Unable to load youtube videos. Neither browsing nor the youtube app are working, this hapenned after I updated to iOS6

Unable to load youtube videos. Neither browsing nor the youtube app are working, the video start loading but nothing more happen. This issue is hapenning after I updated to iOS 6.Try this first. Reboot the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home b

"Activity window" in Safari no longer works to download YouTube videos. Why not? Workaround?

For years I have used Apple's recommended standard technique whenever I wanted to download a Flash video embedded in a YouTube page to my hard drive: - Open a YouTube page and click on the video's "play" button to get it started; - Press command

Flash player wont finish youtube videos

I am running Windows 7 with IE9.  Flash player will not finish youtube videos.  It plays any video about halfway through and then it stops playing and skips to the next video on the list.  This also happens in other websites that use flashplayer to p

HT1766 Dear Friends,Hi! please help me and let me know how to down load youtube video to my IPhone 4s

Dear Friends,Hi! let me know how to download youtube video in my Iphone4s thanks Regards"ProTuber" app from App StoreRead other 2 answers

Firefox will not load youtube videos as of last night, I already tried clearing my cache and cookies along with all browser history.

Internet Explorer has the same problem as well.Since you already tried the clear Cache and Youtube cookie trick. Try making the youtube url as http'''s''':// if a youtube video is still giving the black screen. It is apparently a issue with Youtube a

HTML5 video player won't load YouTube videos (and probably nothing else either)

When I request that YouTube use the HTML5 video player for videos, no videos will load - I have to switch to Adobe Flash for anything to play. The page for a video will finish loading and I'll just sit there watching the loading spiral of death cease

Loading youtube video

Hi In  a video player built in as2. We are loading video's from youtube with following code. Some of the video files are not loading. Please give some idea what could be the problem as no error message is showing. var mcl = new MovieClipLoader(); mcl

Hallo, my Firefox browser wont load youtube for some reason, the explorer will. I have tries to change the proxy setings as the firefox help center suggested, but to no avail. Also no updates were installed on firefox that I'm aware of. pleas help me.

Hallo, For some reason firefox has stopped loading the youtube site for me. I can watch videos other people uploaded to facebook for example, but cant get into the site. the explorer will load the site, so I've tried changing the proxy settings in my

Can I down load YouTube video with firefox

I need omieЈ .'''Albarr Muzarin''' that Extension is for desktop Firefox as the question was for Android Firefox. On the Extension page in Version Information it says "Works with Firefox 30.0 and later" which refers to desktop Firefox. Extension

Have an iMac (early 2008).  Safari worked fine.  I could watch videos on YouTube.  I downloaded 10.9.2 and You Tube videos will no longer load on Safari, but I have no trouble viewing using Firefox.  I wonder if the new 10.9.2 download corrupted Safari?

Do I have a Safari problem?  Since downloading 10.9.2 Safari no longer loads YouTube videos on my iMac.  Firefox downloads the same videos from YouTube with ease.Safari > Preferences > Security > Internet Plug-ins Checkmark the box beside "A

Safari wont load secure webpage

Safari 2.0.4 wont load secure webpage (used to work, and page loads in Firefox and IE). Error message is: Safari can't open the page "" because it couldn't establish a secure co

Java applets wont load in Safari and constantly crash in Firefox

I have to use Java Applets to work from home. I normally use Firefox as my browser but since the last Java update Forefox keeps crashing. I have tried Safari too and it wont load the applets at all. I am desperate to get some work done but I can't ge

Why is the video playback on safari so slow?, why is the video playback on safari so slow?

Recently my Safari is not keeping up with youtube video playback anymore. Firefox on the other hand works just fine. Has anybody else had this problem, or maybe a solution even?Isolate. New user (follow Safe Boot

Youtube videos not loading in Safari?

Youtube videos load in the Youtube app but don't load in Safari/Atomic. I can see the screen cap and press play, but the video never loads (the spinning circle spins forever or disappears). I can load HTML5 videos on other sites with no issues. Anyon

Why are YouTube videos not loading properly on Safari?

YouTube videos on Safari are not loading properly.  It is as if the YouTube viewing window loads right-justified on the screen. Which ends up being like almost a perfect square on the screen, with the unfortunate result that part of the video is trun

I dont know why, but my ipod wont go on safari and watch youtube videos. Ipod 4g

For some reason my safari doesnt turn on, and i cant watch youtube videos but i can watch things on a downloadable browser. Help please?Try: - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home butto

How can I get webpages and YouTube videos to load faster?

Webpages and YouTube videos load painfully slow and sometimes not at all on my iPad. I rarely have more than one signal bar lit. It hasn't always been this way. Nothing has changed with my wireless service. I tried clearing my history but that didn't

Youtube videos dont load

Hi there, I find that in safari (not firefox or chrome) I get an error while loading a video about 90% of the time. a picture of the error is supplied below: any idea why this is happening? Thanks!While signed in to your YouTube account, load the pag

I have a first gen iPad, 64g, and for no apparent reason, the screen goes black and whatever app I am using is closed on me. It seems to be happening more and more frequently, especially when loading a blog, or trying to watch a YouTube video. I try to o

I have a  iPad, 32g, and for no apparent reason, the screen goes black and whatever app I am using is closed on me. It seems to be happening more and more frequently, especially when loading apps, or trying to watch a YouTube video. I try to open saf

Macbook is slow to load webpages and youtube videos are stopping

I just recently purchased a Macbook pro, however, its been slow to load webpages, youtube videos, etc.  The youtube videos frequently stop playing and I have to reload the page.  Its not the connection and I havent had the computer long enough to hav