TREX startup/shutdown script for Windows 2003

Hi , I am looking for a script that would do a startup/shutdown of TREX servers/services on  Windows 2003.  I am not sure if I have posted this on the right forum.  Also, why is the TREX hanging and going into a dormant mode when not used? Is there a

Oracle Startup/Shutdown with SQLPLUS and ORADIM in Windows...

I am a newbie to the Windows platform. SQLPLUS will not allow me to issue a STARTUP command. This is what I get when I attempt to SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE and subsequently issue a STARTUP MOUNT/NOMOUNT or any STARTUP command for that matter. The SHUTDOWN c

HOWTO: Startup/Shutdown Sounds in Openbox

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add startup and shutdown sounds with Openbox, a light-weight window manager. In theory, this should work with any window manager that uses a startup script (or, if you use the startx command, .xinitrc could be

Startup/Shutdown script for OBIEE 11g on Linux

Hi all, as a follow-up to [url]an earlier thread by some fine gentleman, I have improved the original startup/shutdown script for Linux a bit, making sure that all processes are handled co

Grepping for startup/shutdown in the logs

Hello, I've been asked to provide a script that parses the oracle logs and can determine if there were some errors. So far I can find the numerical errors in my script (like ORA-00600) but I also need to be able to tell when a db has been shut down,

Tomcat remote startup/shutdown, remote console ???

Hi, 1. I have installed Tomcat in a remote server and I wonder if there is a predefined way to start the server up and shut it down remotely, or if I would have write it myself. Any ideas about writing it? 2. Is there a way I can see the Tomcat conso

Automating Weblogic Startup/Shutdown on Linux

hello and hope you fine im using weblogic 10.3 with oracle db 11g on CentoOS 5.5 everything is working fine but my problem is that i want to startup/shutdown weblogic on system start/shutdown i defined weblogic as service ( i tried all levels) and it

MSI P45-8D problem: reboot after loading startup services (windows seven 64bit)

hi guys! I decided (buying a cooler master elite 360) to keep my Memory Lover (whit ddr3/ich10r, pci-ex 2.0), which is actually the 'best purchase for me (rather than a G41 mATX) . But then, after I had solved the problem of overheating in the pci-ex

T440s - Rapid Startup and Windows 8.1 ?

Hi, is it possible to have Rapid Startup on Windows 8 on T440s ? I havn´t tested it before, but maybe someone could explain best pratice how to deploy Win8 on T440s. Thanks, MagnusHi, WDS provides PXE boot to install windows, it has nothing to do wit

Laptop's Shutdown window is opening repeatedly

Hi My Laptop's shutdown window is opening repeatedly. It's poppin after some time and if I dont click on any of the 4 buttons, it automatically shutting down my laptop. Also if i do select the cancel option it again pops back after some time. thanks

Can AppleScript schedule additional Startup/Shutdown events?

My question: Can an AppleScript be written that would Startup my Mac on a weekly basis, run Software Update then Shutdown? I don't want to lose the daily Shutdown/Startup cycle I have scheduled in Energy Saver now. I would need the script to run a cy

New MacBook Pro 10.9.4 slow startup shutdown

I am a new Mac user with no prior Mac experience.  I recently (1 week ago) purchased a MacBook Pro running Mavericks? (10.9.4).  Out of the box the machine was lightening fast with startup and shutdown speeds PC users can only dream of. I connected t

Error 41 - Kernel Power in event log after clean shutdown - Windows 8.0

HP Envy H9-1405A - 16MB RAM,  Windows 8.0, and up to date with updates. (16 months old but under extended h/w warranty).  All user data backed-up daily. After problems earlier today I noticed that after a controlled shutdown and start from cool (ie o

EBS startup/shutdown question

Hi all, what are the disadvantage of shutting down/starting up EBS apps and db every night (shutdown at 6pm, startup at 7am)? will this cause any problem on the instance? thanks in advance, JonHi Hussein, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree

HA Oracle startup/shutdown question

Environment: 2 Sunfire V890's running solaris 2.9 and SC3.1U4 Hello All, I am having a problem with oracle startup and shutdown in my cluster. In order to get oracle to startup after a failover, shutdown what have you, I need to implement the followi

Lync 2013 RTM client crashing on startup in Windows 8 RTM

Lync 2013 client crashes during startup with the following event: Faulting application name: lync.exe, version: 15.0.4420.1017, time stamp: 0x5067326f Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.2.9200.16384, time stamp: 0x5010ac2f Exception cod

Shutdown Windows Server 2003 with Labwindows 5.5

Hello everybody, I used to have LabWindows 5.5 under Windows Server 2000. Now we have changed to Windows Server 2003 with the same LabWindows version. I have had a simple function ExitWindowsEx(0, 0) to shutdown the windows completely. But this funct

PureNetworks Network Magic Significantly Slows Startup in Windows XP

I set up a new hard drive on my laptop. All was running well except during Windows XP startup it seemingly took forever for the wireless services to start up (took approximately 5 minutes after user login for the wireless to work (wired also). I am u

Shutdown windows pc from mac

Hi all, is there a way to send a shutdown command from a Mac to a windows machine, assuming they're on the same network? Thankyou!I use a vb script to shut down Windows machines (there are other ways to do this too): 'BEGIN VBS **********************

Fingerprint Reader Not Detected during startup on Windows 7

Dear Community Users/Tech Guru, I am hoping somebody could shed light into a weired issue I am facing with this *stupid* Microsoft OS. I purchased a T400 last year and brought a x64 bit Windows 7 three months ago and have it setup for clean installat