Check on Settlement Rule in IW31

Hi, I have to keep check on Settlement Rule in IW31. i have to compare the first four characters of Settlement rule with that of Planning Plant. If both are not equal an error message should be raised. For example Settlement Rule--->1600009  and if p

Settlement Rule Log in WBS

Hi SAP Gurus I would like to know the log of person who created the settlement rule in WBS.I check WBS master data change report but it does not provide the log of settlement rule maintenance.can any one tell me? RegardsHi The following reports are a

Valid settlement rules

We received a request from the business to block time entry charges for WBS with C* status. Also, block time charges for PM order and Network order if their settlement receiver WBS is in C* status. I was trying to find a transaction or functionality

Validating Internal Order Settlement Rule during creation

Does anybody know of a user exit, badi, anything, that can be used to validate assignement data when creating/changing the settlement rule on an internal order? Appreciate the help... SamHi, I just wanted to come back and add this extra information i

BAPI/FM to create WBS settlement rules.

Hi, I would like to know if there is a FM or BAPI to create WBS settlement rules. I use CJ20N transaction to create manually. Any qucik response will be much appreciated and Obviously rewarded Thanks, Vivek.TU can use the user exit COPCP005 and its f

User exit for profitability segment in service order settlement rule

Does anybody know if exit EXIT_SAPLKEAK_001 works for the profitability segment creation during the creation of a settlement rule of a service order? The context is the following: the company uses service orders which are settled periodically (it rec

VA02 - maintain settlement rules

Hi folks, I am trying to maintain a settlement rule within the Sales Order without the user going to the Item Level. I want to inherit the WBS element from the Header VBAK and on the save of the document automatically create the settlement rule. I ha

Creating a settlement Rule for an Asset: message error AA311

Hi All, I have to create e Settlement Rule by KO02. But SAP gives me the message AA311 and doesn't allow me to go on... Could anyone help me? Thankshello Gandalf , Create an IO Through KO01 with extra Create AUC........ Then post the exp to AUC......

Infoobject for settlement rule

hi, Can anyone tell me the infoobejct for the settlement rule on WBS element. I am able to find only settlement area in OCOOM_CO2. thanks venkuHI Check This Link Re: Create/change settlement rule for inv.order - BAPI, funct.module???Read other 4 answ

Bapi for settlement rule in IW32

I want a bapi which will create settlement rule for IW32 ?It should be able to update Valid From And Valied to fields in IW32. I have checked BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN it does not have Valid from and Valid to fields in structure BAPI_ALM_ORDER_SRULE.I

Maintain settlement rule of the sender

Dear All, Hi, I am Settling the all orders in co88 t.code, i run test run mode for all orders.At the time of running i am getting the below error: Maintain the settlement rule of the sender Message no. KD205 Diagnosis Either the settlement rule for t

Settlement rule for Asset Under Construction not automatically generated.

Hi Experts, I am working on a capital project scenario where in i configured the SAP IM and SAP PS module. i am able to create AUC at the WBS level on project release,but i am not able to generate the settlement rule for AUC automatically. Please sug

Require settlement rule when creating a Prod order

Hello, Hello, one of our processes is to fabricate complex tools that will be capitalized and depreciated when completed. while the tools is being fabricated, we would like to settle regularly the production order to a capital order (AUC) and track t

Update Settlement rule in CO01

Hello, Does anyone know how to update the Settlement rules when creating a production order from CO01? I have tried using badi WORKORDER_UPDATE, but the interface does not contain any Settlement rule data. I also tried user exit IWO10027 but it was n

For internal order settlement rule amount column is requied instead %

Hi Gurus, For internal order settlement rule percentage is there but business wants  to settle from AUC to final asset by amount wise how can we do this. I tried to change the investment profile but it is coming amount field while saving it is not di

GR/IR expenses not affected with the settlement rule run process in the GL

<i><b>Please neglect by previous post with the same title</b></i> There is a problem I face while running the settlement rule process related to internal orders on the GR/IR expenses. According to the internal order settlement rule

Settlement rule sould be SDI in MTO production order

Hello, I have a problem with my MTO scenario. The Assignment Category of the Settlement Rule in my production order is MAT. It should be SDI. In OPL8 I can´t change it from PP1 to SDI. In OKO7 if I change the Default object type form MAT to SDI I can

Missing amount field on wbs settlement rule

Investment Profile has Amounts and Percentages set on. We can't see the amount field in CJ02 settlement rule.Investment Management -> Projects as Investment Measures -> Settlement -> Maintain Settlement Profiles Define Settlement Profile, select

Error message - data master internal order settlement rule

Hi people, I'm creating an internal order, and in the settlement rule, i'd like to put a message error when i make a distribuition over 100%. For example, i put 50% in a settlement receiver and 65% in another one, that makes 115%. The system shows a

No access to settl rule when copying Sales order from Quotation

Hi all Can you help me on my following issue : I create  quotation in which I refer to a settlement rule. WHen creating a sales order in reference to my quotation, the settlement rule in the "item account assignment" tab is not reachable ... Thi