Connection through PC

Hi, This is my first post in this board. Lets hope to get a quick answer. I connect my N97 to PC through USB cable with Nokia PC Suite and OVI. Both with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. When I am connected to the PC and wish, for instance, u

How to restrict grant connect through with Data Vault

I need to restrict the ability to grant proxy privileges in the database. This is the statement: alter user USER_A grant connect through USER_B; I tried creating this rule that looks at the sql text for %CONNECT THROUGH% in the statement and then add

Connection through iPhone on notebook but safari doesn't recognise  connection  recognise

Connection through Iphone put safiri doesn't regonise connection? Only happened after connecting with home WIFi which I don't want to use since I don't pay the Bill.You need to disconnect and remove that other WIFI network from your system.  If it st

How can i airplay from my mac connected through ethernet to an aple tv 2 on wifi

Hi everyone.. im having troubles using Airplay on my mac.. i connect my mac to the internet and home network using an ethernet connection to my router (non apple branded router) .. my apple tv 2  is connected to my home wifi network from the same rou

TNSPING failure and but surprising connecting through SQL*PLUS

I have Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g express edition installed on my local machine.But since in the path i specified path of Oracle10g first so always tnsnames.ora got picked up from Oracl10g directory which is      C:\softwares\oraclexe\app\oracle\produc

External hard drive that is not connected through a network

Will Time Machine work with an external WD hard drive that is connected through my network at home. I plan to connect the drive via by internet router or Airport Express. Can TM use any drive that my MacBook can see? (except for my local hard drive o

Problems sharing internet connection through Airport with a PS3

Does anybody know how to share an internet connection wirelessly with a PS3? I've tried everything including following directions from the tech support people from both Sony and my ISP (Verizon) and nothing works. Last time I've talked to Verizon I'v

Trying to connect through  Netgear

I am trying to connect via Netgear router. My Airport says connected but when I try to connect to internet it won't pull anything. Any suggestions?I, too tried to connect through Netgear. I got the connection up and running, but the Netgear kept shut

RV220W ( - losing ability to connect through QuickVPN, reboot needed

I keep getting a lot of errors in my log messages. Please, look at attachment. My problem manifests itself notoriously every 3-4 days. I have to do reset to connect through QuickVPN. Please, look at the newest log: 2012-11-26 14:20:48: [rv220w][IKE]

Sporadic SIP phone connectivity through MBR1515a

I have an IP phone (SIP)  connected through the MBR1515a. It works fine for roughly 6 hours. At that point it loses connectivity with the phone system which is on the internet. Restarting the phone makes no difference. Forcing the phone to get a diff

Is it possible to trigger remote R/3 connection through WD ABAP

Hi Colleagues, I am trying to trigger a remote R/3 Connection through WD ABAP. I created an RFC destination through SM59. i tested the connectivity and it works fine from R/3 to R/3. But when i trigger the same code through a WD ABAP application, not

HT2688 my iPhone said "cannot connect to media library" when i try to connect through wi-fi with my iTunes

why my iPhone said "cannot connect to media library" when i try to connect through wi-fi with my iTunes can anyone solve itTroubleshooting Home SharingRead other 2 answers

Trouble joining an existing windows network when connected through airport

Need help! I can connect fine to the internet and to my office's windows xp based network when i connect my Pbook directly ( with ethernet cable), but if i try connecting through my airport extreme the network connection just doesn't work, i mean the

Check resource connection through workflow

Hello.. How we test resource connection through a workflow. I am using getConnection method but that is not working fine for me. I guess i am giving some parameters wrong. Would be helpful if anyone could share their knowledge on the same. Thanks in

How do i reestablish a media connection through a usb

I had a media connection through the usb, but when i turned it off to only charge through the usb, i wasnt able to find where to turn it back on.    I'm very sorry that you haven't seen the option to transfer media through your device, rrmcw1968. I u

My iPhone 3GS no longer connects through Bluetooth to my MacBook Air, nor my BMW X3.  Is this fixable?

My iPhone 3GS no longer connects through Bluetooth to my MacBook Air nor my BMW X3.   I've made no recent adjustments, it's just stopped functioning.   Any ideas?   Can this be fixed, or is my iPhone on the way out?Problem solved!! I finally managed

Probs connecting through PCMCIA USB 2.0 card

Hi, Looking to see if others are having this problem, and hopefully someone who's resolved it: I have no problems connecting iTunes to my iPod (60G) using the built-in USB 1.1 port on my laptop, other than it's a terribly slow connection. I bought a

Connection Through Router Is Not There

I had internet before and everything was fine. I had it connected through my router and it was also fine there, and it connected to my Vista lap top easily. no troubles whatsoever. We recently switched over to a new cable modem because the last one w

Problem while connecting through ldap console

hi , we have our directory server 5.2 sp4 on red hat linux 4. i am able to connect through ldap broswer and ldapsearch is working but when i mtrying to connect through console it is saying as incorrect password or directory problem.i m not able to fi


I have an iphone 4, iOS 7.1.2 Mac book pro 13in Mid 2012, with OS X VERSION 10.9.4, Processor speed 2.9 Ghz, Memory 8GB 1600MHz DDR3, Intel core i7, Storage capacity 750 GB, 650 GB available. WHEN I CONNECT, THROUGH USB CABLE, MY IPHONE TO THE MAC BO