How to restrict business place during billing or billing spilit

Dear All, According the requirement we activated business place as on plant level, during miro by default business place coming i.e correct but on SD side we don't need any business place . In one sales order have no. of line item for one plant have

FB60 - to default value for Business place and section code (PBO)

Hi The requirement is as follows: We need fields Business place and section code of the FB60 transactions defaulted for respective company code. Is there any user exit or BADI for FB60 for PBO event, Among the 13 user exits, I worked the User Exit an

Business place / Section Code as default value while MIRO / FB60

Dear seniors, Our client wants the Business place as default value while MIRO / FB60. I have tried for Validation & even tried for Substitution, but the BUPLA field is not available. please give me some solution as to : 1. How to make mandatory OR 2.

How to required Business Place and Section Code in FB60 screen

Dear Guru Please guide me  how to required Business Place and Section Code in FB60 screen. in SAP Regards Tapan MaityHi Tapan, Theer are various discussion over this issue . You can apply validation specific to transaction code as well as on the docu


Hi, My client wants to make Business place/section mandatory in transaction code FB60.I searched the forum for it.The answer that I got was to use validation.My query is apart from validation, is there any other way we can do this? Regards, DevdatthD

Displaying Message in business place and Section code field in FB60 Tcode

hii experts, I want to display a message 'Enter value in Business place and section code fields' if these fields are left empty under tcode FB60. I know that i hv to do modification in SAP Std program but i m not sure whether i should use User Exit /

Business place filed should be mandatory in the T.Code F-43 & FB60

Dear All, I want Business place field should be mandatory in the T.Code F-43 & FB60. I have gone and verified T.Codes OBC4-Field status group & OB41-Maintai posting keys .But there is no business place. Plz help me how to make it mandatory filed w

Business Place and Section Code - Validation

Dear All, While posting a document through Tr Codes FB60/F-43/MIRO, Business Place and Section Code should be Mandatory fields, the system should not move forward to other screen untill and unless, entire this fields. Provide me the Validation steps

Regarding Business Place Mandatory in MIRO

Hi SAP Gurus, My requirement of making Business place mandatory , I have made a following Validation Prerequisite : {BKPF-BLART <> 'UP' AND BSEG-KOART = 'K' AND ( } {BKPF-TCODE <> 'FB08' AND BKPF-TCODE <> 'MR8M' ) AND U102} Check: {BSEG-

Business place and section code substitution

Hi, We have defined each product line as division and this is defined  SAP  as business area.  example  Business area 1010 -  A Karnataka , 1020  - A  Delhi, 1030  - A  Chennai  1040  - B Karnataka 1050 -  B Delhi 1060  - B Chennai Also defined Busin

Ex. Witholding Tax (TDS) : Business Place / Section Code : query

Dear Experts, while posting any transaction which has With. Tax postings : in order to have correct returns & reporting, we mention business place / section code without fails. these fields are frequently missed by End User, could you please provide

Business Place compulsary in MIRO

Hi SAP Guru, I have very urgent requirement where business place field has to be configure as Require Entry in MIRO. Plz suggest solution for above requirement. Wirh Worm Regards Manoj Kumar SinghHi You can make the Business Place/ Section mandatory

Business place and section code

Hi SAP experts, With respect to India customization relating to section code and business place, i understand that business place is with respect to VAT regn and section code is with respect to TAN number held by a company. But do we need to create a

Validation for Business place and section for With holding tax

Dear friends I defined validation for MIRO with respect to Business place and Section code to make mandatory, it is working fine. But in case of F-47 / F-48 and FB60 I defined validation but not working. Please help me in this regard Thanks in advanc

Validations for Business place

Hi Gur's I have done the validation in my project for business place is mandatory, but it is controling only the f-43, and fb60 etc but it is not controlling th "MIRO" The following condition i had given the validation BSEG-KOART = 'K' AND BSEG-

How to default Business Area

How to default Business Area at line item entry to particular GL accounts Satish Points assuredhi, for getting finer records u can have user exist programme which will give you finer reports as in other standard report u might face clearing account p

At the time of Batch input session system asking business place and profit

Hi, After doing the transaction f.26 interest calculation on customers (security depost) then we are running the batch input session there system asking business place and profit center there we are giving manually, my client having thousands of cust

Business place field - urgent

Hi Gurus, There is a programme which will update all the business place field for WHT reporting purpose for from april to till today. But the issue is it will update even the rent and vendor accounts business place field with the data. In this case i

Business place validation

Hi all, I created business place validation for T.Code F-43, FB60, FB65, FB70. Now i want to create the same validation for T.Code MIRO. please help to me, how to create validation for T.Code MIRO. Thanks in advance. Sunitha.Hi, Can you please elabor

Business Place Missed while posting the doument

Dear Gurus, We have posted someVendor Invoice documents , without mentioning Business Place and Section Code, we need to rectify this doucuments, Please suggest us. Regards, KarthikUnfortunately there is no statndard transaction to update o