Digital Editions for BlackBerry Playbook

Hi, I tried to download Adobe Digital Editions for my playbook. But I later leaned that it's not compatible with Playbook. Can somebody please let me know other way to check out books from public digital library for playbook.There are two possible is

Repackaging Android Viewer App for BlackBerry PlayBook

Hi, Does anyone have tried this? If yes, then was repackaged Viewer working OK on the PlayBook? What tools/utilitiies were used for repackaging as there are few available:

No Direct support for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet - why not I just bought it?

I've just bought a playbook. It says it comes with complimentary technical support for 90 days form the date of purchase. I have attempted to register the device using the S/N number as required and I get the following: Unfortunately, your BlackBerry

Wrong chksum failure unzipping file for Solaris x86_64

Hi together, trying to install latest DB ( for Solaris x86_64 fails in the first step unzipping the file. The size of the file is the same but chksum is different. I download the file multiple times on a windows pc and copy it by an extern

How to encode the file in blackberry playbook?

Can someone tell about how to read the YUV file from playbook sd card....Then need to encode that yuv file and write it in h263 formatMore information would be helpful, such as the file format and what the error message is in more detail.Read other 2

Zip and Unzip files in PlayBook

Hello all, Just a heads up, File Browser for PlayBook will shortly be getting an update that will allow the users to zip and unzip files. Network browsing is planned for the update after this one (free upgrade ofcourse).  Here is a link to the app: F

Adobe Reader for the BlackBerry PlayBook Showstopping Issue: App does not start

Hello; I would like to report an issue with the Adobe Reader app for the BlackBerry PlayBook which renders the application fully unusable. This issue occurs everytime. This issue has been tested and verified to occur in two distinct BlackBerry PlayBo

Playbook wont start up, from the blackberry playbook color screen

First music icon and  files dissapeared from playbook second, unnable to connect with telephone Blackberry messenger. (error 20 or something like that) Then i turned on blackberry and never start from first screen. Unnable to start up alcoplamex wrot

Submit APK for BlackBerry??

Have you guys heard about the promo RIM is running to attract android developers?!/asaunders/status/165097598624075777 Anyway they have an online submission process that converts your .apk file to their .something file and so fa

Here's a tease from a RIM PM on the status of BB10 for the PlayBook

This is a table scrap of positive news from a RIM Project Manager that something is in the pipes for the PlayBook for sure...when it will arrive is the unknown factor though. The question was: "So hows BB 10 for the PlayBook coming?" The reply s

Issues with Blackberry Playbook not being recognised by Windows Explorer

Hello, I'm new to the forums but am having the same problems as many others are, that being my Playbook not regonised by Windows Explorer. I have tried all of the solutions I have read like unistalling Desktop Manager, uninstalling then re-installing

Blackberry Playbook Overheated but works fine, screen is dark from edges about 1 inch and the rest is a light color

Hi, I woke up this morning and tried picking up my playbook but it was very hot and also still charging, then I took it off of charge and I let it cool down. The playbook turns on and functions fine, but the screen is dark from around the edges (abou

Unzip files in Oracle

Is there any solution to unzip a file within Oracle utilities then can be used to load an Oracle table and then schedule the process to unzip the file? Thanks in advanceYes it would be possible if you like coding ;). You can write for example a java

BlackBerry playbook operating system.

Good afternoon,  I have recently purchased a blackberry playbook 32gb with operating system My wife also owns a playbook 16gb with operating system When I check for system updates I am advised both via the playbook and when conn

"BlackBerry PlayBook should not be available in the Republic of Ireland"


I cannot get my new Ipod Nano to pair with my bluetooth Headphones. It just searches endlessly.  These same headphones work with my blackberry playbook.  Does Apple only allow certain bluetooth devices to pair?  i.e. only the ones sold on their site?

I cannot get my new Ipod Nano to pair with my bluetooth Headphones.  It searches without finding it. This headset works fine with my blackberry playbook.  Any suggestions? thanks for reply... I saw on the Nano package that it is only compatible with

Only early days but still waiting on my BlackBerry PlayBook to be repaired after shutting down on me : (

Approximately 2 weeks ago my BlackBerry PlayBook shut down on me (after only one months of use). Anyhow, last Saturday (July 30th, 2012) I handed it back into Harvey Normans (the place where I purchased it from) for them to send it away to get repair

Blackberry playbook locked

hi my blackberry playbook is asking for a password, i never had a password on it before and now i have no access to my stuff. how can i get in my playbook?Wait, if it WAS in Developer Mode, you had to enter a password to use Developer Mode. Use the v

Unable to Import Unicode (csv) file to BlackBerry Bold 9700

Hi all I'm facing some problems with my new BlackBerry Bold 9700. I have Nokia mobile, I exported my contacts using PC-Suite 7. The exported file includes Arabic characters, so the charset used was in Unicode. I've changed the heading for important f

Virus protection on Blackberry Playbook

Hi Do I need virus protection on the Blackberry Playbook? Or is virus protection already built in.  Someone told me it was but I am not sure.  Everything needs virus protection don't it? Thanks. Solved! Go to Solution.Nope, you wont need it for the P