is within the realm of feasibility. Here's our situation. In our current po

4.5 WS Uploaded Content - 5.x Doc repository conversion?

Hi - We've been working with our Ops team to understand some of their goals in our eventual 4.5 WS -> 5.x upgrade. We rely heavily (nearly exclusively) on document uploads as opposed to filesystem crawls. One of the Ops team's big hang-ups is our nee

Is it possible to upload document in a bulk in DMS

Hi, can we upload documents in a bulk in DMS ? if yes Please let me know the process.Hi Aniruddha, You may do bulk upload of documents in SAP DMS. Refer to solutions in thread Additionally refer to ABAP program code i

Documents upload in DMS

Hello All Is it possible to upload the Document in SAP DMS without creating from CV01N transaction? Also my requirement is to upload around 2.1 GB documents in SAP is it possible to upload it in one transaction? User want to just upload the docs in S

Folder contents missing in upload + 2 other issues

I am able to upload contents through Adobe Drive's CMIS connection (5.0.1) from Adobe Bridge (CC) to Alfresco (latest public build as of this thread's start date). But, those uploads only operate in a very strict set of parameters that are not able t

Uploading/Selling Video Content on iTunes

I work for a well-known artist who has produced his own movie and he has asked me to look into selling this product on iTunes. The only information I can find regarding uploading content onto iTunes is in regards to music. Can anyone explain how I fi

Zip file upload to content area

Has anyone tried zipping up a huge folder on the filesystem, say around a 100 files and uploaded the zip to a content ara folder? I could successfully upload the zip file but and then used the unzip link next to the uploaded content. It unzips as wel

Standard Function to convert internal table to binary

Hello Firends, Is there a standard function that can be used to convert an internal table to binary data and vice versa. regards kaushikHi, I am not sure what is the requirement but you can download internal table contents in BINARY format using GUI_

Content server is not running.

All, I have rather peculiar issue. The external content server is setup against EBS 12.1.3.The content server is running fine and I was able to upload content using it. I fail to upload content all of the sudden until EBS is bounced. Nothing

Html snippet upload, multipleDefine error and dojo.js

I have uploaded a html snippet to link to a custom chart, It seems to load the text but not the chart, here is a link to what should load "Chart " here is a link to what does load, Product  (it is at the bottom of the page). I have placed all th

I need to copy and paste as I am loading content onto my website through an online user panel, I dont have the know how to start re-writing coding as the help message stated when I try to copy some text, is there a simple solution to this task?

I really need to copy and paste as I am uploading content onto my website through an online user panel, I dont have the know how to start re-writing coding as the help message stated when I try to copy some text, is there a simple solution to this ev