Last Data packet for the data load.

Hi All, How to find the last data packet loaded to target for the data load in SAP BI? In the Table? Thank you, AdhviHi Adhvirao, When u r loading the data from ECC go to monitor ---> details ---> check the data pacaket which are failed double click

Last Date for customer transaction

Is there a SAP field which stores the last date for a customer transaction. Thanks.yes there is a field which stores the last date for a customer transaction Regards PS: Be clear in your question.Read other 2 answers

How to get last date of the week

hi, how to get last date of the week like FM WEEK_GET_FIRST_DAY gives the date of the first day of the week i need the date of the last day of the week.. thnxdata : p_week type KWEEK, p_Date type SYDATUM. p_week = <incoming value in week of year> CA

Last Date on which stock Qty was zero

Dear Gurus, LIS structure S032 can tell us the date of last GR,Cons., Iss. & movement date. is there any field which tell us the last date on which stock qty was zero ? Regards, FRDear Bijay Pradhan, Thank you so much for your response, actualy we ar

What is the formula to bring the current last date from period hierarchy

Hi, Iam working on Hyperion financial Reporting.i have created a grid with 2 dimensions(entity and period).My requirement is that the current last date of the period hierarchy should be displayed automatically in the header when the report is run.wha


How can I see the last date that icloud was backed up?Go to Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup and look at the very bottom under Back Up Now.Read other 2 answers

Min,Max for a time Range and Sum of Records for the last date/time

Hi All, I have a table with the following structure/data: create table  Events   (                                     [EventID]        int                   NOT NULL,                                     [Title]             nvarchar(200)  NOT NULL,  

Upcoming SAP Best Practices Data Migration Training - Chicago

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Chart not showing last data point

I have a chart that contains data points, 11/15/2000, 11/15/2001, etc.  Each data point is plotted in a line graph.  There are 11 data points, from 11/15/2000 to 11/15/2010.  For some reason, the last data point is plotted on the line graph but there

How to  obtain last date of accounting period mmyyyy

how to  obtain last date of accounting period mmyyyy. for ex: 31 st is the last date then output should be mm/31/yy.hi use this .... REPORT  ZTESTS. data: date1(4),       date2(2),       date3(2),       date type sy-datum,       output(8). parameters

Customer Exit for Number of Days from 1 st Apr to last date of Month Enter

Hello BI Experts, I have a requirement to count the number of days from 1 st April of current year to the last date of month entered. For example : The use will enter say July 2010 or 003.2010  (as Fiscal Year Variant is V3 ). Today is 14 July ...So

Looking for a query to find first/last dates in overlapping dates...

Hi, I'm looking for a query to find the first dates and last dates in a table conaining overlapping dates. I have a subscription table which has for each Customer start and end date for different subscriptions. I want to know the different ranges of

Last date of month

Hi im new to java. Looking for a class that provides last date of the month according to a given year and month .java does provide a calendar object for gregorian dates.. surprising its called GregorianCalendar. :PAs I said avoid GregorianDate in Jav

Get Last date of every Month in a year

Hi All, I need to find last date of month for given year. Example: I used to pass date or year such as 2012 or 01-01-2012(DD-MM-YYYY) SQL query needs to return last date of every month such as 31-01-2012 28-02-2012 31-03-2012 30-04-2012 31-12-2012 fo

Last date of invoice in report

Dear experts, could you help me with inserting right column" last date of document" in this query? Thank you in advance, jonmar7 SELECT DISTINCT T0.[CardCode], T0.[CardName], T2.[SlpName], T4.[ItmsGrpNam],  (SELECT TOP 1 T1.DocDate AS 'Last DocD

First and Last date of any Month.

Hi Friends, I have 2 fields in my table FROM DATE & TO DATE User can enter any date in these two fields, but at time of commit i want to change the FROM DATE to the first date of the Month user have entered. And for TO DATE i want to change the last

Inventory Last Date of movement

I am looking to find the last date of movement of a batch of material in a storage location. Where can I find this information in the system? Would appreciate your help.Check out MCS3N, on last folder you have the date you want. Cheers.Read other 3 a

How to get the last data point from a TDM file in LabVIEW?

Hello, I am using LabVIEW to analyze some rather large TDM files, and I need a way to get only the last data point.  So far, the only way I have been able to accomplish this is by reading the entire file.  Is there a property in the TDM file or a fun

How to hide the Last date Update in the Excution of a report

Dear All, When we execute a query in EP, the Out Result will contain the following Options 1) Save As 2) Open 3) Export Excel 4) Information 5 ) Comments 6) Filters 7) Settings 8) Last data update Can anyone plese tell me how to give the authorisatio

Getting the last date

Hello, I need to be able to show the last date's value for all dates where a fact measure exists. For example, let's say I have the following fact table: Date                  Value 01/01/2000       1 01/02/2000       3 01/03/2000       2 01/05/2000