Lenovo ideapad U350 SIM CARD drivers

I have insert in the vane under battery a sim card (windows 7) and the OS have installed a network device (unknow). Can i receive assistance to install correct driver for SIM CARD hardware? Thank's. Excuse for my english, i'm italian! Solved! Go to S

Lenovo A328 Sim card size

Hi, I just bought a Lenovo A328 for my father, and he complains to me that the sim card is doen't fit the card slot.  So I am wondering what is the Lenovo A328 sim card size?  Is it a mini sim card or regular sim?  As I check on the internet, the len

Lenovo S960 Sim Card Problem

Yesterday i bought a Lenovo S960, but when I inserted the micro sim card the network connection keeps on coming on and off. What is the problem please? Thanks in advance hi alcolicu22, Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums! Can you check these settings

Ideapad u350 model 2963 - mobile broadband sim card

hi, i've got a u350 model 2963, intel core solo 1.4 ghz, 4gb , 320 hd etc. and was wondering if if the sim card slot under the battery will work or not , have tried a few 3g broadband sim cards ( not phone sim cards) and nothing . Also had a look in

Sudden slow performance Lenovo IdeaPad G4070 (59415695)

Hello guys! I need help... My Lenovo IdeaPad G4070 (59415695) is suddenly on slow performance when in multitasking mode such as opening simultaneously NBA2k14, winamp, & adobe photoshop cs5. It performs or runs smoothly then afterwards it become on s

Lenovo IdeaPad G580 CTRL + SHIFT

Hello, I have Lenovo IdeaPad G580 Dark Metal. Everything works OK but everytime, when I press Left CTRL + Left Shift so I hear some sound (something like: beep). What does it mean? Can I turn it off? It's irritating when I playing some game. Thanks f

Ways To Transfer Nokia N82 Messages To Sim Card

Hello, I would like to know on how to transfer memory card messages to my sim card. Please help me as soon as possible. Thanks and cheers. If you think what I've just post is useful, do give me a kudos! xDThere is only way and that, soft format your

Vibe X2 SIM card tray lost

Hi, My vibe x2 sim card tray got lost while i am travelling. How can i get this part alone. Is there any optton to buy online or can i get it replaced from the service center. Also please provide the lenovo smartphone service center in trivandrum,ker

Lenovo Ideapad U260 Multi-touc​h trackpad problem

Hello, I'm from Mexico, I bought a Lenovo Ideapad U260 on a trip to the U.S.A. I fell in love with this powerfull little laptop inmediately, but I don't know if it has a driver issue or im just too clumsy about the multi-touch glass trackpad. How do

You have inserted a sim card. would you like your blackberry

Every time I turn my phone on it displays the messag "you have inserted a sim card. would you like your blackberry to automatically selct CDMA or GSM based on the network" Is there any way to stop this from displaying? I have my phone to auto sh

How do i get the nano sim card for my unlocked iphone 5c to work on verizon

I bought an iphone 5c from Apple last week, after my iphone 5 screen shattered.  I was told I could just insert the sim and follow the directions.  Turns out, that the one I purchased does not work with the phone/carrier.  Where can I get a nano sim

Ipad 2 3g can i use my sim card on it

hey i want to buy ipad 2 3G version can i use my sim card which i use for my fone on it or i have to buy diffrent ones???You will need a different one.Read other 2 answers

Can you use facetime with wifi only? No SIM card in iphone4

Party A: No SIM Card, in US, calling using WIFI Party B: SIM Card, in another country, receiving calls, with WIFI Can Party A and B connect through Facetime? Thanks for your time.sasan007 wrote:  You can make video calls through skype.I think without

What is the process to upgrade at full retail, switch SIM cards, and keep old plan with unlimited data feature

I'm on a really old plan...America's Choice Family Share 500, Free N&W, with 2 lines, and each line has the unlimited data feature on the line. Neither line has a texting package. I currently have a Droid Bionic (large SIM card) & want to get a Dr

Can't get Sim Card out of new iPhone 6; Can't activate phone...

I'm unable to activate my new iPhone 6 because I can't remove the Sim Card despite several minutes of trying. First major fail- Can anyone offer some additional tips. It didn't come with a pin for this purpose. I'm using a paper clip.You can visit an

Sim card with Find My iPhone

My iPhone 6 with iOS 8 was stolen yesterday but died before it got to a place with decent service so I wasn't able to track it. I was wondering if there was any way for the thief to disable it. I have find my iphone turned on and it's jailbroken also

Why I can't sync/import my contacts from SIM card to iphone?

Having set up the account in itunes and syncing finished, I can't find the contacts in my iphone under 'contacts' or 'phone', why? Is is possible that my outlook is not an updated version??Iphone does not save to the SIM card. If you have another SIM

HT1222 After update on Iphone4 it does't works with sim-card!!! What's the problem?

After update to 5.1.1 (9B206) Iphone 4 show "No Sim-card". What I have to do to solve this problem?Having same issue with Passbook.. Unable to select anything and when tapping App Store, nothing happens.. Is it just me or can't we remove apps wi

Where can i buy a sim card

need a sim card for my iphone 4! my carrier is At&tThen you will need a card from ATT.Read other 3 answers

Why does my Sim card keep saying that it is not installed?

Someone please explain why my Iphone 4 keeps saying that no sim card is installed.I have to keep taking it out and putting it back in. I have even got a new sim card and it still does it. I thought it was my case putting too much pressure on the sim