I need to use an ezcap video grabber to capture vcr tapes but cannot find suitable drivers

i have some software named arcsoft showbiz dvd 2 and an EzCAP video grabber cable. The DVD has drivers and software compatible with Windows. Is there anyway of using this cable on my i mac and I movieSorry it won't work, per the system requirements a

[HP 2000-bf69WM] DOwngrading back to Windows 7 from Windows 8, drivers?

I am done with Windows 8. The needle in the coffin is UEFI and dual booting linux. Is there another laptop model I can pull Win7(64bit) drivers from?  I know my model does not have Win7 drivers directly available from HP but I see some people are get

Drivers issue for Lenovo u400 after upgrading to Windows 8

I recently upgraded to windows 8 an after that facing driver issue for ATI Radeon graphic card and wifi, and also cypress trackpad  software is not working. All the supported drivers provided by Lenovo for windows 8 are fake and none of them are work

23TB storage solution

Hi all, from your experience what would it be a suitable storage solution to have at least 23TB RAID5 and 200GB RAID1 ? Thanks, pat98usbHi, the only way to go seems to have two 6130 or three 351X connected to a couple of switch . Any other suggestion

AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series for windows 8.1

Hello, I just updated my pc's operating system to windows 8.1. The AMD(AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series) and Intel(Intel(R) HD Graphics) graphics adapters installed automatically when I connected to internet. I then tried updating the drivers and i

Adding Windows 7 to Windows 8.1

I have the HP Pavilion 500-223w desktop. This was to replace my HP Windows 7 Desktop that died. I used this computer for Radio production work. Some of my software will not work or even install on 8.1 but worked fine on Windows 7. I am thinking of re

How to Install Windows 7 on an HP Pavilion g6 g6 -2200ee

 Hi, sir, i bought a new HP Note Book Yesterday it as Loaded with Win-8 OS and i want to Change the OS to Win - 7, while i enter to the booting option .i cant see any bootdevice from CD/DVD Option . will you please help me to find a solution .. .. ..

Photoshop CS4 and scanning via Twain scanners

I will shortly be building my new Windows 7 64 bit high end machine, and installing CS4 64 bit on that machine. I have several scanners, which appear to have available suitable drivers for Windows 7 64 bit. But from what I am reading, CS4 64 bit does

Blu-ray project - kiosk mode issues

We're in the process of creating an interactive blu-ray video  presentation with Encore CS5.  The project will be shown on a PC with  touch screen, on which  the user will not have any access to keyboard or  mouse, but can control the presentation wi

Epson LQ 2180 Printer Driver Issue

Hi all, I want to install or use Epson LQ 2180 printer driver for sap, but I can't find any suitable printer driver. I found this note : Note 153879 - EPSON printer model and SAP device types, but it isn't contain any information about model LQ-2180.

JNDI in an Eclipse Seam app

I've got a Seam app that needs to use a JNDI datasource file to connect to an Oracle 10g instance. I can create a connection manually in Eclipse and do a "Test Connection" successfully; however, I've not yet figured out how to get Eclipse to rec

DR database Needs Different Application Schemas

I am looking for experienced thoughts on Logical Standby database configurations using Data Guard... I have a Production database containing three application-specific schemas along with a handfull of schemas supporting business data. The DR site nee

System beep/vent - n200

hello! i currently always seem to have a beep when I start up the laptop on the login screen (regardless if im using the fingerprint software), the only solution I have found is to leave it muted, but this isnt always practcal, does anyone know of a

How to replace StepTypes over a hole SequnceFile

Hi, I have to update a StepType in some SequenceFiles. Lets say there is type "User1" and it should be replaced with type "User2" I found no suitable Teststand solution. I opened the .seq file with Visual Studio and did a serach and re

'Web servicification' of internal systems as prelude to ESB.

Hello again. Finding it hard to navigate our way to a suitable ESB solution, my employer wishes to at least expose all relevant internal systems as web services so that hopefully within time and growing maturity of ESB (I like what JBI promises), we

Restoration of /var/log/secure.log from Time Machine Backup

I have a need to restore /var/log/secure.log from Time Machine Backup on Lion Server, but can not find any entries for this file in the Time Machine archives even when using the find command.   It seems like it is not backed up.   I'm hoping that thi

SSO & SapLogonTicket

Hi there I just read every paper I could find about SAP and SSO. There's a lot about Enterprise Portal and backend (and only backend!) authentication via HTTP with the SSo2KerbMap Module. It's kinda bit of bending of the meaning of SSO if you just me

Satelite A300-1GN and Vista x64 driver support

Hi, I am (happy?) owner of this model for 2 days. However it seemes logically that if this notebook can support up to 8GB RAM (i bought with 4GB) there should be possibility to install x64 operating system. It seems, but it's not like I see. There ar

Will Adobe Audition 3.0 work in Windows 8

Will Adobe Audition 3 work with Windows 8?Yes, Audition 3 itself will. However there have been reports of some problems with some audio interfaces and suitable drivers for Win 8. So it may depend on what audio interface you are using.Read other 2 ans

Printer Preferences is not available when printing PDF

Printer Preferences is not available when printing PDF I have a PSC 1315 printer I have been using for several years on a system with Windows XP without any problem.  After purchasing an HP Pavilion 500 with Windows 8.1 Pro, I migrated my printer to