LSMW RFBIBL00 withholding tax base amount in local currency cannot be updated by manual

Hi SAP Guru, When I try to upload FI docs by program RFBIBL00 in LSMW, the field BWITH-WT_QSSHH(withholding tax base amount in local currency) cannot be updated. (1) The LSMW structure is defined as bellow:      BGR00<--------DOC_HEAD           BBKPF

How to deactivate withholding tax base amount field

Dear Experts, My in client is using the extended withholding tax with setting Define Formulas for calculating withholding tax, my client feel that the tax base amount field is open and user may accidentally input the wrong amount there thus can anyon

Changing Withholding tax base amount- 1099 payment

The scenario is: Classic withholding tax functionality to be used for first time, the configuration was done last year. 1099 needs to be printed with all payments made out to the vendor. There were payments made out to the Vendor in year 2011. There

How can I get and change the values of Withholding tax grid in MIRO trx

Hi everyone, I have a requirement where I need to get and change WT_WITHCD field in MIRO's Withholding tax grid. Is there a function module / Badi to do this? I used MRM_HEADER_CHECK, but the parameters related with this badi doesn't have this value.

Extending Withholding Tax & MIRO

Hi gurus: I wanted to ask you guys whether the Extending withholding tax configuration affects MIRO. At present we dont have tax configured on our PO's and hence does not affect MIRO. We are only using MIRO in the US and not across the world. In anot

Withholding Tax Certificate (Spain)

Hi, One of the requirements in the project I am working at the moment is to generate the Withholding Tax Certificate and I can find out the way of generating the print out. The country where the report needs to be generated is Spain. Could anyone giv

Withholding tax on vendor invoice

Hi Experts, Good day.  I have some queries on the creation of vendor invoice in F-43.  I have created invoices in F-43 but no withholding tax base and wtax amount was reflected in fields QSSHB and QBSHB. The vendor code used is liable to withholding

Adjusting Withholding tax with MIRO

For FI transactions like FB10 and FB60, the base amount can be adjusted during posting and after posting.  With MIRO however, I canu2019t find a way to adjust during posting or after posting. Is this possible with MIRO? Thanks, RichHi, If you set the

Withholding tax not calculating in MIRO and calculating in F-43

Hi, Whenever I am positng invoice thru F-43, Calculating withholding tax amount and generating seperate line item for that. But for same vendor after posting MM cycle( PO - GR -MIRO) and I am posting Invoice thru MIRO  WHT line item not generating wh

MIRO Withholding tax (LC) to be defaulted as zero

Hi Guys, I have requirement like, MIRO Withholding tax (LC) to be defaulted as zero, Could you please suggest, which user exit would help to fix this issue. Please suggest me Thanks, Gourisankar.Go to program RSMODPRF, give the data element name of t

Where to customize the company's withholding tax ID in SAP

Hello, I would like to get the 1099 report for US tax withholding to be displayed with the company tax ID in the header. When executing transaction for Generic tax withholding reporting, the system can display the company tax ID in the header (it is

Withholding tax amount exceeds the customer/vendor line item amount 001

Hi Guys, I am trying to release an invoice using VF02 transaction but I recieved the below error message: Message no. 7Q321 Withholding tax amount exceeds the customer/vendor line item amount 001 There are 2 SAP (718078 and 513201) notes regarding th

Withholding Tax all Condtion table not appearing in Rebate Credit memo

Hi I am finding issue in rebate credit memo. Issue: In Acces sequence I have table 397 and extended 397 with additional fields. In normel credit memo I am able to find all these table in sales order Pricing Analysis tab. But in rebate credit memo, I

Delete Withholding tax info in cleared document

We recently made the change from classic to extended withholding tax. I've been able to successfully run RFWT0010 and RFWT0020 when the withholding tax in a vendor master record was changed. However, we have several vendors the were marked as 1099 ve


Hi, TDS remittance challan is not getting created. The following error is thrown:- No unpaid tax lines exist for the given selection criteria. Message no. 8I702 Diagnosis The corresponding withholding tax line  &1& is not present in WITH_ITEM tabl

Plants abroad doc curr = LC no input of tax currency possible

Hi we frequently use the plant abroad function with VAT return in various loactions but now have a problem in following constellation. Company code is in Spain (Local currency EUR) Plant is in GB with VAT return in GBP. Invoices are in EUR Function:

Extended Withholding tax issue

Hi Everyone, I am facing a problem with my extended withholding tax.. I have done all the configuration and an entry gets created in table WITH_ITEM but this entry is for $0  I go to MIRO Transaction to create my invoice but the base amount is always

MIgration to Extended withholding tax

HI Gurus, We are doing migration from classic withholoding tax to extended withholding tax. when doing the test run for  document conversion there were no errors, warnings or stoppages. when we are doing the update run we got a short dump and the dum

Multiple vendor line items during IR with different withholding tax status

Business scenario:  During IR, several vendor line items are being processed, some are stock materials, others are service materials (using material group).  Only the service materials are subject to withholding tax. Problem:  Since the withholding t

FBL1( VENDOR LEDGER REPORT)-  Withholding tax amount is not coming .

in FBL1 ( vENDOR lEDGER rEPORT) - WITHHOLDING TAX AMOUNT IS NOT CMING IN COLUMN  QBSHB OF FBL1. Purchasing document number is not coming also. How these fields may appear in the above said report. Is any config missing ? Thanks in advance M K Agarwal