BAPI-VB, Unable to call method GetDetail of USER Object using SAP.BAPI.1

Hi, I am trying to call SAP Methods using Excel VBA. In the below example, I am trying to get the user details. I can solve this, if I use SAP.Functions object, but not when I use SAP.BAPI.1 object. The Procedure GetUserDetails() works fine, but the

Write table to SAP (BAPI, ActiveX...)

Hello everybody, I have to do a SW that interfaces with SAP. I already have functions to login/out, read/write a single parameter, and read a table (all this trough BAPI ActiveX), but I'm not able to write in a SAP table. Does somebody already have d

Importing SAP BAPI as Generated Item - String Object

Am new to BizTalk, working on BT 2013 using Visual Studio 2012. Am adding a "generated item" for Z_BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE (using the "Consume Adapter Service" dialog) and am receiving the message below. Our ABAP programmer tells me it'

Not able to checkout Files using Java Code and SAP BAPI  from DMSServer

Hi Able to download / checkout the files using T-Code SE37 (BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTVIEW2). But when same RFC is executed from Java, it alsways says - Message ::::::::Document LGL/10000000003/000/00 does not exist My inputs in Java Code is as below - i

Update SAP BAPI already imported in XI Repository

Hello all. I'm a XI beginner. I use a specific R3 bapi in one of my namespaces. So this RFC is already imported in XI repository and the process is today implemented in my customer's production environnement. Following a new need, I must add an impor

SAP BAP enhancememt

Hello frends, I want to update the data in the table VBPA for field LZONE. Please tell the exit where i can code and modify the field value LZONE in VBPA While creating and changing the sales order in VA01or VA02 Tcode Regards, Vikas  Bansal Edited b

How to call a SAP service from adobe flex

Hi experts, I need to call a webservice create from SAP BAPI  my URL is: http://xxxxxxxxx:8000/sap/bc/srt/wsdl/bndg_DD90E166ACE1B1F18AD8001B789FF0AD/wsdl11/allinone/ws_policy/document?sap-client=200, with this URL I can test the webservice from WsNav

BAPI double byte characters issue

Hi,   I am testing a BAPI call through ActiveX to retrieve data from R/3. However, when retrieving data from a table, the data with chinese characters will become '###' in it content, but all non-chinese data is fine. I believe it was caused by autom

Crossdomain.xml issue - Accessing SAP from adobe FLEX

Hi All, We are in the process of trying to integrate 4 SAP bapis exposed as Web services from adobe flex. When we do so we are getting a "security error accessing URL" The URL of our flex application is:

GoodsMovement BAPI from VBA

Hi, I am trying to retrive material document data through the BAPI_GOODSMVT_GETITEMS. In the following code, the connection works fine, but when I get to the line: Set matdocitems = MatDoc.GetItems(mat) I get an error: "Run-time error '8793'. An exce


Hi Friends, Can any one tell me what is the difference between SAP XML and SAP IDOC XML? Regards, KumarHi, Various XML standards are supported by SAP. It presents data according to an SAP specification either in IDoc-XML or BAPI-XML, the SAP XML exte

BAPI-VB Connect Error

Hi Experts I have used the following code which gives error in the line If con.logon(0, False) True Then. whats the reason, can anyone explain and correct me. Regards Rajaram Private Sub Command1_Click() Set bapictrl = CreateObject("SAP.BAPI.1")

BAPI DimAs problem

You have to excuse my question if this is a simple problem but I'm just getting into BAPIs. I have been tasked with creating an application that will create goods movements in SAP through watching a database table.  That in and of itself isn't that b

Data Object Assignment for BAPI /SYCLO/CORE_MDW_SESSION1_CRT Not Found! Agentry

Hi, I am facing an issue with Agentry (SMP3.0) startup. I am aware that something wrong happens on Agentry SAP Framework but I dont know how to fix it. Please help me. Thank you. 18:56:11  - Data Object Assignment for BAPI /SYCLO/CORE_MDW_SESSION1_CR

Uses of BAPI

Hi, Can anyone explain about BAPI transaction? Whats the uses of BAPI? Regards R.SasikumarHi, BAPI it's SAP function module which is responsible for execution of major processes for data entry/maintenance. For example, creation of FI document, Purcha

Program terminated when call SAP ZBAPI

Hi Guru, I have created C#.NET Class to working with SAP BAPI (and used as Reference in VB.NET) I've run the program I created (VB.NET) in debugging mode by clicking the 'Step Into' button, When program go to the line results = this.SAPInvoke ... ( [

Nested structure in a BAPI

Hi, I have a requirement to create a bapi which can hold data in a nested format and output in the same format. Please could you help with any suggestions, or sample code to implement the same. Thanks in advanceThis is quite a basic question and this

Error in getting the BAPIWrapper name from the ini file or SAP mobile configuration: Agentry Error

Hello Experts, I follow the flightbooking tutorial to create a Material application to get material list. I  can start the agentry server but when I connect to SAP server and get data, I face below issue Error in getting the BAPIWrapper name from the

BAPI works in test but not in production

3rd party software uses BAPI to input data into SAP. This works in test but not in production. We have checked that user 3rd party software uses have same rights in both systems. BAPI is standard SAP BAPI. We can connect to production with SM59. Is t


hi friends, Tel me a snenorio wher u should go for BDC , BAPI and LSMW....pls dont give technical defintions....pls suggest me the snerios..... Thanks in advance... Regards... BalajiHi, <u><b>BAPI:</b></u> SAP created the Business