Leave to transaction "SAPMF05L" not allowed in batch input

Hello, When we run FF.5 with the file sent from Itaú, it is generated a batch input for transaction FB02 which updates the reference key 1, 2 and 3 (XREF1, XREF2 and XREF3) in the documents. There are some cases where the batch input does not update

Running Batch Input sessions in One program

Hi Guys. I am sure this question might have come up before. Reall y  need quick help in this hence posted the same. I need to develop a program which creates several batch input sessions. At the end of the program all these sessions should ve trigger

CK74 Batch Input performance issue

Hi SDNers I've created a Batch input (call transaction) in order to load additive costs for several materials/months. However, I realized that the performance is really poor. So I've been analyzing this issue and I found 314528 SAP note where it says

Lsmw (batch input recording)

explain step by step procedure for uplodig master data through lsmw (batch input recording) method. please explain settings for auto field mapping in 5th stepHi Neela, These are the steps to be followed while doing a Batch Input Recording. LSMW STEPS

Error message 00 344 : No batch input data for the screen SAPMF02D 0324

Hi Experts, We are working with SAP CRM 4.0 and SAP R/3 6.20 We have an important number of BDocs (type 'BUPA_MAIN' ) in status  E02 with the error message 00 344 : 'No batch input data for the screen SAPMF02D 0324'. Can any one help us to explain th

Batch input in ECC 6.0 for data collation reports?

Hello all, Is anyone using IS-OIL (OGSD) in ECC6.0? I have heard that the technology for posting data collation reports is no longer based on batch input technology but I couldn't find any information on it, neither in the release notes. Does anyone

FB60 batch input from MS Excel file

Dear experts, We want to post regular acquisitions from appr. 200 vendors each month (amounts each month are different). We need to post different vendors to different cost centers, segments and other assignment elements/objects. I suppose that we ne

Capturing Batch Input Log without keeping BDC session

Hi all - Would like to capture the Batch Input log and keep it persistent in some manner (for example using an application log) without keeping the corresponding BDC session.  The reason for this is that any manual corrections to data interfaces thro

Delete services folder using Batch input

Hi, I want to delete a services folder in ME32K using batch input. When I try to make it, a dump occurred with this error "OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED" CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIALC I tried to find between SAP Notes but I didn't find any solutions. Coul

Batch Input for VA31 and adding new partner

Dear All, I have a already well running program, which is creating new scheduling agreement via transaction VA31 in batch input mode. Now, there is a new requirement to add one partner in the header. I made a recording and saw that there is a subcree

No budget checking for batch input

Hi people We are using the budget checking functions under Funds Mgmt (Former Budgeting) ECC6.0. Is there a way that we can exclude budget checking for postings done through batch input? appreciate any help. TQ darth mautHi, Please check the SAP note

No batch input data for screen SAPLKEAK 0300

Hi All , I am getting "No batch input data for screen SAPLKEAK 0300 "  error while Posting a parked document. When I checked the Park Document , I saw that Profitability Segment was missing. Document is parked using standard FM  "PRELIMINAR

How can we increase the character length of SAP batch???

HI MM guru's, we want to increase the character length for the SAP batch i.e raise it to 14 characters. how can we posibbly do that live. Regards, Sameer Jalalthanks, but any alternative? Regards, Sameer JalalRead other 4 answers

Ff67 not generating batch input session

Hi Experts, I am trying to do the Bank Reconciliation by T.Code FF67. The statement is getting saved but I could not see the Batch Insput Session (T.Code SM35) to post the entries. I am using the specificatin type 2 and iam  also checked with SU53 fo

Change EKPO-KZWI6 in Batch input

Hi experts. I'm creating a PO in ME21 via batch input and need to change the field EKPO-KZWI6, but I can't find this field in the transaction screens. How would you guy suggest me to do it? Thanks in advance, Alm.Hi That is a field for the subtotal o

MC94 - Batch Input problem

Hi All, I'm having a problem with MC94. I've used the recorder (SHDB) to create a batch input program but some of the fields I've used during the recording do not appear in the batch input program. Any ideas? Thanks. Manu.Hi Has anyone have code for

Problem Batch Input SAPLSLVC_FULLSCREEN 0700

Hi experts, I have a problem during my batch input recording. The requirement I have is to maintain the communication type TLX (Télex) when i´m creating a new vendor. I'm creating a BDC for XK01, and when i´m trying to input the "other communication&

No Batch Input for Screen 0300

Hello   I am doing an inter-company asset transfer using ABT1(Call Transaction).   However for few assets its giving me the error as 'No Batch input found for screen' '0300' even though   the message type in MESSTAB table is 'S'.And one I run the pro

Does SAP direct input programs have authorization checks built-in?

Can anyone advise if the SAP direct input programs eg. RFBIBL00, RMDATIND,      RCCLBI03,  RM60IN00,   RVINVB10 etc. have authorization checking features? In transaction BMV0,  there is a value for User Name.  If the user executes the direct input jo

Stopping a batch Input  session

Hi, I need to stop a job which is being processed. Please tel me how do i acheive this. I've tried SM37 & went for release but it says 'cannot be done because of the stattus it has' I've also tried to stop the batch using the push button in Appl tool