Redetermine pricing while changing order header usage indicator field.

Hi all experts, we have requirement that user will enter Usage indicator field at header of sales order. We need to copy that to all line item and on bases of this we have to determin price. so in which user exit i shoul copy header value to line ite

XML mapping inheritance problem; missing class indicator field

Hi! I am currently working on a project which involves mapping a large domain model on a XSD schema. For this we use Toplink which is mostly great. But now I have a problem while wanting to use class inheritance. In my XSD I have the followi

How to copy sap standatd report to add fields and to make it work

Hi experts,     Can you tell me how to copy the sap standard report to add fields. I copied regular way including all includes also, but the porgram not activated and also every field started with % exp : data %dtab type standard table of /1BCDWB/IQ0

SAP DSD - geocoding for customers - field format does not fit to examples

Hello to all, We have a customer requirement behind this. We intend to use the DSD-Addon for several issues. One of these issues is to store geocoding information for our customer data within SAP. The SAP-Release is 4.7 with the DSD-Addon active. I c

SAP Smart Forms: General Indicator(Already sort)check box

If in the form interface a tables was passed that was sorted before by the application, and it is now processed in the loop of a data node, we must again list the sort fields explicitly and, in addition, mark the checkbox "already sorted". I hav

SAP FI Transaction FV50 - Order Field Importance

Hello Friends, In FI transaction FV50, Is the order field on the Journal Entry screen tied to a process order or something else? Thank you in advance for any valuable input. Regards, SuviHi Suvi It is already mentioned in the help document " Number w

PO CHANGE OR NEW Indicator Field

Hi Gurus, I want to know when new PO is created then, by which field or logic we can know that this is a new PO. or when exsisting PO is changed then how to know that there has been a chage or it has been cancelled. So I need that field or table from

Res/Pur Req Indicator Field Name AUDISP

Hello Gurus, We are developimg Work flow for reservation/PR craeted for materila under a Service/Network. Please let me know the table where  I could get Res/Pur Req Indicator ( 1 Never, 2 from release, 3 Immediately). SrinagHi, Please search in goog

Switch statement in Indicator field

Switch(([Baseline Cost] - [Actual Cost])/[Baseline Cost] *100 >, "1",  ([Baseline Cost]  - [Actual Cost])/[Baseline Cost] *100 >10 and ([Baseline Cost]  - [Actual Cost])/[Baseline Cost] *100 <20,"2")) I have set indicator 1 as

Table EBEW , field SOBKZ - Special Stock Indicator

Hello, Can somebody tell me the value & text range for this field as there I cant find text anywhere. What is the purpose of this field? ThanksHi Its special stock indicator field for ex. E, K , M, O, P.....etc If u go to MMBE , thr u can see the spe

SAP report of field status variant, in 4.7

Hello all, Is there a SAP report that lists a field status variant, its groups, the groups fields, and the entry properties of the fields? In customization, path  /Financial Accounting/Financial Accounting Global Settings/Document/Line Items/Controls

Numeric fields shows ## in Preview from SAP B1

I created a Crystal report layout from the Production order. If I preview the report in Crystal Reports the data is shown correctly. When i Preview the report through SAP Business One, all numeric fields, e.g. docnum, quantity, Shows # values instead

Field Only and Inversion

Hello SDNers, I would like to ask you in the datasource there are 2 option si would liek to know when are they used. 1) Inversion 2) Field Only And Field only does this need to be checked when its custom enhancement t structure or can be checked for

Extractor: hide Vs field only selection

Hello BW experts, in datasource properties field in the R/3; what is the difference between the fields 'hide' vs 'field only'. suggestions appreciated. Thanks, BWerHi, Hide field You should set this indicator to exclude an extract structure field fro

User Exit to Override ASN IDOC field

Hello Experts, I am looking for an user exit to override ASN IDOC field while sending IDOC to third party tool. Below is the scenario Once we do the PGI on outbound delivery SPED output creates ASN and it triggers ZASN output. We use basic type DELVR

Custom field html displays as text

I am converting a custom field from a SharePoint 2007 version to SharePoint 2013. The field works correctly in SP2007. In SP2013 it has the correct information but displays as text instead of html. I have set the "disable-output-escaping" in the

SAP Attributes of Service Desk in Solution Manager

Dear all, We are using the Service Desk functionality of Solution Manager to create issues out of the satellite systems directly in SolMan. When opening a SolMan msg, navigating to 'Transaction Data > SAP Attributes', you have a field called 'System

Sending an e-mail from SAP to multiple e-mail IDs

I have a requirement where SAP should send e-mail to the main recipient and CC to three other recipients. The e-mail will have a PDF attachment of delivery document and the e-mail Ids are fetched from ''Storage Location'' definition maintained in cus

Format issue for Number field in af:query. Is it an ADF Bug?

Hi OTN, Requirement : Format DepartmentId in query panel I have created a view criteria from Employees table (HR Schema). I have four view criteria items called EmployeeId, DepartmentId, Firstname, LastName and all the items having validation propert

SD Standard Report for Field VKAUS (Usage)

Hi Gurus, Good Day! This is just a simple query. Just need to know if there are any available standard reports that shows the sales order and the value of its usage field? Usage field can be found in table VBAP-VKAUS. Thank you very much! Regards, Jv