Install SAP client got error license server is unavailable

Dear All, Our client is on SAP88 PL21, SQL2008, Win Server 2008 The workstation is windows7. After the user reboot her computer (No error about anything. Not because of Windows Update she aware of. She just felt the computer is slow. So she reboot th

Connection with license server failed sap after upgrade to 8.8

Hi I had just upgraded to 2007b pl14 to 8.8 everything done good but when I login it giving me erroer "connection with license server failed" I had restarted the licence server but still it same And my licance server option is also disable ? plz

Java Server unavailable (in yellow )- status "starting apps for a long time

Hi Gurus, J2ee Server unavailable in the NWDS instance and the dispatcher is running but the status of the Java Server is "Starting Apps " for a long time( in yellow).can anyone help me out in this ,solutions rewarded We are having the 2 server

Problems with licenser server (upgrading and uninstall)

Hi all, i try to upgrade a 2007A Sp01 PL09 License Server to 8.8 PL12. During the Upgrade process i get th error messge: Error -1603 Fatal error during installation Consult windows installer help (Msi.chm) or MSDN fpr more information i have tried th

Install SAP license after 30 days expired

Dear all, I forgot to install SAP license, and kinda let it slip. Today when I come to office I see that my SAP J2EE Server won't run, as my license has expired. Naturally, I cannot login to Visual Administrator. I have tried to install license via c

WT SynchManager instl. on a different Server other than SAP/SQL Server.

Hi, Is it possible to move/install WebTools SynchManager on a different server other than the SAP/SQL Server? Please let us know. Note:  1. We are aware of the recommendation:  u201CInstall the SynchManager on the SAP Business One server on which the

Issue after installa SAP Content Server

Dear friends, I have installed a SAP Contenet Server and Cache server on a windows 2003 server with maxdb, SAP NW 7.0 SR3 Installation using sapinst finished sucessfully, I checked the url link to test see the status of content server and this owrks

License Server Selection

Hi all, On one install every time start SAP the license server selection screen pops up and we have to type the server name in there? Why ? Regards, MBHi Matthew....... I guess this problem is associated with domain..... Please check this file under

Trying to connect to a license server in a diffrent country

Our Client has just installed another SAP installation. They are trying to connect the hina SAP client to the Licence server in  a diffrent country (the licese server has a Global licence ) the 2 countries are in diffrent time zones too. so far we ha

License Server: IP Address for Virtual Server

Hi everyone, Our license server is installed at : 30000.  Our internal network is able to access the server.  Some SAP Business One client are located remotely so they must connect to server through VPN in which the VPN service provided u


Hi ,   As we know that we have IDES Server for our SAP , In the same way , Do we have any SAP GRC IDES Servers , Or Can I install the GRC on my IDES SAP (ECC6) , Will it cause any license issues ? Basically my requirement is to install an IDES SAP GR

Shared License Server / AnyConnect Mobile

I have a pair of 5540's with Premiun and AnyConnect Mobile licenses, we purchased a pair of ASA 5545X and configured Shared Licensing, the client sees the license server and carried over the Premium Licenses, the probelm is it will not share /carry o

Sap content server - error sending certificate - HTTPIO_PLG_NO_MPI_INIT

Hello all, we have installed the SAP content server and created a new repository which has the status running. Now when we go to OAC0 and the send certificate button, we get an error message: Error in HTTP Access: IF_HTTP_CLIENT->RECEIVE 1 HTTPIO_PLG

Checkout and editing of original files to a DIR stored in SAP content server

Hi, is it possible with SAP Web Documents to checkout and edit original files from a document info record that are stored in a SAP Content Server and save the changes back to the SAP Content Server? Kind regards Florian WiedemannHi, unfortunately it'

HT1430 why does my ipad asks me to keyin password everytime i want to access my Yahoo.Account but after I have keyed in the password, it gives out : "Yahoo! Server Unavailable. Pls try again later." and i have been doing this for the past three days witho

Why cant i access my Yahoo emails? why does my iPad ask me to key in my password everytime i want to access my emails, and after doing keying my password it gives me a notice" Yahoo! Server Unavailable. Please try again later"? but i have been d

I have a verizon 4g that I upgraded to ios 5. I have three yahoo email addresses, the primary one didn't transfer the password. When I went to put it in it said "Server Unavailable" Please try again later. I have been trying since Thursday to fix this.

I upgraded my verizon 4g phone to ios 5 on Thursday. Everything seemed to transfer ok however of my three yahoo accounts, the primary one's password didn't transfer. I went to settings, mail, selected the email address and input the password however

HT201210 Trying to activate my iPhone, but it says activation server unavailable, tried connecting to iTunes, but I get same message

As above really, keep getting activation server unavailable, after trying to activate my phone after a restoreI do have a SIM card installed, albeit it says invalid sim.and this was my reason for a restore.   My sim is the same sim I have had since I

Question regarding SAP ECC Server Value Pack successor

Hello, currently one of our ERP 6.0 systems is scheduled for an EHP4 upgrade. So we used the SolMan to determine which technical usages are available for the system. The SolMan presents teh SAP ECC Server Value Pack successor as a possible technical

Using SAP Content Server for SAP E-Recruitment

Hi SAP Experts, We are presently implementing SAP E-Recruitment using BSP services, We are successfully runnig with Whole E-recruitng cycle when we use SAP system DB as storgae for External Candidtes' Documents. But, Our Client wants to have SAP Cont

RDP License Server (Device Based CALs) is not issuing licenses to Devices.

Hello, My RDP license server is not issuing licenses at all. Here are my environment details: This is workgroup environment RDP license is Device based CALs and is installed on Windows 2012 RD Session host server is Windows 2008R2. Full communication