Alv sub total problem

hi, in alv i want sub total text for purchase order. can you check my code . i am not getting. TYPE-POOLS: slis. TABLES: ekko,ekpo,eket. TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_ekko,         lifnr TYPE elifn,         ebeln TYPE ebeln,         ebeln1 TYPE ebeln,         b


I am working in an old 4.0 system so I am using the function REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY to output my data, but I can't get teh ALV grid to include the totals button or indeed sum my values despite populating the field cat with 'Do_sum'. Andy idead     ls

Regarding totals  and sub totals text in alv

Hi all, i am displaying Totals and subtotals ......but i want to display the text before the the Totals and Subtotals. Please help me in regarding this.. Thanks in advance, S.Gangi reddy.hi, check this report. *& Report  ZGM_ALV_SUBTOTAL_TEXT        

Insert subtotal text in alv grid using fm REUSE_ALV_EVENTS_GET

Hi guys, i'm using the FM REUSE_ALV_EVENTS_GET modifying the event table where the name is equal to 'SUBTOTAL_TEXT'. But then, the program doesn't start the form SUBTOTAL_TEXT. The code is below: DATA:  i_event TYPE slis_t_event,            wa_events

Total and subtotal in alv

hi, i have an ALV REPORT,displaying the fields such as po item(ekpo-menge).the data type is qunt. but i am unable to perform total and sub total,it gives me a information message 'total cannot b performed'.   even i tried with  X_FIELDCAT-DO_SUM = 'X

Probs In alv..

Hi all Guru. I have one report in tht 30 fields are thr..but whn report is loaded then in LIST menu thr is option like EXPORT in tht all option are disable i wnt to enable tht..How can i do tht Reply me as soon as possible... Thx..Hi, 1.First pa

How to display subtotal in ALV, where the field is not a numeric.

Hi We are having a requirement to display the sub total for a field using ALV grid display, where the field is not numeric. The field is characte, Status field(consists of values Submit, Approve ,Reject), where the subtotal should be value of count o

Problem with subtotal calculation in ALV reports

Hi All,    I am doing one program for calculating subtoals in ALV . For this i want to display subtotal text at each envey subtotal 's row. For that i have created one form 'SUB_SUBTOT_TEXT' and it has given to IT_EVENTS-FORM. But SUB_SUBTOT_TEXT For

Own text in sub total

Hi All, I have the following requirement in ALV grid display- thru ALV FMs  (not using OO ALV) Inv no           Inv type    amount 1          A          6 3          A          8      Total average for for A is 14  (14/2) 2          B          6 9