Safari can't run youtube or open jpeg attachments

The latest safari can't run youtube. Just get black box. Also websites with jpeg attachments don't open. Just blank page. Turned extensions off. Reinstalled flash. Ran permissions repair. Could this be something with java? Use to work.Any help would

Safari 5.1. truncates YouTube videos

Does it happen that to anyone else that Safari 5.1. truncates YouTube videos? Try this one: Van Morrison - Dweller on the threshold - live It is truncated to 25 secs and then stops.Have you emptied Safari ca

Add-ons for Safari & Firefox to enable YouTube

I just re-installed Safari & Firefox new & "clean" with 10.8 : question: I see that I can not view 99% of the videos on YouTube - obvioulsy I need an add-on or plugin or extension, java or flash or something (I'm never sure exactly what

Safari crashes while loading youtube

I tried updating it and all, i've also tried repairing the disk but it still crash when i go to youtube. firefox does it as well. i tried downloading google chrom but unfortunately it's not compatible with 10.4. the following is the report in safari

Safari 5.1.2 Youtube HTML5-Video issues

Fullscreen-Button on Youtube doesn't work for HTML5 videos on Youtube in Safari. Also there are problems with the video performance. The process QTKitServer Safari Webcontent has 105% CPU, the whole MacBook is very slow in that moment. This is only a

OSX Safari 8.0 and Youtube

Im having troubles with watching some youtube videos. When I load up a video, the audio starts to play but the video does not. To remedy this problem, I've tried restarting my computer, restarting just safari, clicking through different links to get

OS 10.3.9 Safari v1.3.2, Youtube not working, Need new Adobe Flash player

Youtube stopped working over the weekend. Instead of seeing videos I see the text "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player." I clicked on the link and downloaded the lat

Safari browser won't exit YouTube unless I switch the phone off! Please help

I am new to Iphone just recently, I have been using Android for a few years and it had its problems too. On iPhone 6 , if I use Safari and go to YouTube it gives  me the option "done " top left corner, but when I click it nothing happens, it ref

Problems w/ YouTube in fullscreen in Safari

iMac running Snow Leopard (OS 10.6) Safari Version 5.1.9 (6534.59.8) Flash player is up to date: 11.7.700.203 When I try to enlarge the YT video player to fullscreen, the screen will enlarge for no more that a second and then shrink back down to the

Safari And YouTube HD Videos

I have just discovered something very interesting. When I access HD YouTube videos using Safari, I am only given two options, 360p and 480p. I opened up Firefox 3.6 and Opera 10.10 (both the latest versions of the browsers) and I had the option of wa

No YouTube with Safari 5

Recently Safari has stopped showing YouTube videos. I have the most up to date Flash player and Firefox seems to play YouTube just fine. What's going on? Is there a registry or something I'm missing? This has only happened recently. Should I uninstal

"Activity window" in Safari no longer works to download YouTube videos. Why not? Workaround?

For years I have used Apple's recommended standard technique whenever I wanted to download a Flash video embedded in a YouTube page to my hard drive: - Open a YouTube page and click on the video's "play" button to get it started; - Press command

Have an iMac (early 2008).  Safari worked fine.  I could watch videos on YouTube.  I downloaded 10.9.2 and You Tube videos will no longer load on Safari, but I have no trouble viewing using Firefox.  I wonder if the new 10.9.2 download corrupted Safari?

Do I have a Safari problem?  Since downloading 10.9.2 Safari no longer loads YouTube videos on my iMac.  Firefox downloads the same videos from YouTube with ease.Safari > Preferences > Security > Internet Plug-ins Checkmark the box beside "A

Safari youtube brazil ?!!!

When I go to YouTube, Safari takes me to YouTube Brazil. This happens whether I go to a saved link or type in It inserts a "br." before and them everything is in Portugese. This does not happen with other browsers. Anyon

Youtube donwload - how to view offline

I would like to view Youtube offline because the owner may delete the video. I have seen lots of downloaders but there are so many and I cant decide which to download It seems downloaders are for Safari only, not FireFoxIf YouTube really wanted to fo

Trouble loading videos on YouTube

All of the sudden I am having trouble loading videos on you tube. I can search but it does not load.A lot of persons have this problem, including me. I have spent hours with Apple support over the phone. They claim Saffari can not load youtube, which

[MAC OS 10.5.x, Intel] Flash 10 doesnt work on safari, but works on firefox

My mac: 10.5.8 Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Mem: 4GB 1067 MHx DDR3 Safari Version: 5.05 Firefox Version: 3.5.3 I was suddenly not being able to watch videos on youtube because of youtube's new update that requires one person like myself to upd

Video player not working in safari

despite of using all suggestions like - updating flash player. updating safari app. using html5 closing all extensions. enabling java emptying caches. but till now no any video is playing in safari browser not even youtube. pls help in this regardYou

Updated to ios6 and now videos won't stream (YouTube etc.)

Since updating to iOS6 on my iPhone4 I am now unable to stream videos on YouTube and other sights, the video will buffer about 5 seconds quite quickly then just stop :/. Be it playing videos off of safari or the new YouTube app. But this is only usin

Viewing videos on safari not working?

it isn't letting me view this video on safari? What should i do? should i download a different version. i am currently on version 5.0.3Hi, That video requires Flash. Troubleshooting help here for that. http: