VF02 - Error in Outbound Idoc - "Form of Address Key is not defined"

Hi, While processing the outbound idoc in VF02, i am getting an error "Form of Address Key is not defined". Our system has been recently patched. While processing the idocs in VF02 (for the invoices created earlier to the patching date), there i

Postings for account type M ( posting key 99 ) are not defined

Hi, I am trying to post vendor credit memo KG through FB01 using posting key 21 - Debit Vendor and posting key 99 - Credit Material. I am getting the error "Postings for account type M ( posting key 99 ) are not defined Message F5204". The posti

RFC destination not defined for SAP global trade services

HI friends, I have created a delivery against a sales order. Maintained the storage location and the picking quantity for the item. Now trying to post the goods issue but system is giving short dump and error message says: "RFC destination is not def

"Limits not Defined " error while saving IT0008 in sap hr

Hi Experts While trying to Hiring an employee, infotype0008 showing Limits not defined error and not allowing to save the record. I checked table V_T510 and V_T510N. All the limits defined in right way. Please check and advice. I attached copy of scr

CRM form of address

Hi, I'm in CRM 2007 6.0, trying to figure out what was the standard set of "form of address" that CRM delivered. This is because it has been customized 100% previously. Please comment.SAP delivers some standard Forms of Address, usually four key

Name and city not defined in FB60 for one time account

Hello Guru's , We are on SAP ECC 6.0 and I have defined a one time vendor in the standard account group CPD One-time vend.( In the screen layout for that account group I have the address details for name1 and postal code, city defined

Template - Line Not Defined?

Hi, In Smartform - TEMPALTE node, am getting the error as, Template -  Text 001 Line Not Defined? Wht does it mean? Where I hv to define? Thanq. Message was edited by:         Srikharhi srikhar, when u design the a template and create texts under it,

Tax Jurisdiction Code not defined for procedure TAXSE

Hello, We are facing any issue with the error "Tax Jurisdiction Code not defined for procedure TAXSE" We are in mid of production bill run and this is getting very critical. Any pointers would be highly appreciated. The company code country is S

Role VN not defined in master record for vendor 1000000465

dear alll, while preparing PO, with one vendor system is giving the below message and when observed the vendor master data,last view vendor partner roles not updated. If i go ahead with the same vendor, after giving tax code, taxes tab not getting op

" Unit of measure ****** is not defined; check your entry in table T006

I´m Trying to create a material from MDM to SAP and I´m monitoring the IDOC in  WE05 and i get the next message: " Unit of measure ****** is not defined; check your entry Message no. M3490 Diagnosis The key for the unit of measure you entered is not

BPS Error, Not defined restriction at variable

Hi, I am getting an error message at BPS, When I am executing with trace. Restrict variable ZPEXXXX (All Periods of Previous Year) (area ZXXXXX (XXX Sales Budgeting)) to single value      Message no. UPC_FW111 Diagnosis      Variable ZPEXXXX (All Per

Foriegn key concept not working with check table

Consider, there are two tables like emp_personal and emp_official. In emp_personal table , the fields are empid, empname, dob for example. In this table, empid is the primary key field. In emp_official table, the fields are empid, dept, designation f

Error in IDES while cratimg PO - Logical system not defined

Hi, While creating PO in IDES , system is giving  following error , "Logical system is not defined" Pl suggest the solution, Thanks a ton in advance, NBHi in BD54 Check have u defined logical system for client 800 for more details post ur prob.

The maintenance dialog for V_AISUSER is incomplete or not defined

I was not able to assign S-user for SAP Support Portal functionality from SPRO.  I received this error and my ABAPer didn't seem to able to help...would anyone ever got this error message and/or know how the resolution? The maintenance dialog for V_A

Party and service not defined error

Hi I have IDOC to flat file scenario and i have configured the reciever channel, receiver agreement,  interface determination (included operation mapping in ID), receiver determination and receiver agreement. I have used party for receiver communicat

Depreciation posting rules are not define for area 00 in company code

Dear Expert, Would like to seek for help, when I run a customize report (AUC without PO not yet capitalized report the system prompt the error depreciation posting rules are not define for area 00 in company code only on the march 2011 on ward but be

Error Document type "" not defined

Hi All, I am getting below error message when i am trying to see the output of a query build on Infoset in SAP R3 system. The Infoset is build on top of BKPF,BSEG and EKPO Tables. Document type  not defined Message no. F5814 Diagnosis Financial Accou

Bootloader is not defined - facebook not showing images just text

I tried to uninstall and install a fresh installation of FF, but I still cant see images in some website including facebook, I just showing text. I search the web and I saw that it happend to a lot of peoples but I coudln't find an answer. it is not

Jdev 11g Production: Connection Name FOD Not Defined (Tutorial: ADF Visuali

I tried out the following tutorial: ADF Visualization Components. I follow the step by step to install Jdev 11g and the FOD schemas. The step by step tutorial is helpful but ran into a problem in the beginning when I tried to run the FOD Module as st

What does "Ref Error: AGI_FB not defined" mean please?. It comes up every time on one of my favourite websites.

When I log in to this website I get this message box "Ref Error: AGI_FB not defined" I have no idea what it means, or how to address it.Error 2000-2009 (2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2009, and so on): If you experience this issue on a Mac, disconnect