Alert for adapter engine error

Hello experts We have configured the alerts for the adapter engine errors .We have configured the variable &SXMS_TO_ADAPTER_ERRTXT& element which is having the CHAR70 type for getting the adapter engine error text in the alert for any ada

Abap tables for adapter engine errors

Hello, Which ABAP tables in PI will have the data relating to adapter engine errors (like the communication channel errors). Is there any way I can get the adapter engine errors from abap tables? Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks MLSHello, Wh

Adapter Engine Error Message on RWB

Hello We are getting an Red color error message on Adapter engine on RWB monitoring ---> Component Monitoring. Here is the error message: SLD access SLD host:port = sap03:50000 Error getting JPR configuration from SLD. Exception: No entity of class S

Reg Unable to find URL for Adapter Engine Error

Hello, During execution of a scenario, i am getting these errors in sxmb_moni: AE_DETAILS_GET_ERROR 3: Unable to find URL for Adapter Engine af.xip.poecspxioo4 Error when reading the access data (URL, user, password) for the Adapter Engine. Seems lik

Non Central adapter engine error

Hi All, Here is my Scenario: Trying implement /configure Non-central adapter engine hosted separate (J2EE) server. This will be connected to XI server(Integration engine and SLD) from where messages are sent/received. When I try to post message from

Troubleshoot-Adapter engine:Error Setting the message status to DLNG failed

Dear Experts, We use SAP RFC- PI-JDBC(MSSQL).  here the Data(message) successfully transfered to mssql table but the status is been set to DLNG failed,  And it finally shown as SYSTEM ERROR. QoS required: ExactlyOnce ,  here The Message has got inser

Communication channel monitoring (adapter engine) in ccms (rz20) available?

Hi, we have problems in our xi system (PI 7.0, SPS10). The adapter engine can only be monitored in the communication channel monitoring, available in the runtime workbench! There sometimes errors disappear. At the moment these errors accumulate! Is i

Error in gettnig logon data for Adapter Engine

Hi, We have Http > XI > RFC Scenario. We are getting 401 unauthorized error in "CALL ADAPTER" section. From the trace its clear that the logon data for the adapter engine (there is no value for USER in trace) is not getting poulated. We fi

Error: Unable to find any Adapter Engines

Hi all, I am trying to execute a very simple scenario. A xml-file is read from a drive by the XI system. XI reads the values. Another xml-file containing some parts of this info is written to another location. I see that the file is read and removed.

Reg: Error in adapter Engine Monitoring

Hi Guys,             In my RFC to File Scenario i got error as Adapter message property was configured was mandatory element but there is no Dynamic ocnfiguration elementin XI MEssage Header. This is occur in adapter engine monitoring in RWB. ThanksT

Adapter Engine self-test status red / Error

Hi. Im having trouble figuring out what to do about this error. In Runtime Workbench --> Component Monitoring --> Integration Server --> Adapter Engine, the Adapter Engine self-test (and ping status) are in error. The error message is: HTTP Reque

Error in RWB - Component Monitoring - Adapter Engine

Hi, After we install an Additional Application Server Instance, we are facing an issue with the Runtime Workbench, specifically with the Adapter Engine status. On the RWB we're have this error: Ping Status: Unable to establish connection to "http://&

SOAP adapter engine with system error, problem with fault message.

HI, I have IDOC -> PI -> SOAP scenario. Idoc to PI is async. I have no problem in receiving the idoc in PI. The message mapping is carried out and sent to the adapter engine. I can also see the technical routing payload. It is sucessful at XML monit

Error resending messages with system-error in Adapter Engine

Hi all, We got an error when trying to resend all messages in error in runtime workbench, message monitoring, adapter engine, database (overview), clicking on a sender service with messages in error state, and clicking on "repeat" button to rese

Error when reading the access data for the Adapter Engine

We are getting the following error in XI. It started on Jan 22 and resolved on Jan 23 automatically. Nothing has been changed and we don't able to understand how problem started and how it resolved: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8&qu

Get Error to start adapter engine after installing PI

Hi, after installing PI i check adapter engine status it give yellow triangle status i want to start it please suggest how to start and i install PI on dual stack. and also when i start ABAP stack login and check database status it shows 0 MB is it r

Alerts: How to accomodate complete error text of Adapter in Alerts?

Hi ,           I am using alerts to raise the errors in adapters. I have configured the Alerts with containers and long text to catch the error. My concern is : How we can accomodate whole error text in it. Standard text allowed is only 70 Char but w

Getting message Attempt to determine which Adapter Engines......

Hello All 1. I am Getting System message 'Attempt to determine which Adapter Engines are affected by data changes failed' in the Integration Directory. Updating SOAP Adapter (Sender channel). Refreshed all caches... 2. Also while testing using SOAP T

Cache Refresh for Adapter Engine is not working

Hi, our adaper engine is not working. At RTW no there are no channels visible and the button "Test Cache Connectivity" leads to a yellow icon for the adapter engine with the error text: "Attempt to fetch cache data from Integration Director

Messages got stuck in Adapter engine

We are doing http to RFC sysnchronous scenario Message got stuck in adapter we are getting 500 HTTP timeout error in Http client. Please help us to find why messages got stuck in Adapter engine. Below Adapter engine audit log message is pas