Subsequent Credit / Debit Memo functionality in SNC

Hi All, Has anyone used the Subsequent Credit / Debit Memo functionailty in SNC along with normal Invoice Collaboration (Supplier creates invoices wrt PO or ASN from SNC and sends it to ECC). In our testing a Subsequent Credit (Invoice Item Type in S

Two SNC system and one execution system

Hi Experts Can there be possibilty of Two snc system to co exist with one execution system ECC? IF yes can you folks please throw some light on the same? This situation is arising because: the Lime table in the existing system has really grown huge a

Material Master and SNC Performance

Hi All, As you know, SNC is suitable for suppliers without EDI capability. That means, for EDI suppliers, it is not necessary to use SNC. Only non-EDI suppliers will use SNC as collaboration tool. In our company, the transaction percentage is 70% vs

CFolder Integration with SNC

Hi Experts, We are integrating cFolder with SAP SNC (Supply Network Collaboration) application. Both SNC and cFolder application are installed on the same server. We have activated cFolder within SNC application. As per SAP help, we have not added an

TRFC's in Error Status in P54 (SNC) System

Hi SNC experts, Lots of tRFC are in error status when i am  executing Sm58 Transaction. The error text is  "RFC destination A1PCLNT001 does not exist ". Please guide me on this.. is there any SAP note relevant to that these tRFC can be

SNC Portal Content

Hi SAP Guru's,    We are having SCM SNC7.0 installed on HPUX-ia64 with 701 kernal version. I would like to know if we have SNC Portal content available to deploy it on a Portal System. Please help me. Regards Srinivas JHello Andrew, Are you looking f

SAProuter error: SNC processing failed:        SncInit

While starting the SAProuter I am getting following error: ERROR       SNC processing failed:                    SncInit TIME        Sun Oct 05 13:17:05 2008 RELEASE     700 COMPONENT   NI (network interface) VERSION     38 RC          -17 MODULE    

Error While Creating Technical System for SNC

Hi There, I am trying to create technical system for SNC in SLD, I am not able to seee SNC as a s/w component/product in the list. when I checked the list of components in SLD, I found SNC is there under product "SCMSNC" but this product is not

I have 10.5.08 how do i snc my new iphone

i have 10.5.08 how do i snc my new iphoneThe iPhone 5 requires iTunes 10.7. iTunes 10.7 requires an Intel CPU, running Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later. So you need to upgrade your Mac to OS X "Snow Leopard": To upgrade from OS X 10.5.8, you must first

NetWeaver and SNC

We are looking at the possibility of using SNC to tie User Names to related Life Number within NetWeaver.  I do see that within ECC there is a SNC option however I don't see anything that "Bites me in the nose" for the SNC option within NetWeave

SNC Invoice & PO collaboration

Hi Can somebody send me config guide in SNC Invoice & PO Collaboration? Thanks VipinHello Vipin, You can find a lot of information on Invoice Collaboration here:

How to set the snc name to abap server with IDM?

HI all:      I want to set the snc name from IDM , but I didn't konw  which attribute that I would be set. I there anyone konw this? thanks!Hi Shi, I'm guessing you don't know which attribute in the MX_PERSON class contains it? If this is what you me

Changing Selection Screen in SNC

Hi All, My requirement is to Change the selection screen on one of the SNC screens ,the requirement change the sequence,for example if first row is product number and second row is Document number ,I want to show Product number and Document number in

Send a purchase requisition data From APO to SNC

Hi , Is it possible to send requisition data from APO  to SNC and any  internal integration is there. Any Standard way or method or FM  to send the Purchase requisition details from APO to SNC. Thanks.Hi , Is it possible to send requisition data from

SNC configuration in multiple application server environment

Hello Experts, We are planning for SNC configuration between ECC 6  and NW04s Portal systems. ECC 6.0 is running with Central Instance and two application servers. NW04s EP is running with 4 server nodes. I am very much clear about setting up SNC bet


Hi Friends, I heard about SNC, previously it was called as ICH (Inventory Collaboration Hub). can i know what is the difference betweem SNC and SRM. can u eloborate more on SRS and about its functionality, why those functions are not possible either

SNC setup works fine on Netweaver 7.01 but not on Netweaver 7.02

Hi,     We use SNC in conjunction with a kerberos v1.1.1 share library called libgssapi_krb5.shr.o.2.1 on Aix 6.1 servers. This setup works for ERP, BWP, SRM and CRM systems for the past 12 years or so. Late last week, we upgraded one of our ERP 600

Connectig to sapserv7 via FTP using SNC

HI All , I am having SNC configured in saprouter for R3support, now i need to transfer huge files to sap for which i have been asked to transfer through ftp, any help in this regard? Regards Robert.Hi Rishi, thanx for your reply, i have asked sap, th

Configure SNC for JavaGui to use in the Internet with Saprouter

Hello,       we want to configure SNC to use JavaGui in the Internet without SSO. Only use of encryption in communication between the frontend JavaGui and the backend WAS 640(ITS integrated) using saprouter in between. We are trying to configure it u

Difference between ICH and SNC

Hi All, Can some one explain what is the difference between ICH and SNC..Hi Prawmu, You can also check below sap help link SAP SNC 7.0 SAP SNC 5.1 http://hel