CA02 Routing change with /SAPMP/BAPI_ROUTING_PROCESS

Hello , I am using /SAPMP/BAPI_ROUTING_PROCESS BAPI to change Standard values VGW02 field , I m getting the below errors , Operation cannot be locked (lock management error) Operation cannot be locked (lock management error) Please advise about what

BAPI_ROUTING_PROCESS - change routing details -Reg

Hi, I want to update the routing details through the transaction ca02. we have a function module <b>sapmp/bapi_routing_process</b>.but when we tried to execute FM,  it was throwing following syntax error: The following syntax error occured in

Bdc problem ca02

Hi all, My first problem here is about bdc, ca02... could you offer me any bapi or function instead of bdc for ca02? my problem is when updating routes with ca02 with bdc method, i meet an error that activity type is not appeared on screen and got th

Creation of routing using BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE

Hi, I need to create routing using BAPI. I am using BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE. My routing is not saved. I am using BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT  also when message type is 'S', after Routing is created. But Still my routing is not saved. I can see successfull me

Down Loading SAP Software?

hi, I’m looking for a valid suggestion that, can we download SAP software and use for practice sack, which is available at service market place like NW 06, ECC5? Thanks, Ravi.Hello Ravi, please use kind regards, CarlRead o


Is there any difference in normal ABAP and ABAP for SAP HANA ? If yes , then please guide me how to proceed for learning ABAP for SAP HANA ?Hi Ruchi, There is a slight difference between ABAP and ABAP for HANA. If you are well aware of all ABAP conce

BOBJ SAP Integration with Active Directory SSO via Portal

Hi all, We are only interating BOBJ with BW/BI and the user experience is as follows: Users login to the SAP Portal using their Windows Active Directory user id and password to gain access to the portal. From my understanding at the moment, the way t

SAP IDM 7.0 connecting to SAP GRC 10.1

Hi Gurus, I was looking into connecting SAP IDM 7.0 with SAP GRC AC 10.1 and I cannot find a suitable connector for this. Could any of you provide some guidance on how to make this connections. Thanks and Regards, JuanIf i remember correctly the 7.0

SAP Netweaver Portal - Folder structure and report publishing strategy

Hi gurus, I'm working on a project in which we are publishing BW reports in SAP Netweaver Portal (prior to this, we were using SAP Bex Browser) organizing it by Department (workset, 2nd lvl of navigation), Business Processes (workset, 3rd lvl of navi

Third Party Recruitment Software integration with SAP HR

Dear Experts , Iam given a scenario where in the client wants the Erecruitment software Taleo to be integrated with  SAP HCM.The HR recruiters/Managers are currently hiring them into the taleo software and from there the data need to be pushed to the

Why  SAP script is client dependent ?

why  SAP script is client dependent ?Hi, By design, SAP script is a word processing tool which displays data on the form with the help of text elements where the logic of those is written in the print program and Forms were designed to be driven from

Sap menu accounting missing

Dear All In sap menu accounting is missing -other modules like logistics and human resources can be seen- till yesterday we are able to post accounting entries through sap menu-accounting- from today onwards I am not able see How to activate accounti

Partial display of large Alert message - SAP CRM 2007.

Hi, I am using SAP CRM 2007. I created a simple alert with 150 char message in IC which will be triggered on confirmation of an account. The alert gets displayed on the IC agent screen but he can only see partial message of the alert. Only the messag

BDT add fields to standard SAP tabel on BP screen

With this email I would like to report a problem I have with the BDT to show extra fields on a table control in the businesspartner masterdata. I hope you can help me and tell me what I am doing wrong or why I cannot show these new fields. The SAP Mo

SAP ERP Central Component - SAP Library

To add a comment, please log in or register on the top of this page and choose Reply. Please write your comment in English. You can also go back to the SAP help page.Hi Ambarish, The IDES upgrade is not recommended and not supported by SAP. Reason be

Not able to increase SAP kernel release 6.40 patch level from 43 to 71

Hi Guru's, I have to update SAP kernel release 6.40 patch level from 43 to 71 but not able to do.I am running solution manager 3.2 on Oracle 9i and Win-2003 OS. Please provide the solutions . I have downloaded kernel patch from Path at Service matket

Day book,cash book,bank book in sap

In where we use day book,cash book,bank book in sap can anybody tell me please.. rgsWe create GL Accounts for it at FS00Read other 2 answers

Mini SAP 6.2: Executing First BSP Page

Hi All, I am trying to execute the first BSP in Mini SAP 6.2. Getting the following error : Business server PAGE (BSP) error BSP exception: The URL does not contain complete Domainangabe. Even i tried to configure domain using Tcode RZ10, INSTANCE PR

Install SAP PI - Error in step 39 - Install Sofware Units

Hi, I am trying the sap xi... but in step 39 of the installation the following error occurs: begin ERROR 2009-07-21 04:12:09.500 FJS-00003  uncaught exception: nw.sdm.deploymentErrorWithLog: SDM deployment failed for at least one of the components to

CISCO Load Balancer with SAP on Unix and Oracle

Hello Experts, Explain me the steps How CISCO Load balancing Mechanism works with SAP Enterprise Portal? If anyone implemented and achieved the same,please explain me the steps to follow from Initial Stage to end of implementation. Or If you have any