SQLLoader Issue

Hi , I am trying to load a flat file by sqlloader My database is oracle 11g on unix server. In my control file for the load is specified the character set to CHARACTERSET UTF8 So the following data got converted to e.g Beyoncé > Beyonc� I then change

Sqlloader with same csv files - 1 fails the other works fine!

Hi, I am using sqlldr to load data from a csv file into a table. The table has 23 columns in it. The last column is nullable. The CSV has got 23 column values for all the records excepting couple of records which have 22 values leaving the last 23rd

SQLLoader inserting trailing zeroes

Hi, I have a .csv file with numeric data having no trailing zeroes after decimal point. But when I import data from this .csv file into oracle using SQLLoader, the data is stored in the form having trailing zeroes after decimal point. The datatype of

Sqlloader hangs

hi, Sqlload hangs after it inserted about 20000 from the 360000 records. It is not always on the same record, so I don't think it can be a corrupt record in the file, and there is still free space in the tablespaces. Someone that knows the reason and

Oracle EE --- sqlload error

After 12/24 hours of subsequent create table, load of 5Million records and drop table I encountered this error : --------------- SQLLOAD Message ------ Commit point reached - logical record count 1317929 Commit point reached - logical record count 13

Additional characters when loading table with sqlloader

Hello, I am having some trouble when i load data into a table using sqlloader. My table is already defined. A column that is giving me trouble is called: builder_address VARCHAR2(30) When sqlloader loads data into this column, sometimes, even if the

How to pass concurrent request_id dynamically into workflow Business event subscription.

Hi All, I created a workflow to send notification to user with the details in the message body of the workflow. Attached the same workflow to the subscription created under the seeded Business event 'oracle.apps.fnd.concurrent.request.completed'. Ena

SQLLOADER: Large Data Loads: 255 CHAR limit?

Issue: I'm trying to load a delimited text file into an Oracle table with data that execeeds 255 characters and it's not working correctly. The table fields are set to VARCHAR2 2000 - 4000. No problem. Some of the data fields in the file have over 10

Request_id as parameter

Hi, Is there an easy way to get the request_id of the concurrent request to be set as value of one of its parameters? TIAI don't think it's possible. Because the request is not submitted yet, then how are you going to get the request_id as a concurre

Sqlload or ctxload: how do I get a file into a LOB?

For some reason sqlload does NOT work the way it is described in Intermedia guide: keywords like FILLER or LOBFILE are not recognized. Is there a (preferably simple) way of loading a file ("x.doc", MSWord document) into a LOB field using ctxload

Accessing SQLLoader via PLSQL

Is it possible to run sqlloader in a PLSQL script? I've looked through the documentation and can't find anything.Requirements: Jserver should be enabled. you need certain privileges to use following method. Step 1: Create java stored procedure with j


Hello I am getting an error in sqlloader MAXIMUM ERROR COUNT EXCEEDED, How fix that error? how to fix the table. Thanks PrincePrince, SQL Loader has a default of 50 errors that are allowable after which the loader process exits. You can increase the

SQLLOADER fails to load space from the CSV file

Hello, -- I am using sqlloader to load tables(Release --- I have actual spaces in my CSV files, which i want to load as it is in the tables. --- However, sqlloader loads "nulls" instead. --- Please help.Vishal, Use this and you shoul

Getting error code exitVal = p.waitFor(); as 2 ,during SQLLOADER Call Dynam

Hi Friends, This is regarding the problem being faced at my client in production environment. our code is calling the SQLLOADER ,sequentially,the below code is working fine for 4 files and returning the int exitVal = p.waitFor(); as 2 whihe is expect

Multibyte character error in SqlLoader when utf8 file with chars like €Ää

hello, posting from Germany, special charactes like german umlaute and euro sign in UTF8 Textfile, SqlLoader rejecting row with Multibyte character error Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit Production Database Characterset: WE8MSWIN1252 OS

Sqlloader loads data very slowly

I've got simple table in async. multimaster environment (Oracle 9i on Linux RH AS2.1) and nonreplicated table with the same structure. When i load data with sqlloader into nonreplicated table it takes 30sec and the same load into replicated table las

Using SQLLOader / UTL_File within Transaction?

Hi all, We need to bulk load large amounts of data into tables within a transaction. The reason we want to do it within a transaction is so we don't have an extra connection, and to avoid the extra COMMIT. So, is UTL_File better for this, or SQLLoade

Convert EBCDIC to ASCII using sqlloader

hi.. i have .dat file which extract from mainframe in EBCDIC format n i have to load in table using sqlloader. here, my .ctl sample: AMTV2_RESERVE08 POSITION(857:861) DECIMAL(9,2), AMTV2_RESERVE09 POSITION(862:866) DECIMAL(9,2) here, my record layout

Sqlload for decimal values

Hi, I am having a problem.. the decimal values that I have on flat file is not upload to a table properly Table ============================== SQL> desc intfc_splitfactor Name Null? Type UDC_DIVISION VARCHAR2(50) DMDUNIT VARCHAR2(30) ITEM VARCHAR2(30

Sqlloader unrecoverable??

Hi all, at burleson consulting I read something about a "unrecoverable" option to the sql*loader, which I cannot find in the Oracle documentation. Is it just a description of the "direct=true" option? Or is it a separate setting? Thank