1600.3031.8779.12180 update for nokia lumia 710

Hi , I am using Nokia lumia 710 .. My phone's firmware version is - 1600.3031.8773.12121 and one of my friend's phone is running on 1600.3031.8779.12180 ... Why i didn't got that update ..... My phone is 059M161 same as my friends RM code please tell

No batteries for Nokia Lumia 710?

I am in Perth, Western Australia and I am one unhappy customer Last Friday I went to Battery World to get a spare battery for my new Nokia Lumia 710 as I'm travelling overseas. They don't have them. I phoned JB HIFI as I bought the phone from them. T

How do i get adresses from iphone to nokia lumia 710

how do i get adressbook from iphone or mac tot nokia lumia 710?If you want your photos to end up in iPhoto, just do a normal sync. If you don't want to use iPhoto, or if you just want to put your phone photos in a normal visible folder on the desktop

Toast Notification - Nokia Lumia 710

Is there a way to disable / enable the toast notification of SMS on Nokia Lumia 710?I work for a cellular provider. The SMS toast notification is a big deal customers. When my phone is locked and sitting on my desk or coffee table I want a notificati

Nokia lumia 710 battery can,t handle a single day

Nokia lumia 710 battery can,t handle a single dayYou may try using the tabs when you go to IE > (...) as I think it's more convenient.Read other 4 answers

Nokia lumia 710 and zune...

Hello, I make my own video ( mp4 ) and I want to look at them on my Nokia lumia 710 ( windows 7.8 ). Do I have to use Zune ? On my laptop I have zune too but I 'd like to delete it because all the pictures I used once, are in the zune delete

Nokia lumia 710 - How to change IE homepage?

How to change IE homepage for Nokia lumia 710? Solved! Go to Solution.Just pin as a tile. Or any address you like and don't us the IE tile.Read other 5 answers

Nokia lumia 710 issue before and after send to rep...

need some advice from the forumer/nokia. Just bought about a month but my lumia 710 already had an issue 3 days after bought it. had send it to nokia care center at the 1st time due to battery drainage issue but the profesionalism of the staff was to

Nokia Lumia 710 Screen - Yellow Display

Hi everyone I have been using the Lumia 710 for the past 5 months or so and today morning I woke up to find my phone's display with yellow hue instead of white background. Took it to the Nokia Care and the guys are now blaming it on me saying water h

Nokia Lumia 710 photo sync issues

I'm trying to sync the photos on my Lumia 710 to my computer. I've done it before using Zune but it doesn't seem to be working this time. Any ideas? ThanksHi tims123, I have 710, see below points. • UI. Screen touch, display, internet surfing is very

Updating Nokia Lumia 710

Hey I'm trying to update my Nokia Lunia 710 using the zune software and it keeps on failing and telling me error code 80004005. Can anyone help?2grimus6 wrote: attn: paulheu Can you inform Nokia that the 7.8 upgrade has been pulled. Assuming it has,

Nokia lumia 710 battery meter issue

Hi all, Iam finding a weird problem with my lumia... Whenever i put my mobile for charging it shows some randam percentage of battery(60 r 80%)... But immediately if i remove the charging plug it shows up much lesser percentage(40 r 55%).... And also

Nokia lumia 710 update 7.8 for airtel user

Hi can anyone let me know when will 710 will uopdate to 7.8 as at present i am on 7.5. I am on airtel carrier & when i check over online its showing tht 710 is updating to 7.8. but my phone is showing no update. plz help me........hi mate, you will n

Re: Nokia Lumia 710's screen

Dear Nokia technicians, First of all it's a really good phone & this is my 4th Nokia phone. The only problem is it's screen. See the attached pics & look at the upper right hand corner of the phone screen. This is a defect which can be seen throug

Nokia Lumia 710 MMS - unable to download MMS conte...

I have a 710 and have input my network settings for MMS but I am receiving an MMS and it is asking me to get content so I click it, and nothing happens can someone please helpDo you have mobile data turned on? You need to have mobile data turned on t

Nokia Lumia 710 lock screen customization

Windows 8 phone do have Lock Screen Customization. For example we can add- edit Applications icons on the locak srcreen showing updates.  Also Special Lock Sreen Applications can be choosen for showing different Images. Not just Bing.  When will we g

Nokia Lumia 710 *# issued

The *&# issued still not solve yet. I need it to check my mobile network account balance and use it to access easymenu (*118#). I'm still waiting for updated, hope the issued can be fixed soon. Thanks. Regards, Johne Cheah (Malaysia)The new updated s

WiFi Nokia Lumia 710 problem

Hi, when I am connecting to wifi and i open Internet Explorer, error 403 appears on screan. I restart the phone, but the same error appears....what have I do?Immediately, when you open the Internet Explorer? Or did you go for a special webpage?Read o

Wi Fi Setup on Lumia 710

I want to assign fixed IP address and DNS to Lumia phone for Wi Fi network. But editing ip address is disabled on phone. Can someone help with how to edit network settings?Thanks for this. Actually I am looking for assigning DNS than IP. The automati

Docomo sim not working in lumia 710

Im using using nokia lumia 710 since 6 months with idea network . But , recently  when i changed my sim from idea to docomo its not working properly why? incoming calls,message sending and receiving are fine but outgoing calls are going and even inte