Successfully Created HD DVD that Plays in the Toshiba HD DVD Player BUT...

So, (I'm a student at Baylor University). I have successfully created several HD DVDs (on DVD 5's -- will try Dual Layers later this week) with DVD Studio Pro, and they play back on the new Toshiba HD DVD player. Got about 25 minutes of 1440x1080 23.

Toshiba HD DVD code

I need a device code so that the Comcast "universal" remote will operate my Toshiba HD-A2 DVD player. Anyone, please?The code for Toshiba HD DVD Player is Code is 21769 for Toshiba HD DVD Proframming :  Turn on HD DVD Player1) Press AUX2) Press

Odd DVD player issues

Most of the time, my DVD player works without a glitch. But for some reason, on certain DVDs (eg anything Doctor Who- Other BBC discs are fine, though), it plays the introductory messages/any trailers, but where it would normally go to the menu scree

Safari Crashes When Java Plugins are Enabled

Thanks in advance. On a PPC G4 eMac running 10.4.11 and Safari 3.2.3 Safari repeatedly crashes when visiting Facebook and other sites when Java Applet Plugin Enabler, Java Applet.plugin and JavaPuginCocoa.bundle are enabled. Crash Report: Date/Time:

Optical Drive won't read 90% of CDs

Hey, I'm having problems with the Toshiba ODD-DVD SD-R1412 optical drive on my eMac 1GHZ where it won't read or burn 90% of CDs or DVDs. The problems started happening after the 10.4.9 update. I've tried a laser lens cleaner and it didn't work. I'd u

Error of installation Solaris8 2/04 from DVD on V440

I tried to install solaris 8 2/04 on SunFire V440 with DVD-ROM, but boot from DVD is ok, installation always fail,please see the log. and my DVDROM isn't 1401. do you know why? Vendor: TOSHIBA Product: ODD-DVD SD-C2732 Revision: 1051 log::: System is

TOSHIBA DVDW/HD TS-L802A-ATA don't work after Vista SP2 update

Hello, My Toshiba P200 DVD/CDROM devices has stopped working (code 39) since I updated with Vista SP2. TOSHIBA DVDW/HD TS-L802A-ATA RSFOBUJ XEBG5QVCPQ7C SCSI I run Microsoft Fix It ( + "Your CD or DVD drive

Mini combo drive stopped recognizing blank dvds

I have been using the same blank DVDs for a year now and they have just stopped working within the last two months. I insert the disk, the drive attempts to identify the media for a minute or so then spits it out. I checked 20 odd DVDs and it's the s

Qosmio G30-153 HD DVD error message - Unable to play back

After 6 months of great HD DVDV viewing (well four actual playing times) I now am unable to play any HD DVD's but instead get a message saying "Unable to play back. Please restart the computer. event code: 6". Have deleted Toshiba HD DVD program

Is it possible to backup (ie clone) Adobe installer DVDs?

Being from the old school (got my first Mac in 1986) I like to have copies of everything whenever possible. However, I've heard that lately the Adobe installers cannot be duplicated. Is this correct? If not, how is the duplication (ie backup due to p

DVD Studio Pro: Me dvd won't play right

I imported my .mov file at Dimensions 1920 X 1080 and 12.23GB I need to start automatically and loop at end. I took menu out checked first play on video track and end jump back to video so it loops. I'm burning to a memorex DVD-R 16X 4.7GB/Go 120min

How to recover Equium A100-147 without Toshiba specific software

Hi I've just formatted my laptop to get rip of all the dross but want to start with a Windows XP without the Toshiba fancy network stuf (configfree etc). The techies at work are always moaning that they aren't familiar with it and I can never follow

HD-DVD won't play on Satellite P200-123 Unable to output to external device

Hi, I bought a P200-123 yesterday. One of the first things I tried after the Vista installation initially completed was running an HD-DVD. I know the disc is fine as it works in my Xbox 360. Unfortunately, it didn't work with the supplied HD-DVD play

HELP!!! HD DVD can't play with DVD PLAYER

Made a DVD with final cut pro from Sony HDV camcorder, play well on Macbook pro but can not play on regular DVD PLAYERThat shouldn't surprise you.  DVD players can play DVDs, which are standard definition.  They will not play HD DVD discs.  For that

About format . Please help me!

hello! admin! environment: 2 X E2900 + 2 X Brocade fc switch + 1 X SE6130 system:solaris10U2;cluster 3.1;userd MPXIO Two machine hostname:one is systong ,the other is synbak. At synbak execute format is Normal.But at systong execute format #format Se

No Go With Samsung BluRay Player

HD DVD encoded out of DVDSP works fine sans menu with Toshiba player, but not with the Samsung BluRay player. I don't know if a h.264 encode would work with the Samsung. Anybody elseMikey M. There are unfortunately TWO blue laser formats--blu-ray and

"Laser Power not calibrated" error??

I just upgraded my Mac to a 24" 2.4GHz Aluminum model last week. I went to burn a DVD this morning and got an error message that said "The laser power level has not be calibrated to burn this media". I'm using Toshiba 8x DVD-R media - the s

Satellite Pro L550-17U PSLW9E - Win 7 64bit HDD recovery question

Hi, Basically when I recieved the laptop it had the Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed. I created the backup disks as requested but the first disk got scratched and gets stuck on the install, I can install the 32 bit version (the CD it came with

Sound track becomes unsynchronized in PRE12

Using a off the shelf Toshiba VHS/DVD copy machine I converted all my old VHS home movies to DVD. The resulting files are in (.vob) file format.. They play normally with most media player software I have access to. I am editing these videos now for c

Panasonic hvx200 P2 out put

I have a Panasonic HVX200a, edit on FCP 6, have mac tower, what is the best out put for DVD's from this format. I shoot in 720. 24 p to p2 card [films to be shown on movie screen in theatre} It seems my compressor has HD settings... what set up do I