Problem combining selection tools in Photoshop CC 2014

When I make a selection using the Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop CC and then switch to the Lasso Tool to refine the selection, it just adds to what I already had selected.  If I do the same thing in CC 2014, as soon as I click on the photo with th

Why my quick selection tool on photoshop is slow on my mac

why my quick selection tool on photoshop is slow on my macBOILERPLATE TEXT: Note that this is boilerplate text. If you give complete and detailed information about your setup and the issue at hand, such as: exact versions of your OS, of Photoshop (no

How to do a magic wand tool like photoshop with java?

in a JPanel,a bufferedImage with a great many colors show in it. now,i want to select a region with same color use a magic wand tool ,just like photoshop,how to do it? Thanks.maybe it is not a feasible way! i have loading a image size of 150*50, when

When I use the quick selection tool in Photoshop CS6 my monitor flickers

When I use the quick selection tool my monitor starts flickering what do I need to change in my set up.I'm sorry Jeff I know better.  I'm using Adobe CS6 and running Window 8.0 operating system. Thanks for your help. I also run Adobe photoshop elemen

Screen turns black when using selection tool like lasso

When I use a selection tool Ex. Lasso tool, parts of the screen turn black and sometimes flash.OS, RAM, updated video card?Read other 2 answers

Gradients gets cropped with the Direct selection tool

I discovered another strange thing with gradients in InDesign. I could see this problem in both CS6 and CC. 1. Make a gradient fill and apply it to a square object 2. Use the Direct selection tool and select two corners 3. Move the corners and you wi

Cs4 quick selection tool program error

When ever I try to use the quick selection tool in photoshop cs4 it gives me a can't complete the request program error. I have turned off open GL I have the latest drivers.  It never did this before.  I reset the preferences file more than once.  An

Allow Free Distort like Photoshop

In Photoshop, you can pull an image's control handles around to your heart's content, and fine tune the distortion to line up with a perspective grid. In Illustrator, you can only distort the bounding box of the whole shape, so once you move a single

Selection tool problem in Photoshop Elements 8

I am using Photoshop Elements 8 and I am having an awful lot of trouble with the selection tool. I make a selection and then when I go to colour it in, it goes outside the lines by a few pixels, giving the selection a really fuzzy edge, almost like a

Have selection tool defaults changed in Photoshop CC 2014?

I've just noticed this new behavior.  If I click on the Polygonal Lasso Tool Icon, it automatically flips over to the regular Lasso tool.  If I click on the Magic Wand icon, it flips over to the Quick Selection Tool. If I click and hold, I can get th

WHEN Illustrator is likely to be adding "rotate view" tool, (like they have in Photoshop) or are they NOT GOING TO?!

Hi everyone, I am trying to find out WHEN Illustrator is likely to be adding "rotate view" tool, (like they have in Photoshop) or if they are not going to do this at all. I hope someone from Adobe Illustrator reads these forums and responds. The

Photoshop freezes when I use quick selection tool

So every time i use the quick selection tool, on any image in photoshop I get a loading symbol and then I have to force quit the application. This only recently started happening and I have had the application for a few months. ThanksPhotoshop Elemen

HT1222 I received message: cannot download, select tools, download only and download manually (something like that). Please help, what does this mean?

I received message: cannot download, select tools, download only and download manually (something like that). Please help, what does this mean?Exactly what it says. Do as the message says.Read other 2 answers

Direct Selection Tool - Shape Layers in Photoshop CC Issue

I just upgraded to CC and the first major road block is the new way the direct selection tool works. In my CS6  work flow I would use the direct selection tool to jump between shape layers within the document layer. Then once the correct shape was se

Selection tool in Illustrator is inconsistent! Shift select to add, alt select to deselect!

Selection tool seems to be a popular topic in the feature request forums, but I didn't find anyone complaining about exactly the same thing I am going to suggest. If I want to select a bunch of points with the Direct selection tool I usually drag a m

Selection tool in cs3

Well, I've done a daft thing. I don't know how I did it but my selection tool seems to have changed its default to inverted selection so every time I select it grabs the area around the object and not the object. Can't find the way to change it back!

When working with quick selection tool (and not only) the whole psd file gets damaged.

Hello there, Since I first tried Photoshop CS6 on PC I encounter the following problem: when I use quick selection tool at some point the selection gets completely random and I see parts of my artwork disapear. Even after closing the file without sav

Hand Tool Automatically switches to Select Tool

When viewing a PDF in Acrobat X, the Hand Tool (pan) is available as long as the cursor is moving.  When I stop moving the cursor, the Hand Tool switches to the Select Tool without me doing anything.  I run a Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit Dell Precision compu

How to copy and paste into the same picture using quick selection tool

I have Photoshop CS5 and am new at this.  What I need to do is copy and paste something in the image back into the same image.  I can select it with the quick selection tool.  All I want to do is paste a copy of it back into my image, move it and rot

Acrobat Reader DC: Find the hand and select tools

Here is a problem and a solution. In Adobe Reader DC you may want to use the hand tool and the select tool. But you won't get them to show in the main toolbar, no matter how deep you dig in the Show/Hide menu. SOLUTION: hover your mouse in the lower