How to turn off Safe Mode in My Xperia T2 Ultra Dual

i cant disable the safe mode in my xperia T2 ultra dual, please helpOr simply try this button:!Resetting-your-device.htmlRead other 7 answers

T430: Win 7 total crash - safe mode unstable, recovery environment gone

Hi everybody, I've had my T430 since November and have been dual-booting Win 7 64bit and Ubuntu since then. I'm booting both OSs off of a Crucial M4 SSD and all my data sits in the drive caddy on the original HDD. A couple of days ago, the windows pa

Safari quit - opens only in safe mode

I am running Mac OS 10.6.2 Just today Safari will not open. I get this message "Safari quit unexpectedly while using the ct-plugins plug in." I am new to Mac and I got into Safari by using safe mode. I have not added any hardware. I updated OS.

Firefox will not save my tabs or prompt asking if I want to save tabs. When it reopens it doesn't even bring up my home pages which have been properly saved. I have tried all the suggested fixes - the problem persists even in safe mode.

Firefox does not prompt to save my tabs nor does it bring them back when it reopens. It does not even bring up my home page. I have tried the suggested fixes in the help section. This still happens in safe mode so I tried disabling plugins etc. - no

My 27" imac won't boot in normal mode. The screen stays white. I have upgraded to Yosemite. However, the computer does boot in safe mode. Could this be a virus related issue or possibly a video card issue?

My 27" iMac will not boot in normal mode. The screen stays white. The computer will boot in safe mode. Could this be virus related or is it possibly an issue with my video card. Before this happened, my computer screen was flashing weird things and t

Could anyone help me getting out of the safe mode?

Hello I am Vanessa and I do not know why the safe mode is turned on when I tried to screen capture a photo... I do not know if the following incident was related to the issue... I used my phone when my hands were a little bit wet this afternoon and n

Can't access safe mode to delete System Security fake anti virus virus. HELP.

Hi, our SL500 has become infected with "System Security" fake anti virus software. We have tracked down how to remove it. However when we get to the "reboot your computer i

TS2570 Hi, MacBook Pro & Snow Leopard- startup probs. I have tried repairing with the disk utility, resetting PRAM, booting in safe mode, and finally trying to get to archive&install the o/s, but it cannot find the destination volume. IsAn erase the only

(10.6.8 Intel core duo 2009) Hi, I have a grey screen and grey rotating wheel startup probs. I have tried repairing with the disk utility, resetting PRAM, booting in safe mode (which gave a subset of the errors that 'disk repair' did- namely- 'invali

Trouble with Canon MF4370dn and Safe Mode

This printer is a real bear. Thanks to other folks' work here, I was able to get this printer properly installed and working in Safe Mode (printing and scanning), but as soon as I restart and attempt the same operations in "regular mode," I get

IPod touch top front of my screen says, "it Safe Mode". What does that mean?

Front of my screen says, "it Safe Mode". Now when I try to change my theme in Winterboard and respring it wont change anything. What do I do?!?!Touch where it says "It Safe Mode". A Window should appear informing you about the Safe Mod

I can't lock Firefox into safe mode on You Tube.

I use Firefox 24 and have followed all the directions given to me by You Tube in order to lock the website into safe mode on the firefox browser. It works until I close firefox. Once I open it again it doesn't remember the setting and goes back to no

PowerPC g5 only work in safe mode

I have a PowerPC g5 running os x version 10.5.8 which has been working fine but the other day was not given the option to log in just a blue screen and some fan noise. I am able to use the mac in safe mode but that is it :-(The iMac G5 was one that h

Blue Screen of Death - only safe mode fully boots

Here's a question for speculation. My iMac G5 (ALS) will not boot up past the blue screen of death, except in safe mode. I've reset the PRAM, I've attempted Verbose Mode (but don't know what I'm reading there). I've attempted booting from the Leopard

"Crashing" into safe mode

Since my Firefox updated to version 10.0, it frequently and unexpectedly reverts into safe mode; I am unable to open links in new tabs (versus new windows), my settings and preferences are lost, etc. This does not happen with any particular website(s

Suspend firefox menu and safe mode

I would like to use Firefox to run my application, but do not want user save data by Save as function, how can I suspend whole menu and safe mode? Many tks!Hi junior08, Sorry I am not sure I understand what you are attempting. Perhaps you would expla

Problem in safe mode deleting users...

I am prepping a few Macs to sell on eBay and wanted to remove the user files and get them to do the startup song and dance when the new user turns it on. I used the following commands in Safe Mode: mount -uw / rm -rf /Users/* cd /var/db rm .AppleSetu

Tried to restart with safe mode

Tried to restart with safe mode, but id not work.What kind of issues do you have that you want to start Firefox in Safe Mode? Can't you start Firefox at all? It is possible that your security software (firewall, anti-virus) blocks or restricts Firefo

Firefox keeps switching into Safe Mode, necessitating restart

Firefox keeps switching into Safe Mode, necessitating Mac restart to get my extensions back. I'm fed up! -- I keep having to shut down umpteen apps to restart. Thanks for any insight, peter wilson (Montréal)Can you give a description of what you call

Windows 7: Crash at classpnp.sys on safe mode, freezes on windows logo on normal boot

Windows 7 Home Premium crashes at classpnp.sys when I try to boot in any of the safe mode options. The normal Windows boot stops at the windows logo screen, and just stays there permanently. I have tried booting using the Windows install disk to acce

How can I restore addons if I told the computer to permantly disable them in safe mode then apply the changes and restart

I got stuck with the Yahoo tab that opens Yahoo every time you open a new tab . I looked online for a way to get rid of it and in the process told the computer to restart Firefox in safe mode. Here I chose to permanently disable add on s and then I c