Essbase Error 1020023

User has an Excel Smartview workbook with Balance Sheet on one tab and income Statement on the other.  Income Statement refreshes without error but attempting to refresh the Balance sheet gives Essbase Error 1020023-Multiple Reports per retrieval is

SmartView VBA Commands - HypCreateConnection and HypConnect

I am in the process of converting some spreadsheets with Essbase Excel add-in VBA macros to use the SmartView VBA functions. I am having trouble just doing the connect to the V11 database. Prior to the conversion I used the following command to conne

SmartView DataSource manager - no link to connect to provider services.

Hi, I have opened up excel and I want to connect to provider services. I have selected the "Hyperion" tab and then clicked on "Connect". Now on the right side i see a "SmartView Data Source Manager" But there is no link "

Sprint Smartview Software

I'm having issues getting the Sprint Smartview software to install on my new Macbook Air. When I attempt to install it I keep getting an "Incomplete Install" error message saying that installation hasn't yet been run on this machine. I've restar

Migration to smartview API

Hello Everyone      I've a piece of code where Essbase add-in functions are used, I want this piece of code to be replaced with the SmartView functions. I've come across a function EssVSetSheetOption to which parameters given are as below x = EssVSet

SmartView POV issue

I have just had the SmartView add-in installed on my laptop running Windows 7 and Office 2010. Whenever I open a spreasheet linked to the Essbase server, the POV pop-up window keeps flashing constantly and I cannot get it to stop, which makes the spr

MS Excel 2010 takes long to open with Hyperion Smartview 11

Hi, the MS Excel 2010 takes about 20 sec to open a blank sheet when is with a user without Internet access. It is automatically open with Internet access. This behaviour started after the installation of Hyperion Smartview.  Can you help? Ant K.I've

Dimension position with the POV in Smartview

Morning In the previous version of the smartview, I was able to arrange the dimension as follow : Americas                          Jan                Sales 100 Now each time I do the same the smartview automaticly moves it to :                      

HSP_Rate dimension not showing in Smartview Adhoc Analysis Conn.

I have an out of box currency conversion planning application. The issue is that if I create Essbase connection via Smartview I can see the HSP_Rate dimension,however if I create Planning connection and use Ad hoc Analysis option I do not see the HSP

Smartview Adhoc Reports

After retrieving data from HFM using Smartview ( Build 190), when I add excel formulas in the retrieve data columsn and rows, after refresh it goes away (doesn't retain) though I have checked "Use Excel Formatting" and "Preserve

SmartView Available

All,  the newest SmartView client has many fixes and can be used to test if there are issues and it works with Essbase: 11.1.2.x To keep abreast of the patch levels for EPM bookmark the following: Support Matrix - Product Compa

Smartview / Supporting Details Functionality / VBA Excel

Question Summary*: Within Excel, using VBA, is it possible to control the "*_Supporting Details_*" functionality (read / add / delete children, paste values command)? Detail*: --- Within Excel, using VBA, I am able to control the POV parameters

Reporting line item detail from smartview

Hi All We have several line item detail accounts set-up - can you drill down into this information in smartview? Many thanks for any thoughts / suggestionsHi, According to Smartview documentation, this is possible only if using Planning. Impossible t

Error when connect to Smartview: Invalid Session ID

We are using 9.2.1 and receive this error on our DEV server when trying to connect to HFM database using Smartview. Nothing changed over the weekend and I don't know when the last person used Smartview on DEV. When adding a new connection, can get to

SmartView on Windows 7 Resets Options

Good afternoon all - My users are getting Windows 7 in waves and they all report back the same issue - after SmartView is reinstalled on their machines, they will go in and set their preferred options. If they open a new tab in the same workbook or o

DataForms Columns not appearing in SmartView

Hi All, I created some webforms on  EPMA Planning App When I try to open these webforms using Smartview, I am getting this error " There are no Valid Columns of Data for this form". But I can open these forms in Planning Console. Is th

SmartView - corrupt zip archive?

Hi, I have recently downloaded SmartView zip and couldn't uncompress it - corrupt zip archive. I have tried different browsers(IE, Firefox, Chrome etc ) and download sources (eDelivery and OTN). Has anyone else experienced the same? If s

SmartView - Line ID - Level Indicator Please HELP

Im looking to create some flexibility in(excel) my smartview reports that allow the user to see the upper most level or lower level. They wont have Smartview access so need to use excel's functionality. What I want to do is have a line Id that distin

"The Data entered is wrong, so it will revert to the previos value" error in Smartview

A user is receiving the error "the data entered is wrong, so it will revert to the previous value" when working in excel and having a smart-view adhoc open. it doesn't happen all the time (it is not predictable) but it does happen regularly (3-5

Smartview adhoc to submit data

we are trying to submit data using smartview adhoc "submit data" button.  However, instead of hard coded values in the data cell, we are using a formula to calculate the value to be submitted. for example, in cell F24, instead of typing in 200,