How to incorporate File name and timestamp automatically into select and save file dialog box?

Hello, i am trying to incorporate the file name which is inputed by the user along with the timestamp into the selected and save file dialog box. Can you help? Thanks Solved! Go to Solution.You can pass a default file name to the 'File Dialog' Expres

Save File Dialog KO

Hi, I'm using the Save File Dialog KO (AW7) and would like to set a user selectable default directory. I've tried entering a variable set with the appropriate path in the 'Begin Browsing From - Other' text box in the KO setup but this doesn't seem to

Save File dialog from dll is not appearing to the front of TestStand window

Hi all, I am calling a dll from a step in TestStand sequence. A function is called which pops up a Save File dialog. This Save File dialog is appearing only behind other windows. There is an overload for the showDialog function that takes the

Remove Save Files dialog in FM12

Hello. We have FrameMaker plugin system, which manages our own saving of FrameMaker files. It works in FrameMaker 10. But now in FM12 this dialog appears: And we need to disable this dialog and continue with close of FrameMaker. I have tried to use 

After clicking "Save" in "Save as" file dialog, the dialog disappears but no download is started. Is this a Windows 7 64 bit issue? It works fine in Windows XP.

I am trying to download the iTunes installer for Windows 7 64 bit. I have "Always ask me where to save files" checked in Firefox's download options. Steps to reproduce the problem: 1) In the iTunes download page I click the "Download now&qu

Submiting forms returns a "Save As File" dialog box

I've got a form that users return via email, one user always gets a Save As File dialog box and since this doesn't match the instructions.  User doesn't return the form as others do.  Any help greatly appreiciated.JFileChooser does support a "save-as

How to copy/send text file from FTPS to SAP ECC File Port

Hi Frdns, I am working on one design, actually my requirement as follows I am receiving financial information document from Banks, which is in the form of BIA2 message format, it looks like text file. This information needs to be sending to SAP ECC s

How do I force Firefox (6v02) to stop showing thumbnails of existing file(s) in the save-as dialog box?

I save files associated with similar objects using similar names (just a different extension, or numeric sequence). The save-as dialog box shows a list of existing files. When I choose one, with the intention of changing the file extension or the num

File system for SAP ECC, EP , BI and CRM installation on Solaris/DB2

Hello, We are going to implement SAP ECC 6.0 with EP 7, BI and CRM on Solaris operating system with IBM DB2 database. All these applications are going to be installed on single server, as being a basis person, I know this is not all recommended. But

I get the Save As dialog when trying to Save, whether using Command-S or File menu

When trying to Save a document, I am presented with the Save As dialog. The file name has a serial number added  to the old file name and the default destination is the Documents file. This happens whether I have tried to save using Command-S or usin

I want to download and install adobe flash player. When I do so one occur. A dialog box appears but it has no run option but a save file or cancel option.

# Question I want to download and install adobe flash player. When I do so one of 2 things occur. A dialog box appears but it has no run option but a save file or cancel option. The other is if the proper dialog box appears, I agree and the a differe

Customising File Save As Dialog

Hai, I want to have more than one options in "Save As Type" field of the "File Save As Dialog". Can this be done using WinAPI?( I am trying to use GetOpenFileName() of the comdlg32.dll but am not able to make it work)? I am using labvi

How do I call browser Save As dialog box before downloading pdf files?

How do I call browser Save As dialog box before downloading pdf files? Here's my favorite scenario: 1. User clicks button 2. Save As dialog displays 3. User chooses location 4. A set of PDF files download to that location OR a single zip file downloa

ML: No longer one can enlarge icon size in file dialog window (open, save)

There is this useful document preview used for displaying the file icons. This is important when I open PDF and image files. But in the file dialog window (open, save) the is no more the option to enlarge the size of the icons in icon view. Large ico

Save As/Open File dialog not remembering Recent Places

Ok this is annoying. Working with files from a network server (PC). Whenever I try and open documents, save documents, or place images/text into a document (InDesign etc) the open/save/place dialog box that appears always defaults to the User/Documen

Passing file name variable to the save as dialog

Hi: I have an event listener that checks if the user has selected the file/"save as" menu and brings up another dialog window asking for some additional information about the client and job. I would like to pass a variable from this custom dialo

Functioning of Open File dialog in SAP

Hi , I have created a form in which a "Browse" button is been created which will function just like the Attachment Option in Employee Master Data .But while coding the Open File Dialog in VB.Net it is showing errors. Code which i have used is :-

A .part file was created when I cancelled a download from a "Save As" dialog.

On my Macbook Pro (my OS is OS X 10.6.8), sometimes when I click on a download link, and then click Cancel (meaning I did NOT start the download at all), a .part file appears in my Downloads folder. However, not all download links cause this problem

How Does The Browser Know The "File Name" field in the "Save As" dialog

Hi! I have a servlet called who reads a binary file from the server an sends it to the breowser. The Browser opens the "Save As" Dialog whith the value "" in the File name field, but and I need the name

XML File-- XI-- SAP ECC Scenario

Hi guys, We have the following scenario in XI XML File>XI>SAP ECC, and we need to call a BAPI at R/3 side. Which do you think is the best way to implement this, either calling the BAPI directly from XI or using an Inbound Server Proxy ? Thank you.Hi