YOUTUBE NOT WORKING ON NEW MACBOOK PRO Every time I want to see videos from youtube the video player just says "your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available". Please help I have everything possible up to date. Tha

Nokia n95 youtube not works

i upgrade new software v30.0.015 rm159 so far works fine but youtube not works its open login but not streaming vedio if vedio works but no sound. and i go through google search and than youtube vedio its works fine but nokia 95 youtube not work plz

Youtube not working on Safari :[ wont load in safari, nor will youtube videos embeded in other webstes. everything else loads and performs fine except youtube videos. ive installed divx and flash and still no luck.Hello, Welcome to  Discussions Ok that helped... one thi

Youtube not working properly on Safari 5?

Hey. Just started to use Safari 5. When I go to Youtube, the "recommended for you" box doesn't show up when I log onto my Youtube account, but it does when I use another browser e.g. Firefox. Is this a bug, and how do I fix it? Cheers. Oh and on

OS 10.3.9 Safari v1.3.2, Youtube not working, Need new Adobe Flash player

Youtube stopped working over the weekend. Instead of seeing videos I see the text "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player." I clicked on the link and downloaded the lat

Mac OS X - deep links in youtube not working, fast forward not working

Specs: Mac mini 1.66 Intel Core Duo, OS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard, Flash Adding, for example #t1m30s, to the end of a youtube url does nothing, videos always start at the beginning. Yes this is an older computer but deep linked youtube videos w

Youtube not working help please

i am using macbook pro retina for 1 year now but just a few days ago youtube stopped working suddenly and i thought it was because the site was down or something but i have checked that and found that it is not working just in my macbook when i open

Widgets, Safari, Software Update -- All not working since I got Comcast

My Dashboard, Safari and Software Update have not worked since I got Comcast internet. I'm pretty sure their installer screwed up something, but I don't know how to undo it. Firefox, Adium, Mail and other internet applications all work great. I tried

Safari 8 Email Button Not Working

Since the upgrade to Yosemite and Safari 8 the email button to share a webpage does not work. I click on it and nothing happens. If I go to File > Share it says No Service. Any ideas what might be causing this? I use this feature quite a lot Thank yo

Safari 5.1.3 not work

Hi all, after 10.7.3 my Safari app not working and not open any page. Firefox and Chrome work perfectly on my WIFI Extreme + Express system. My mac is an Air 13", any suggestions, TYPlease read this whole message before doing anything. This procedure

YouTube not working properly since latest firefox update. Browser stops responding

Whenever I try to watch a video on YouTube since the latest firefox update my browser hangs. I thought it might have been the latest flash update but YouTube still work in all of my other browsers just fine.Thank you - I thought it was the old proble

Safari 7.0 zoom not working after Mavericks upgrade.

Since upgrading my late 2009 iMac to Mavericks and Safari 7.0 the zoom function in Safari (cmd and +) doesn't work properly.  I used to use the zoom in Safari at the beginning of my session to help me read pages a little easier and zoom remained at t

Safari 5.1.4 not working with Youtube

so, now all youtube videos never start. Anyone else seeing this, or know of a fix? For now, I have to use firefox. That works fine. Davestep1: com.paceap.kext.pacesupport.snowleopard (5.8) tc.tctechnologies.driver.Saffire (3.5.6 com.AmbrosiaSW.AudioS

Youtube not working with chrome, safari and firefox only on mac computers 10.7

no clue why. This has been happening for quite awhileNope, that was done a while ago. Deleted and re-installed as well. Did a discussion search and it looks like it hasn't been resolved for the majority the lion users. If I shut the computer down and

Safari 5.1 does not work, while other browsers do

Hi all, My Safari 5.1 browser does not seem to work. It opens, loads for 1/4 and stays there. Not a single page can be opened, even after amtoying the cache. Other browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox have no trouble funcioning as well. What might be

Recorded Video / Pandora Radio / Slacker Radio / YouTube Not Working

I got my Droid X about 3 weeks ago and updated to 2.2 OTA same day. Haven't done anything drastic with it; downloaded a few apps and games, but everything has been working fine.....until yesterday. I tried to open up Pandora Radio and got the "We're

Safari 6.1 is not working after latest update

Safari loads, but when a tab is clicked on in bookmarks bar or when a page is opened - nothing happens and safari freezes. Thankfully, Firefox has come to the rescue, but I want to use Safari. Any ideas? I have Mac OSX Lion 10.7.5 on an iMac with Saf

Youtube not working with 3Gs, its only working with Wifi

Hello, Can anyone help, i can only seem to get youtube on my new 3Gs iphone through wifi. Every time i try to connect through 3Gs it does not connect and displays the text "load more" with no pictures. Thank you.I've got the same issue? Can anyo

Safari activity window downloads not working now

When clicking on the relavent file in the activity window -it now simply opens another Safari window and doesn't download. anyone else having this problem ? kindest, beccaYou need to press the Option key while double-clicking to start a download. If

Youtube not working along with almost all other video sites...HELP!

Youtube won't work. If i play a video it simply shows a black screen, but i can hear audio. A few seconds later a stilled image from the video will appear and then  after that a bunch of random colors along with distorted text and even more black scr