Understanding meaning of a query's explain plan

Hi, I have a simple query but its query plan is looking difficult for me to understand. Can someone help me explain step by step what happens inthe query. I mean "first step table emp is full scan , than next step is another table's scan..." etc

How to set up router as base station

Hi - I've recently purchased an Airport Express for the purpose of playing music from iTunes on my stereo. I've plugged the AE into my wall outlet and hooked up cables to my stereo. The AE is now flashing amber, which I understand means that I still

Pricing issue - When posting with inbound delivery VL32N

Hi Experts, Here is the present situation. We have no info records maintained for the precious metals . Base price comes from contract and market price comes from the condition record maintained in MEK1. There is a link between PO and condition recor

Using Runtime.exec on a Unix System

hi, I have a web service which executes a command line process 'Runtime.exec(command)'. When the server starts to go on a high load I start to get "IOException: Not Enough Space" which I understand means that I am running out of swap space. No p

My G5 iMac cannot boot up from its hard disk

My G5 iMac cannot boot up from its hard disk - I get the alternating Mac OS folder and the ? Folder which I understand means the system cannot be found. On recommendation from a friend I tried replacing the battery - no difference. However, I can boo

Trouble capturing to xserve raid

Hey, I'm having serious issues capturing from my Dual 2 Ghz G5 with 3.25gb RAM (running os 10.3.9) to my apple xserve raid. My raid is striped as raid0 and is connected by fibre channel to another G5 running os 10.4 server software. Capturing from th

Itunes  tell me the device timed out . I'm not understand what's mean

itunes  tell me the device timed out . I'm not understand what's mean And not connect with my ipadHello mohamed abdo, The article linked below provides some useful troubleshooting steps that can help resolve this issue. If the USB communication to yo

I get message:can't save library file not enough access privileges.Don't understand what this means?

I get message:"Can't save library file.  Not enough access privileges" .Don't understand what this means. No visible effect that I can see now.Classic example of why you should save your workm in progress...just hit Ctrl+s to do it on the fly. Y

Don't understand what this means I/O Error: import file

I'm building a website in dreamweaver cs5 with a XML doctype. When I tried to validate my css I got an error code I don't understand. This is the error: I/O Error: import file:/Volumes/Macintosh%20HD/Users/schweideltyson/Desktop/CS%2080_final%20proje

I can't understand apple teminology - what is the difference between a keychain and a password - why does my mac keep asking me to type in the keychain - I don't know what it is or when it was created!!!

I can;t understand the apple terminology - what is a keychain and how is it different to password?  When I set a new password it keeps asking me for the login keychain.  None of my passwords work for it and I don't know when it would have been create

TS1389 I dont understand what do u mean about someone use my apps?

I never buy anything thru apps I tend to get free not purchase anythingI have no idea what you're talkin about. Please explain in more detail, or post a complete question. If you are less than fluent in English, try posting in your native language. R

HT5527 I don't really understand what iCloud does and what it means for me

Hello see aboveiCloud's main function is to provide an email service, and syncing of your calendars, contacts, iWork documents and newly taken photos between your computers and iOS devices; you can also back up your iOS devices. This page looks at iC

Sorry,I dont understand

Hello,I was here yesterday,asking about removing white background.Thanks for answer.You said to unsubscribe when replying,but my english is not good enough to understand what you mean.Moreover I am very new to the computer and your my first forum,so

Segments understanding

hi, can someone please let me know if my understanding is correct? suppose that a table is created and it will take up 100 Kb of space. say we have uniform extent size for the tablespace set to 50kb. Does this mean that a segment will be created (of

[SOLVED] Trying to understand the "size on disk" concept

Hi all, I was trying to understand the difference between "size" and "size on disk". A google search gave plenty of results and I thought I got a clear idea about it.. All data is stored in small chunks of a fixed size depending on the

&nbsp: what does it mean and how to use it

Hi everyone, i have this '&nbsp: i dont knwo the meaning and the way to use it. Can anybody help me to understand it. REgardsCheck this link.. it may help you other 2 answers

When i synch my ipod touch i get the following message " the ipod cannot be synced. the required file cannot be found" what does this mean? anyone know how to fix it?

When I synch my ipod touch I get the following message "The Ipod touch cannot be synced.  The required file cannot be found". Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it?  this error occurs at the point it is syncing the photos - all othe

StreamTokenizer code: Don't understand.

Can anyone explain in dumbass language what is going on here? I mean, I know the end result, but I don't exactly understand what is going on. Little help? char separator = ','; StreamTokenizer tokenizer = new StreamTokenizer(new BufferedReader(new St

Understanding reference to a document vs its name

I'm having a hard time understanding how reference to a document works, and where in the AppleScript reference it is explained. See this simple AppleScript: tell application "TextEdit"   set MyDocument to make new document with properties {name:

Trying to understand daemon message

Hi , trying to understand message see in the logging log - DAEMON-3-SYSTEM_MSG: netsnmp_check_tcp_session_for_user : Cache found for user (username). ThanksYou can rely on the JMS provider to take care of it's own failures. However, please note that