Sortdump when checking number of records of an SAP table

When trying to check number of records in an SAP table from SE16, that ends with shortdump as below. SQL error in the database when accessing a table. Database error text........: "601 Could not continue scan with NOLOCK due to data movement." I

How to update Records of SAP table from .CSV file

Hi, I have written a code which takes a data from (,) delimited CSV file and adds it into the Internal table. Now I want to update the all fields in SAP table with the Internal table. I want to use Update statement. Update <table Name> SET <field

Issues in exporting data from SAP tables in SE16 to excel

1.How can I save an sap table (displayed through SE16) in ECC6 into a pivot table in excel. [ I have seen this option in R/3 4.7, but do not see it in ECC.] 2.How can I copy all the rows of a 3000 row SAP table in SE16 and paste the values into excel

Details of SAP table

Hi IS there any SAP table holds the details of no. of records in each SAP tables. Thanks in advanceJoe , In DB02 -> current size -> Table&Indice(F2) then give your table name in 'object'. This will give the info. What you can do, is to do that (

Batch Job creation by adding entries to SAP tables

Hi Experts, I understand there are at least 4 SAP tables involved with Batch Jobs. I need to create many variants and manually creating them using sm36 is tedious. If I add entries in the TBTC* tables, can the batch jobs be created without causing in

Loading records from .csv file to SAP table via SAP Program

Hi, I have a .csv file with 132,869 records and I am trying to load it to an SAP table with a customized SAP program. After executing the program, only 99,999 records are being loaded into the table. Is there some setting to define how many records c

Which SAP table stores the ABAP program Source Code

Hi All, Which SAP table stores the ABAP source code . Is it possible to retrieve the abap program code from database table wherein it is stored . Scenario : In our project SAP got decommissioned and SAP database is migrated to Oracle . As SAP is deco

Regarding SAP tables relation

HI all, I am a fresher i need to check how sap tables are integrated with all modules.Plz provide some docu accordingly. Thanks, Ramya Ravikumarchk this other 2 answers

How to read XLS file to sap table in backgroung

hii i want to read file (XLS) type to sap table in background can u help me to do that ?? thanks Owesat EhsanHi, Use FN Module TEXT_CONVERT_XLS_TO_SAP' Declare Type pools: TYPE-POOLS: truxs. Declare Data: Data i_raw    TYPE truxs_t_text_data. Declare

T-code or SAP Table Sales report based on Document Pricing Procedure

Hi Experts, Please suggest me some SAP Standard T-code or Sales Report based on Document Pricing Procedure and Sales Area. Or suggest me SAP Table for the above mentioned combination. Thanks in advance. With Best Regards, Bharat BHi There is no stand

SAP tables used to fetch role names into 'Lookup.SAP.UM.Roles'

SAP User Management Lookup Recon schedule task is used to populate all the Lookup's defined in 'Lookup.SAP.CUA.LookupMappings'. In case of the lookup 'Lookup.SAP.UM.Roles', the description of the SAP Role is populated in Decode value. In our environm

Best way to query sap tables

hi everyone. i am new to data services, so here we go. we are using an sql2005 server for our end data repository. i am trying to create a temp table of sap po data. i have split the queries up so that query 1 is 2 sap tables, query 2 pulls in anothe

Insert into SAP table from external program

Hi Gurus, I need to perform an insert of several records into a couple of SAP tables from an external program. Do you know of an RFC (if it is remote enabled the better) that allows me to specify the table and records to perfom an insert? Many thanks

SAP Tables for AR Information

Hi All, I wanted the following information for Accounts Receivable: 1) AR Invoice Payments Infomation: - Company Code  - Customer code - Invoice No  - Posting  Date ( Receipt Date ) - Payment  Amount (local currency ) 2) AR Invoice Information: - Com

Uploading field from excel sheet only of length 4 into SAP Table

Dear Friend, I want to upload fields like Compny Code & Business Area of length 4 characters into SAP Tables. But in the excel sheet at some places Co Code & Business Area of length less than 4 characters is maintained which I want to ignore ie. t

Updating SAP  Table using JCO

Dear All                   How to update SAP Table (Any single or multiple tables) through Java code using JCO. Can any body provide sample code regarding this... Thanks&Regards mgreddyHi, I think for that anyway you will have to use JCO as the middl

IN which SAP tables Email id is stored

In which sap tables Email Id is storedYou really shouldn't worry about that. Use the access functions instead. If you are thinking about the e-mail address for a user, use the function module BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL. If you are thinking about the e-mail

Downloaded data in Excel from SAP table data to have the macro and control?

We know that in SE16 screen to display SAP table data, there is a menu item or button to download the table data to excel sheet, but in the excel sheet, the data is for display only and some calculation functions (e.g. sum) are not be able to be down

In which SAP table attchment link stores ?

Dear All, I have connected SAP to one external DMS as a content server. It is working fine my scenario: say for example i create a finance document(business object BKPF) and attach the link of the document which is lying  there in my DMS and its link

Is it possible to Delete all Records of Std. SAP tables for Quality Server

Hi, We want to delete some sensetive information from Test(Quality) Server. For Std. SAP tables, is it possible to delete all Records?Hi, Through an ABAP program it is possible. You can develop the custom program on Development server than transfer i