Hello can someone tell me if the application on NOKIA STORE called SYMBIAN BELLE DEVELOPERS is any good because acording to the application PICSEL SMART OFFICE was on NOKIA STORE as a free download but when i went to NOKIA STORE and found PICSEL SMAR

6300 & msn

Hi All Just wondering if anyone can help me with msn on my 6300. I have had the phone since the start of the year and its on 02 pay as you go. Anyway I used to be able to use msn on it no problem till about 2 weeks ago I tried to access a different m

Free sms app for symbian

does anyone know a free sms app for symbian? Would be great if you could tell me.;topic=22450.0;attach=60846 there is another one called SMSchat to i think

Recover apps on symbian 60 v5 after master reset?

I have a Nokia nuron 5230. After a master reset can you recover the apps you had installed before? The memory card still shows the same free space, so the apps are still there somewhere, I jsut can't find them through the file organizer yetI don't th

Why does Nokia stick to Symbian ?

A year ago Nokia announced that the high-end smartphones ( N adn E series) would run Meego and the lower end (C series)  Symbian. But the N8 runs Symbian again and the probably as well as the screen size is 640x360. Meego or Android uses 800x480. But


Anybody knows when is Symbian 3 ANNA available for N8 dowload? Cheers!Following previous Symbian 3 release policy, it makes sense to restrict the beta testing of the new Anna release to a few phones. Once the user community have identified all the bu

N73 No certificates & unable to install java apps

If I select /tools/settings/security/certif. management I get nothing, just a time bar that says "processing" and nothing else. Does anyone know why? I also have problems trying to install a java application. I think is related to the above issu

Symbian for nokia 808 uninstall takes too long

hope they will provide multiple function to uninstall apps since it will go through a long process to uninstall apps 1 by 1. Reason is because some apps will go through process like preparing install, process install, finalising install which take aw

Social app refuses to launch

The social app in my nokia asha 202 refuses to launch. Each time I try it responds " invalid application - delete? ". Pls how do I restore it ?Hi, Have you checked if there is an update for the social app on your phone or available software upda

Making programs for nokia phones which have symbian operating system

hi I want to make program for nokia phones.I wrote a program for pc general application and i want to change it for mobile phones. Please inform me about how to make program for mobile phones step by step? thanks for your replies.frknml If your PC ap

Is there a accessory dependent app launcher?

Hi, Anyone heard about an app for Symbian S60 v5 that can launch any user defined app when a certain accessory is attached to the phone. What I particularly need is to automatically run a series of apps while turning on a car accessory (Nokia Maps, m

Symbian OS freeware and free ringtones/multi-media...

Hii all, this is just a short hello and welcome as this is my first post here. If your interested in Symbian OS Freeware for your device I'd like to suggest you check out our Freeware tools and apps directory now at See http://www

Signng Unsigned Symbian Applications for Nokia

hey im just wondering if anyone knows a way on how to sign unsigned symbian applications for nokia 6220c. I want to sign the unsigned application called iSMS. Can anyone please help. Thanks,52.0.html check t

Java Standart Edition 6 vs symbian

I noticed that the nokia n8 has Java Micro Edition, but there is no Java Standart Edition. In all android phones installed Java Standart Edition. For Java Micro Edition is the ability to write only small, minor program. When will be added full suppor

Help with symbian belle widgets

I have installed some third party transparent widgets that replaced my old widgets, I tried to revert to the old original widgets but I can't, I removed the installation and I got the widget no more existing, I tried installing some widget from a lea

Lumia app for pedestrian navigation

Since Nokia maps for Lumia is still years behind what we had in Symbian; what is the best map app for Lumia (WP7.8)? I need offline maps, map rotating with compass and POI search by categories.optiplex330 wrote: Nothing? Apparently it was a vey stupi

JavaFX for WM EA is ready, but how about is for the android and symbian?

We are eager to know whether the Android and Symbian Runtime is going or not?Contact Support and explain your issue. Mac App Store Support - other 2 answers

Bbm for nokia symbian belle

while bbm just came out on other devices, is there any app designed for nokia symbian belleIt would be good but you know, Symbian is not under developmen anymore. They are going for newer operating systems like Microsoft Windows phone 8. Would be goo

About Skype for Symbian

Is there any indication as to how long the Symbian Skype client will continue to function?Thanks.We have been working hard to make Skype for mobile better than ever, and adopting Skype cloud enables us to drive improved battery life, improve connecti

App installed via OVI store... replacement handset...

As mentioned in other posts, I've had a replacement N8. I had one particular app (kind of white-noise, sleep helper thing) installed - it was free at the time, a few weeks back. Now it's a paid for thing. I do have a backup of my N8 done through OVI