Ssrs 2008 r2 error-Forward pointing dependencies are not valid

In an existing SSRS 2008 r2, report, I am attempting to add a parameter called 'Customer_Category'. I am getting the following error message: The report paramter 'CustomerNumber' has a DefaultValue or a ValidVaue that depends on the report parameter

SSRS IIF Statement #Error

All, I have the below IIF statement in SSRS report based on a sharepoint list. However I get #Error only on certain lines For example when Item_Name = P001-P384D630Z01 I am sort of stunned at this point. All the other lines work except the one with a

SSRS SharePoint Integrated error, User cannot be found

We currently have setup an SSRS in SharePoint 2013 integrated mode. We got the error message below when we removed a user from the Groups and Members. I have found from searching the web that this is a bug that happens whenever the report creator has

Hi iam new to implement custome code in sssrs when iam created connection in ssrs its throwing error please find the screen shot

when iam previwing report this error is occured System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Login failed for user 'FPS\hariprasad.a'.    at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlInternalConnection.OnError(SqlException exception, Boolean breakConnection)    at System.Data

A generic error occurred in GDI+ while assing tiff image file to Bitmap and Image

Hi, I am getting "A generic error occurred in GDI+" error while reading the tiff image file to Bitmap or Image. Below is my sample code. string [email protected]"c:\Images\sample.tif"; Bitmap bmp=new Bitmap(filePath);   // here getting except

Need old wine 0.9.15 for Fallout 1

It is recommended on the Wine AppDB that Wine versions 0.9.15 and earlier are better for playing games that are heavy on DirectDraw like Fallout 1 and 2. This is because that the DirectDraw implementation was rewritten for better or worse in 0.9.16.

Forte & MetaFrame

We are attempting to roll out one of our Forte applications using MetaFrame, is there anyone who has successfully done this and if so were there any special set-up issues. One that we are coming across is periodically the client component get a "GDI

Maploader 1.1g problems.

I format mine MicroSD 2GB card and installed new Nokia Mapsloader v1.1g. I chosed: Europe China Hong Kong Taiwan Oklahoma City Japan Voice: Swedish Cantonese English (US) English (UK) Now some of the swedish character displays with weirds character e

Report not rendering charts in pdf (A generic error occurred in GDI+)

I've found the following exception stack trace in the Report Server log: ERROR: Throwing Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.RenderingObjectModelException: , Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.RenderingObjectModelException: A gener

SSRS Database Configuration Manager Error - Could not connect to server: The type initializer for 'System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection' threw an exception

I'm Getting the "Could not connect to server: The type initializer for 'System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection' threw an exception" Error on an existing Instance of SSRS that had been working previously (lots of installs/patches since). Any time I

Severe Error Ocurred on the Current Command REPORT BUILDER SSRS 2008

Hi,      I have a report with 6 tabs, I am using totally 8 Stored Procedures for it.I am using SQL SERVER 2008 R2 and the same in production also. Everything works fine when I run the report in my local machine's BIDS, however, when I deploy it into

Catch datetime exception and custom error message in SSRS

I currently working on create report by using SSRS. I have 2 parameters: [Start date] and [End date] to filter data from database and show it on report. I want to validate 2 datetime parameter as describe above. Please tell me a solution to do this.

Error while subscription on SSRS report that uses custom assembly

I am new to SSRS. i have created a report that uses custom assembly that runs an oracle procedure and bring back result to report. this works fine on sharepoint mode interactive report. while i subscribe the same report, i am getting below error Requ

SSRS runtime error - The specified operation is not valid

I found a similar post here, but it didn't solve my problem. so i re-post it. i develop a report with vs2008. i have sql 2008 r2 on my local machine. when i preview the report on my local machine all fine. but when i deployed the report to sql 2008 s

SSRS 2012 service application error in sharepoint 2010

Hi,  I have installed MS SQL SERVER 2012 enterprise edition and sharepoint 2010 SP2 standalone as i want to learn a few things. Everyting went smooth upto the point when i wanted to configure a Create the Reporting Services Service application in sha

SSRS 2008 R2 SharePoint 2010 integration error?

Hi, I have SSRS 2008 R2 in SharePoint 2010 integration mode. I'm getting kind of strange error with below scenario: 1) SSRS report has data-source to SQL Server 2008 R2 database store procedure. 2) SQL Server procedure execute SELECT query using link

SSRS 2008 reports with images throw script error with IE9

When i try to load SSRS 2008 report in a browser or a application with browser control on machine which has IE9, it loads the image but throws some script error. I also tried installing the ReportViewer08 SP1.exe, but still i get the error. The error

SSRS Custom Data Processing Extension Error

I am using Custom Data Processing Extension to call a stored procedure. Iam getting following error when creating a dataset in report designer using the extension. I wrote the code in c#. could not update a list of fields for the query. verify that y

NeoDynamic Barcode Proffessional Upload Error in SSRS Report Server 2012

Hi, I am Developing a SSRS Report for Displaying Barcode . I am Using Neodynamic Barcode Proffessional and the Report is Working fine in Developer Machine (MY Machine). When i try to Upload the Report into SSRS Report Server i get this Error Can any

SSRS Expression divide by zero error

Hi, I am getting an error in SSRS calculating the field that potentially divide by zero. may i ask your help to fix this issue. thanks. =First(Fields!CEQ_all.Value, "DailyUpdates_DS") = value is zero =Sum(Fields!Prod_Plan_Yield.Value, "Dail