Dunning letters with smartforms

Hi everyone, I want to use the standard smartform F150_DUNN_SF to create dunning letters but I can't select it in SPRO > FI accounting >... > Dunning > Print I can only select SAPscripts. I've already done the note which consists in changing t

How to create barcode EAN13 in smartforms?

I want to create EAN13 in smartforms,but in smartforms the EAN13  preview incorrect . My step is : 1.SPAD, create Device types:ZSWIN (Copied from SWIN). 2.SPAD, create Output Devices ZEAN,Device type is:ZSWIN,Aeecss Method:G,Host Printer:__default 3.

Can we modify a Standard Smartform?

Hi Folks, Please clear the following doubts:- 1.Can we modify a Std Smartform.It is allowing us to change the logo and all the windows too.If so let me know the logic behind it as I was in a thought that whatever it may be we can't modify any sap sta

How to get 2nd line in smartforms using template

how to get 2nd line in smartforms main window using template. i have also defined loop .if possible can you try with the TABLES.. Put one TABLE in your MAIN window create table lines as per your requirment...consider all lines like 6 for header, 1 fo

SmartForms Styles

Hi all, I have modified a smartform and incorporated some new logic in it.i have also unit tested it in DEV and its working fine.But in Quality its saying as smartforms Style not found.i have checked it in the smartform output properties,the style me

How to get Landscape Letter format in Smartforms ?

Hi, In case of SAPscript if we want to define Letter size with landscape format we go to Baisc setting -> Page format and then select Letter and orientation as L (Landsacpe format, 279mm-215mm). But in <b>case of smartforms</b> if I want Le

How to find which  Smartform it display

Dear Experts, I display print preview in t-code VA23  to show my quotation report , and  this report built by smartform , How could I find which smartform form it use? Thanks a lot in advanced. YacoaTransaction NACE -> Select Application V1 -> Click

Concatenate field and use in smartform

Hello, I have generated a form .In a program ,i have used a  CONCATENATE IT_OUT1-BSCHL UMSKZ INTO temp1. and IT_OUT1-BSCHL = temp1. temp1 is a variable type c.when i called it in smartform does not shows both field data in prin

Header Line - Smartform

Hi Frds In my smartform output(Print Preview) the header line is coming THICKER . How to reduce it ? Thanks Pari Vendhan.RHi, As you are working with smartforms, check out the options of borders and shading if you are talking about the header lines.

Exporting smartform into word document

how to export smartform into word document . i tried converting into pdf and then download but it showing run time error that conversion is not possible and also it tells that otf command // missing. is it not possible to export directly to word docu

Code inspection error in smartform

Hello, Help appreciated. I have created smartform which is executing perfectly. When code inspection is done it is giving following errors and warnings : Errors: 1. Message code 023 The TADIR entry for /1BCDWB/SAPLSF00000043 is missing    (Already th

Smartforms to PDF in Multilanguage

Hi, we need to convert smartforms to PDF in 13 languages. It works fine for all languages but PL and RU. I've already played around with different device types and code pages but I couldn't get it straight. I would really appreciate any idea! At the

Smartform translation

i have done a smart form in english i tried to translate it to finnish by first changing the attributes of that form cto Selecte LAnguage-finnish and went to se 63  translation r/3 ssf object name- i gave smart form name changed the target language t

Exception condition "CNTL_ERROR WD-abap Smartform to pdf

Hii,  I am using a webdynpro - abap application. I am showing  a smartform as a pdf in one on the windows. When the link in the main window is clicked, a secondary window. Instead of the pdf, I get following exception.Kindly help me understand, where

Smartform pageno printing

if i code in window of smartforms like (in chage editor) PageNo: &sfsy-page&  / &sfsy-formpages& i got o/p 1 /  * how that * came on o/p. i want the o/p 1 / 2 0r as per page so can anybody tell me what to do in this case.Hi Vikranth, Thank

Smartform Not printing in German (DE), its only printing in English (EN).

Hi, I have a smartform for which the original language is German (DE) and it'll be used in English (EN) too. So, I have made the changes in German (DE) and later used SE63 to translate to English (EN); transported it to Quality for testing. Here, in

Unavailable 'page protection' smartforms

Hi all. I need all parts of a table in a smartforms, be shown in the same page. If I select the table, and select 'Output Options', there is a flag 'Page protection', but it is in display mode, and I can't put it in change mode to mark it. Could you

Convert Smartform to PDF

Hi All I am getting a blank screen when i am trying to convert a smartform into PDF. Following are the steps i am using: 1 ) I have created a FM which gives me data in OTF format. 2) Then i called  'SSFCOMP_PDF_PREVIEW' FM. 3) Finally i called 'CONVE

About the smartforms

hi team,                 how to use the nodes with which situation we have to use the command and alternative nodes and folders the smartfroms Thanks, vijay...Hi, If you need to call another page at some point you need to u

Regarding PDF and mail attachement at SMARTFORMS

hey jeyanthi, I tried the program from the link you gave to convert otf to pdf and sending pdf file as attachement. Everything works fine till PDF creation. but i did not get mail sending function works. while debugging i come to know that FM is goin