Exit inside a try-catch

Hello, If I use the exit command in a try-catch section, will it execute the associated finally block? Thanks.Hello, If I use the exit command in a try-catch section, will it execute the associated finally block? Thanks.No. That would be the only way

Return statement should put beyond try/catch clause??

The return statement should put beyond the try/catch clause, is that correct? Well, I tried to put inside the try block, but it will have compile error though. public String getValue()      String value;      try      catch(...)      return value; pl

A try catch problem....

public class trycatch{ public static void main(String[] adsf){ int i; try{i = 5;} catch(Exception e){} System.out.println("hello"+i); }at compile time, the compiler says i might not have been initialised, but why? I have done it in try catch blo

Help with reducing try catch blocks

Hi, I have an object of a class having about 100 get methods. I have about 300 such objects. I want to get all the parameters from all the 100 get methods for all the objects, and for each failed get methods, an exception occurs, Now I can loop from

Try - catch doubt

I have a set of file IO operations, like file opening, buffering, writing etc. . Can I enclose everything in one try-catch or have use separate for each file IO operationsIf any one of them will cause your method to "fail", then use a single try

Try catch implementation in dynamic query

I am fetching values by dynamic selection  (select a,b,..from (var)...) . Eveytime if I am selecting garbage value of var it will throw dump . Can u tell me how we implement try catch method / exception handling method so that I can avoid dump in dyn

Exception handling with try/catch in acrobat

Hi I have a problem using a try/catch block in my acrobat document-script. Try to enter the following into the debugger-console: try{nonexistentFunction();}catch(e){console.println('\nacrobat can't catch')} and run it. The output will be: nonexistent

Doubt on try/catch exception object

why it is not advisable to catch type exception in try catch block. Its confusing me. If i catch exception object then it will show whatever exception occured. btw, i was just go through duke stars how it works and saw this

Try-catch, new to java

Anyone know how to effectivly exit a try catch statement if the exception is thrown? Heres this code I'm working with: public void create(){      textCheck1 = textField1.getText();      try{        intCheck = Integer.parseInt(textCheck1);      catch(

Try-catch blocks.  How do you get variables out?

Hey guys, I have several try-catch blocks around potential NumberFormatException's. Well the variables and values given inside the try-catch block can not be used outisde, so how do i get them out or use them outside this block. Is there a way to kin

Help regarding try catch!

In the following code, when the exception occurs at b, the control goes to the catch block! however, though the values for c, d are perfect, they are never reached! Is there anyway to make the control return to where the exception was thrown & contin

Try/catch refactoring in JSE 8?

What happened to the "try/catch" refactoring from JSE 7? I really miss it.At the time, NB4 didn't have all of the refactoring features we wanted/needed for JSE7, so we, the Studio engineers, borrowed the NB refactoring moudule and added in featu

Is it bad to put try/catch outside of for?

Example: try{ blah blah for(){ blah blah blah blah }catch(Exception e){ }Or is it better to do it like this: try{ blah blah }catch(Exception e){ for(){ try{ blah blah }catch(Exception e){ try{ blah blah }catch(Exception e){ }ThanksAs pervel said, it

OutOfMemory Exceptions on Servlets, Try-Catch unable to help

Hi, I'm playing with Java servlets right now and I seem to be getting some OutOfMemory errors. The weird thing is that even though I had identify the souce of error and tried to enclose it with a try-catch, the exception still occurs. Why is that so?

Compile time errors for large code in try-catch blocks

Hi, Has anyone ever faced this problem of a compile time error, where the Java compiler returns with the following error that Code is too large for try block. I have about 5000 thousand lines in my try-catch block and am facing this problem. Please s

Does Labview have Try Catch exception handling?

1) Does Labview have Try Catch functions, exception handling? 2) Can Labview access a file or download a file using http or https? 3) How can labview  read data from an ex ternal server http or https? This is in labview 2009 or 2011Hi E,          1.

ESTK ignores try/catch during debugging

When running under photoshop, try/catch error doesn't stop execution (has it should). Not as when running under ESTK for debugging.On ESTK, try/catch is ignored and the error doesn't catch for debug. I'm using ESTK under CC2014 on windows7For

Try catch and finally

Finally block should executed whether try goes successfully or the program goes to catch. Am I right? I have this kind of code here using BEA WLS:      * @jpf:action      * @jpf:forward name="success" path="reportView.jsp"      * @jpf:

Java try-catch doubt

Hi all, I have one doubt regarding the try catch mechanism. In my class I have a try catch block. And in my catch block i am doing some db(insert) operations. Is it possible for me to add another try catch to this perticular catch block? I have given

Performance impact on using too much try catch block

I have several questions here: 1. The system that I'm developing requires to be high performance, but I am not sure how will try catch block affect overall performance. 2. I wanted to know which would be more efficient (result in faster processing) H