Extract *.tar.gz file, error tar: 0511-164 There is a media read or write b

when try to: $gzip -dc /dbdump/patch/oraInventory_BK.tar.gz | tar xf /tmp/t tar: 0511-164 There is a media read or write block size error. how to unzip/ extract tar sucussfully? AIX box thanksPreferably Unix questions are answered by consulting man p

Export tar error

Hi all. I have a oracle database on AIX 4.3.3 and I am exporting all users to a .dmp file. The export procedure teminates successfully since the log file contains no errors. But at the end of log file I get the message: Export terminated succ

There are too many levels of symbolic links to translate a path name.

Hi I am copying from our TEST to DEV system, the command being this cp -r /oracli2/oracle/testora/iAS . However, the following messages were returned during the process cp: java There are too many levels of symbolic links to translate a path name. I

Ringback tone issue on outbound call with full E.164 number between 2 sites

Hi there.  We have been encounting issue where site A calling site B with full E.164 number users expereiencing no ringback tone on caller while phone is ringing on site B.  In CUCM, Route Pattern is configured to use TEHO for long distance call. For

Cannot untar a tar zip file

I'm initially a linux user, now trying to chnage to solaris server. I found a problem untaring a tar zip file. There is no command 'gzip' or 'gunzip' in my solaris server. And for the tar command, there is no option '-z'. So, how can I untar and unzi

Unhandled on tare weight calc after an alternate pkg replacement

We are getting this intermittently on clicking the "Tare Weight" to calc tare after we replace and alternate packaging spec on a trade. Any ideas on where to start? should we put a ticket in? IsNewSession: False| ServerID:| Misc: Spe

Tar or not to tar...

Hi, Could someone please let me know whether I am on the right track: I have downloaded the Oracle for Linux 5.1 from site I've got 7 files: go and 805ship2-7.tar. Using instructions provided on the site: cat 805ship* | tar -zx I'

Metainfo in .pkg.tar.gz

I recently had cause to manually tweak a package after I had made it. I realized that I needed a script in /etc/profile.d/ that I didn't include. I didn't want to remake the whole thing because it's an svn install and I do try to keep the source clea

Backup failed with tar file write error (10054)

Hi I have got the issue with the online backup. Database: Oracle SAP : 4.7 Backup Server: Netbackp When ever i trigger the backup on few of my SAP Servers, it runs for a while and then at a point just get struck. Where for other systems it is

Time Machine Backup to Tar File

Using the following command  tar -cvpzf dec2014macprobackup.tar.gz /Volumes/Seagate_Backup/   I attempted to backup & compress a time machine backup.  I just installed a new seagate internal harddrive.  I performed a single backup to it and then turn

Abap import error completed 162 error 1 total 164

hi experts i am installing ecc6.0 ehp 7 ides system sybase database,linux 6.4 operating system. got error when installing the ides ehp7 system in baap import phase. total 164 completed 162 errors 1 running 1 import_monitor.log (RTF) ########## WARNIN

How to uncompress *.tar.gz archive with p7zip (or gunzip)?

How do I uncompress a.tar.gz archive with p7zip? I tried the following (as root from directory /tmp):   p7zip -d "/media/Backup Full/logfiles2014.03.tar.gz" without success. p7zip tells me: "unknown suffix" Even (as root from /tmp dire

[OT] Control de tareas

Hola. Somos varias personas y necesitamos organizarnos un poco el trabajo de desarrollo y mantenimiento de aplicaciones. Conocéis algún software, si es gratuito mejor, que permita controlar y planificar las tareas a realizar.... Gracias de antemano.T

Tare weight specific to HU level - how calc. total Tare ?

Working on 4.7 ext. set 200 Wish to implement Handling Unit Management. When a HU is generated the system appears to only take in to account the packaging specific to that level when calculating the Tare weight. For example Gross weight of carton + c

Hi, we need to create the test environment from our production for oracle AP Imaging. we have soa,ipm,ucm and capture managed servers in our weblogic. can anyone tell me what is the best way to clone the environment, can I just tar the weblogic file syste

Hi, we need to create the test environment from our production for oracle AP Imaging. we have soa,ipm,ucm and capture managed servers in our weblogic.. Can anyone tell me what is the best way to cloning the application from different environment, the

[S] How can I get tar, unzip, unrar etc. to be automatically used?

DE: XFCE 4.10 Hi, when I right-click on an archive file, such as and click on "Unpack here" (or whatever exactly it says in English, my system is in German), I'd like this little click to be automatically connec

[solved] build files.tar.gz

Hi, how can I build the files.tar.gz for pkgbuild for my own repository? Regards, Andrwe Last edited by Andrwe (2010-02-19 18:21:03) - -filelistsRead other 3 answers

WCS Report by vendor (device type)

WCS I have been asked to produce a client's report that shows all different vendors (devices type). We have about 10000 users in our system on about 3000 APs (light version) I created a client summary report but encountered some limitations

Create a TAR file in XI?

Hi All, One of our client requirement is to create a tar file as the output. The payloadzipbean creates a zip file. Is there any standard way to create a tar file? If there isnt, is there an alternative? Regards, ShabarishSãnthosh Kûmãr  V wrote: > H

Using Modules in Tar

Dear friends, I am required to use the Modules in a Tar in my Java program. The deployment platform is linux . Kindly post any advise or sample code which was used successfully.. Thanks in advanceDear Vijay, Thanks for the response. I think i have no