Supressing the JAXB code for Extended Schemas using JWSDP

Hi, Im trying to generate the JAXB code for the XML Schema using JWSDP using ANT build tool. Q : My schema(eg., Schema01.xsd) extends other two schemas(Schema02.xsd, Schema03.xsd).Here using JWSDP package using ANT Build tool, i want to Generate the

Error: Netboot scheme bdsp not supported on EFI systems

I am trying to use the bless command to netboot to a specific server as below: sudo bless --netboot --server "bdsp://x.x.x.x" where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the NetBoot server. When I run this command, the error "Netboot scheme bdsp not

Extending Schema

I am trying to extend the schema in our AD environment for SCCM 2012.  I am in the schema admins group but I get the following errors after trying to extend the schema: <01-06-2014 12:25:13> Modifying Active Directory Schema - with SMS extensions. 

Error Extending the OAEntityImpl class when creating a BC4J  Entity Object

I have created an EO based on an Oracle Apps table and extended the OAEntityDefImpl, OAEntityCache and OAEntityImpl classes as specified in the OA Framework Developers Guide when creating EO's via the BC4J wizard. When I build my Business Components

Problem extending schema

Hi, we've installed NSM on a Windows 2012 Standard with Active Directory and forest level 'Windows2012Forest'. The account doing the schema update is both domain and schema admin. NSM Admin says that the schema is not extended When starting t

Error importing Schema

HI, I 'm trying to import an repository schema to a newly created repository, but i'm encountering with an error stating "there are problems with the transport(xml) file which prevent it from being processed". could anyone suggest solution for i

Error in Schema while importing MARC

Hii Guys, While importing MARC from R3, i am getting this error. "Element content is invalid according to DTD/Schema"I have given the XSD which I am using and XMLs for import. I am trying manual import but not able to do. please help. Points wil

SCCM error 5447 GUID rejected for invalid signature

In my SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER log in my admin console I keep getting: MP has rejected a message from GUID:xxxx because the signature could not be validated. If this is a valid client, it will attempt to re-register automatically so its signature can b

Unity Schema Update error

We are currently running Unity 4.2(1) and we ran the schema update for  Our AD team alerted us that the following errors appreared in the log: 2011-02-17 16:29:24    Error    Schema version is too old.   E:\views\CU7.0.1.28\un_Setup\ADSchem

Extending AD schema to sync to Office365

Hi, we currently are running a fresh AD environment that has never been exposed to Exchange. We are running DirSync to sync AD to Office365 (one way). We're currently unable to manage several attributes due to not ever having an Exchange installation

Error in ESSO ladap sync extension failure

I am using ESSO admin console and login manager.admin console is working fine in LADP as well as logon manager. But when i put user id and password in logon manager it is showing errors ldap sync failure. Any body help me.Can you use the tracecontrol

[iCal Server] Error when importing an .ics file received by e-mail

Hi, I am setting up an iCal server. My SL server is member of my Active Directory with an extended schema. My SL server is also an OD master My AD users can connect to the iCal server, add events and delegates, send invites to each other without any

Can SOA 11g fault policy handle XSD Validation errors from the Mediator?

I would like all errors in my SOA process to go through the fault-policies.xml. But I don't seem to be able to catch any mediator error caused by an XSD validation failure. A sample of the sort of error I am trying to 'catch' is: Nonrecoverable Syste

-251723760 CIP Error when trying to read and array of sgl from and AB ControlLogix PLC

I have the NI Ethernet/IP module to communicate with an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC. I am doing both reading (only 13 values) and writing (over 200 values). I am using the basic ethernetip tag to  do the writing. These program are in an e

Upgrade Error in HR module

HI friends,                while upgrading we testing one report IN HR module im getting below error and schema is Z schema.              An error has occurred during schema generation! Call the schema editor to analyze errors*             Check the

AQSample: invalid namespace error

I installed the AQSample and followed the instructions for setup. I was able to go to the website initially (http://localhost:8888/aq/Login.jsp) and I got the login screen. But when I typed in "bob" and "welcome" and pressed "logi

Getting error while installing OIM 11g r2 PS1

Hi All, I Tried to install PS1, Earlier i got error (SOA(applied and OWSM schemas got failed to create) while configuring schemas on weblogic domain configuration. For this i uninstalled and i installed on that i applied s

Error when installing Oracle Identity Management

Hi all. I'm new on OIM 11g world. When I install OIM that guided by Documentation. But I usually get an error on Extend JRF phase, the error message on log is: Action: See logs for more details. Step Extend JRF  failed Error Extending Targets With JR

How to remove Existing dll while deploying biztalk schemas

Hi Friends, How to remove Existing dll while deploying biztalk schemas. am getting error property schema dll is being used by other person.just like that.. Thanks & Regards RajivGoto BizTalk admin console -- > If you know the BizTalk application wh

Extending C: Drive in windows 2012

We have windows 2012 server, and im trying to increase the C: Drive's disk space. The C: drive is 40 GB and I have only 100 MBs left. There was no available space in that server, so i shrinked another volume in order to create some room. every time i