Unable to find the requested server on Blackberry 9900 Smartphone Simulator

I have downloaded the Blackberry 9900 and 9930 Simulator . When I launch the browser on the simulator ,It is showing unable to find the requested server.The device is connected through Wi-Fi.Greetings and welcome to the Support Forums. I am really n

Camera flash light switches off my blackberry 9900

Whenever I want to snap with the flash of my blackberry 9900 the fones goes off..whyHi and Welcome to the Community! Please try this sequence...note that, throughout the entire 4h15m process, your BB must remain directly connected to a known-good wal

Blackberry 9900 Money refund Policy (India)

Hi, Sold my Apple iPhone 4 and purchase BB curve 9900 and till date I repent for my worst decision. Was unable to use even for continuous 15 min and its Heat up and switch off... Got it replaced thrice by company but trust me all the models I bought

BlackBerry 9900 - Need Google Maps

Guys, I just bought BB9900 yesterday and after a bit of a struggle, I managed to install Opera Mini, however, I'm having a tough time finding "Google Maps" on I followed the steps provided my google on my BB browser, but

HT201269 how to move contact from blackberry 9900 to iphone 4s?

hello i have done a full backup of my backberry 9900 ans want to import my contacts into ihone 4sGet your contacts from your Blackberry onto your computer into a program such as Outlook.  Then, use iTunes to sync those Contacts from Outlook to your i

An Idea For a BlackBerry Q10 Trackpad?

Using my BlackBerry Q10 I like the phone and everything much better than my BlackBerry 9900. Though, I miss the trackpad part. Maybe if BlackBerry where able to complete an app that people can download and use it as a BlackBerry traditional trackpad

I can't print from my Blackberry....when I select "I know my printers address" and I type this

I can't print from my Blackberry  9900 to my HP photosmart 5510 (but have wireless printing from my iPad working fine). In the BB I select the "my Printers" option and then go to "I know the printers address" option. I then type in the

Syncing BB 9900 and Playbook with Laptop

Hi Both my BlackBerry 9900 and Playbook will no longer sync with my Desktop Software. They both used to do so but the bottom right hand corner of the Desktop Software displays as 'disconnected' even though if I use Windows Explorer I can locate each

My bb 9900

I have problems with my blackberry 9900 it keeps showing sos and I have tried everything but it keeps showing sos(my network goes off and on). I even took the sim out it tried it another phone and it works but on my blackberry its on sos so please is

Blackberry ID Password

Hi, I have a blackberry 9900 and before I travelled I got the phone unlocked. Now that I have moved everytime I try to put in a new sim or a sim that's not the original sim it asks me for my blackberry ID password. I've changed my blackberry ID passw

Creating/Accessing Blackberry Calendar on desktop computer

Hello Blackberry Community I have just migrated from Palm PDA to a Blackberry 8830. I appear to have tranferred all my Palm data (addresses, calendar etc) to the Blackberry.  My question is---Palm software allows users to sync and access all the PDA

Can't Upgrade to 7.1 or BackUp

Hi I have a Blackberry 9900 - I have only had it for maybe two months, and haven't backed it up (or charged it via my USB cord etc.) But, it recently stopped getting text messages and my friend had the same problem, which he fixed through upgrading t

White screen after Security Wipe

Hi! My BlackBerry 9900 has a total white screen without any error message after a Security Wipe after this i have downloaded Blackberry OS for 9900 and tried to load it through "Apploader" but it says that there is no BlackBerry device software

Custom Front End Callback

Hi, I'm customizing the LoginLogout Front End CallBack in TestStand 2010, it works when I call it from my custom OI (LV2010). But when I launch TestStand, I get an error message (the error code doesn't seem to be documented). I cannot log in or out.

Why can't I download my old purchases?

I had recently had my blackberry 9900 stolen so i switched back to my 9780 and when i logged back into my blackberry app world account it had olny shown the previously downloaded apps from this bold and not the one that was stolen even though they we

IPad 3 with iOS 6 won't connect to Wifi Hotspot

I have a new iPad running iOS 6.01.  It connects to wifi networks perfectly.  I also own a Blackberry 9900 that is capable of running a wifi hotspot.  The iOS6 iPad will not connect to my hotspot. It is NOT the hotspot that is the problem. PCs connec

Blackberry Curve 9310 Battery shows Red X with JM1 9900/9930 = 1230mah

Blackberry Curve 9310 Battery shows Red X with JM1 9900/9930 = 1230mah Is it possible to get the new JM1 battery to work with the Blackberry curve 9310 the original battery was JS1 9200/9230 = 1450mah the site I ordered stated they were identical but

My blackberry bold 9900 makes a lot of freezes when i receive and sent on whatsapp

Device info hey  i get my blackberry bold 9900 OS 7.0.0 it freezes a lot when whatsapp get in use, receive or sent, but when i close the application and restart the device, everything get back in exellent condition the whatsapp application, is stuck

Adjusting the SIM card activation sound - BlackBerry Bold 9900

Hi there, when activating a SIM card on a BlackBerry Bold 9900 on the newest available build of BlackBerry OS 7, for example if two or more SIM cards of the same provider are used with different devices, using the code *100#, a system sound reminisce

BlackBerry ID installati​on failed. Please try again later (80002)

After having downloaded BlackBerry App World from with my phone browser, whenever I try to open App World I am presented with a loading screen for about 2 secconds then once it has finished loading I am told App World requi