HT5634 I already install bootcamp 5 on my Macbook Pro MD101 (Mid 2012). But when I plug the USB, my Mac can not recognize the USB or any Storage device. Pls help

I already install Bootcamp 5 on my Macbook Pro MD101 (Mid 2012) but when I plug the USB, my Mac can not recognize the USB, also any storage device. Pls help !!! I am using Window 7I ran an Apple Hardware Test, says ''No trouble found'.Read other 2 an

USB Port=Mac-compatible?

A stills digital camera with a USB port is always Mac-compatible? If this is not the case, how can I be sure of said compatibility? Thanks in advance.Hi, Ulises. The Powershot SD600 is listed as an OS X-compatible device in this list; a brief note in

Is there any laser pointer tool in keynote for mac?

Is there any laser pointer tool in keynote for mac?No there is not such a function built in to Keynote. There are many in the Mac App Store, search for mouse pointer.Read other 2 answers

10.5.7 fixes USB drive formatting bug

Despite all of the issues people are having with the 10.5.7 upgrade, one good thing has happened with this latest release...Apple has finally fixed a bug that would not allow you to format an external USB drive using Mac OS X Extended Journaled. See:

Canon IR c1028 - USB and Mac issues

I have a Canon IR c1028: I have it USB attached and Network attached. The network attached prinitng works fine but one of my home compouters is ha

Block usbs on mac

is there any way to block usb devices connecting to the mac? and stop it from reading and mounting.i dont want to physically block the ports but i will need one port for the mouse and keyboardsee pages 48-49 of Leopard Security Configuration Guide ht

USB causes Mac Pro to crash.

Hi Guys, I've got a MacPro1,1, I have an issue with the USB on it. Now and again, when ever I eject my USB it totally locks my Mac Pro up and I have to cold reboot it (I.E turn the power off). The USB was formatted with the Mac file system, and I alw

Who has to fix this? mac sound inputs to flash browser plugin.

Hi there, hope someone can answer some simple questions. I have the problem that i can not use all of my soundcards inputs on mac in order to stream with a flash applet. On windows everything is fine and all channels are choosable: http://www.serverm

Fix usb port

i plugged in my flash drive but it doesnt get recognized how can i fix itI have tried to plug in three different hardrives and the same thing is happening, they turn on and i can hear the drive working but but the macs not registering two of them...R

IPhone iTunes Sync without USB to Mac Sync

Hey guys, Is there any way to get the music on my Mac that I've recently bought on iTunes to my iPhone without syncing my iPhone via USB to my Mac? Also, when are we gonna see bluetooth syncing? Walk in the room, your mac detects your iPhone via blue

Hot Synch does not work, Treo 755p, USB, 17" Mac Pro Laptop, even with RevD installed and Allow other HotSynch applications preference check box checked

Hi, I am a long time Palm enthusiast who is frustrated.  No more Palm products for me or anyone I speak to until I solve this problem.  Someone at Palm should be paying attention to their long time cusotmers.  I bought Palms in 2002 and 2003. The sup

Sharing XP PC with C4280 connected to USB on Mac

I've just had recent issue with printing on XP Laptops to C4280 connected to IMAC USB Port. This has never been an issue before. What occurs is I can add the printer C4200 Series and it's appropriate drivers to either laptop but printer does not prin

New 3tb Seagate drive external USB enclosure MAC OS X 10.6.8...

I just purchased a new 3tb Seagate drive to replace a 2tb drive in an external USB enclosure, I can access, partition and format it using Parallels but can't even see it in Disk Utilities on Mac OS X 10.6.8...????!!!!! Any Help? I beleive it has a Jm

Please Fix This Bug - Mac Version CS4

Mac OS 10.6.3 (bug has been around a while) Mac Pro Flash CS4 Open up Flash using the Designer workspace (it can be any workspace, though). Now select Import so the OS X file dialog appears. Drag the dialog to be longer vertically so you c

How to fix Outlook (2011) Mac/PC synchronization issues?

In our company we use Mac Outlook 2011 (newest version), PC Outlook 2013 (newest version) and Exchange server 8.3.379.2. The PC Outlook mail content is synchronized properly between my iPhone Exchange mail account and OWA (Outlook Web Access). The co

Tools to find a mac address on a port in my network

I would like to find a tool to help me to easily locate a mac address on the network. At the moment I use the following comands : On the central switch : sh mac-address-table then sh cdp neighbors to locate the witch on with the mac address is connec

External hard drive 2TB NTFS USB To Mac

Hello All, I have a Seagate Free Agent 2TB Hard drive formatted with a NTFS Partition on it...(USB) Filled with 300GB of music that I copied from my cds.. I would like to work with the mp3s on my mac can that be done?? From all the other forums that

RaLink wifi x10 150n usb adapter mac 10.8

I have the RaLink wifi x10 150n usb adapter.  I used it successfully with OS 10.6 and am looking for a software and/or driver update so it will work with 10.8. Does anyone kn ow where I can find it? If not can anyone recomend a good usb adapter with

USB PC/MAC Keyboard

Can any USB keyboard be used with the mini? I have been searching for a PC/MAC keyboard, and do not find any keyboards that say it can be used with both MAC OS X and XP. The guy at Best Buy said "No Problem.", but I don't trust him. Thanks.Yes A

Ejecting USB sends Mac Pro to sleep

Love my Mac. Except that occasionally when I pull out a USB device from one of the front ports, it goes to sleep which is extremely irritating. Happens only intermittently, but has already done it 3x this morning. I thought it was a power issue at fi