Upload Binary table to DMS

Hi, Can anyone help me in uploading Binary table to DMS. Currently i am using BAPI 'BAPI_DOCUMENT_CRETE2' for creating DMS document but through this BAPI i can only upload documents from my presentation server. I will be having a PDF in binary table

Program to upload and download table content

Hi, I need to create a program which should upload and download table content from PC and to PC. How can i develop this program..Should i use BDC or any function module? Ezhil.The 2 program requested..... Program to Download REPORT ztable_download. P

Integrate DMS / SAP Content Server 6.40  with EP

Hello , With reference to [DMS Installation |DMS Installation; integrate DMS / SAP Content Server 6.40 with EP to access EP PCD . Regards , SantoshYou can integrate the portal with DMS/CMS by using the DMS connector or DMS repository manager. The DMS

Use of SAP DMS & SAP Archive Link both together

Dear DMS Experts, I am little bit new to DMS and have very less idea about functionalities and capabilities of SAP DMS & Archive Link. I have got few questions: 1. Is it possible to use both SAP DMS & SAP Archive link togther. For example, there a

Zip file upload to content area

Has anyone tried zipping up a huge folder on the filesystem, say around a 100 files and uploaded the zip to a content ara folder? I could successfully upload the zip file but and then used the unzip link next to the uploaded content. It unzips as wel

How to upload an excel template file to SAP server

Dear Experts, I am develpoing a program to generate the Excel file with a fixed template and save it to user's local drive, the excel template is stored in SAP server. I use the function module C13Z_FILE_DOWNLOAD_BINARY to do this is. But now my prob

How to get the binary content of embedded Images

Dear collegues, since a few weeks I am trying very hard to parse the XML-string of an interactive form containing embedded images. We need the binary content of this JPG-image files to store them in a database - just to have the possibility to genera

Uploading Scorm content to Blackboard

Hi, I've been using captivate for a couple of years mainly writing software demonstrations. I am currently trying to combine my demo's with my institutes LMS; Blackboard, we are just making the upgrade from 8 to 9. The problem i am encountering is th

Dynamic Setting of URL in Proxy for binary content in OSB

I have three external links (to three different images) and external applications change them quite frequently. I want to build a proxy service where I should get the dynamic URL as parameter and this proxy should hit that URL to get the images. This

How to Search document by using Long text description contents in SAPEasy DMS

Hi, How to Search document by using Long text description contents in SAPEasy DMS Regards, Shrikant ShindeHi Alfredo, Thanks for reply..Will you please explain in brief what are the  OCR program and workflow. Will you please send me any docs on [emai

Uploading two internal tables

how to upload two internal tables at a time using standard class methods in to   internal tables. help requiredAre three tables are of same type ?Read other 2 answers

Search in binary content

I want to search for word in a binary content. For example I have a type "News" which has the proprieties : title, description ( binary type - mime - text/html). I want to find all news containing in description a word given - example : "an

How 2 call BAPI & pass table name so that it will insert table data 2 SAP

Hi guys, Has anyone tried calling BAPI from BODS; Please share screen shots and details. I want to call BAPI fron BODS which will take table name as a parameter and insert that table data to SAP.HI, in case you mean BusinessObjects Data Services with

How to display binary content in EP 5.0?

I  would like to display binary content in a http-response. Formerly using a BSP-Application in Web-AS I achieved this by something like call method mserver->response->set_header_field(             name = 'Content-Type' value = mimetype ). call meth

Upload binary probs

I'm following iOS Publishing Companion Guide. I'm in the section on creating in-app purchases and on p68 it mentions out of nowhere "click Ready to Upload Binary". When I got to that point on iTunes Connect I couldn't find anything that binary w

Permission issue uploading old content

I have an old onsite adobe connect server that I have content on..  iam trying to upload the content to a new server but keep getting error that the process cannot be completed.   adobe support said that the zip file iam trying to upload contains a f

Content Manager and DMS

Hi, I have only had a high level understanding of Content Management up until now.  I am currently planning for the storage of CAD, PDF, and Microsoft files for our ECC environment.  We are running ECC 6.0.  We are planning on using KPro to connect t

Upload master data tables from legacy systems with XI on BW

Hi developers, Can you help me  to reconstruct the steps necessary for upload master data, deriving by legacy tables, on BW system using XI? Thanks in advanceHi, see the following link

Mass upload of user parameters(SU3) from SAP 4.7 to ECC 6.0

Hi all, Kindly let me know the procedure, if any, for mass uploading of user paramaters to ECC 6.0 It needs to be downloaded from SAP 4.7 and upload the same to ECC 6.0 for all 500 odd users Regards Sravanyou can download the user & parameters from t

Uploading Binary File

Hi, I have all the server side stuff working and it receives ordinary file uploads from a form just fine. However, I now need to use a Java Applet instead of this HTML form and it all goes just fine except the binary file that appears on the server i