My Ipad will not play videos when on facebook or the internetAre you using the Facebook app, or your browser? Adobe has not made a version of Flash for the iPad. Kappy explains why. 5 Flash Play

My iPad will not play videos on Facebook

My iPad will not play videos on Facebook. Does anyone know what I should do please?Thank you. I was not using the FB app but when I loaded it the videos worked. Sorted! Thanks!Read other 3 answers

Pc will not play videos from youtube randomly clicks out of facebook saying cannot find page

hp pavillion p7-1254 windows 7 home premium error message:internet explorer cannot display webpage what to try: diagnose connectio proble - cannot find any connection issues.  pc was taken in to geek squad for repair one week ago- virues removed. now

Itunes for windows will not play videos

Videos will not play back insde iTunes for windows on a windows 7 machine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes. The video starts to play audio and a still image on screen and after a bout 3 seconds the audio stops.Hi TaylorFuhriman, If you are

Safari 6.0.1 will not play QuickTime Files

I am having problems with Safari 6.0.1 playing back QuickTime Files. I reset safari and cookies and it will still not play QuickTime movies. To the best of my knowledge, QuickTime is working with all other components of the computer. Is there a way t

5th gen iPod lost and will not play videos after connecting to iTunes

I have a 5th gen iPod. When last connecting to iTunes, videos and movies disappeared. Purchased a new movie that iTunes says was compatible with 5th gen, movie won't transfer to iPod. My settings state that I will manually manage videos and music. Pe

Chapter Select; link to chapters will not play video!

Please help!!!! I am desperate - have been at this for weeks now. I am trying to create a Chapter Select menu separate from my main menu. Okay, I did it; made a main menu and a chapter select menu through photoshop and the buttons work fine. When you

Ipod will not play videos, music is fine.

When I try to access my video list on my ipod touch, it shows the list for only a few seconds. I can see the movies I have, but after a few seconds, it goes back to the main ipod screen. if i go to videos and immediately choose one, it looks as if it

Adobe Flash Player downloads successfully but will not play videos

i had the same problem with flash 9 as i am having right now with flash 10: the player downloads successfully, but on any other site besides the about flash player site, mozilla (Windows xp home) tells me to download the plugin adobe player 9. i have

Safari Will Not Play Flash Games or Videos on my account but will on others

As of last night my MacMini will not play videos at, or flash games at When I log out of my account on the same computer and log into my kids' accounts it will play all of the above mentioned sites quite well. The

Adobe flash player will not play

My computer stopped playing videos, it said that I needed to download adobe flash player, I did that but it still will not play videos and t he same message appears.What is your operating system & version? What is your web browser? You write that you

Video Attachments will not play within the mail program.

When trying to view a video attachment from within the mail program it will not play the video. It loads the sound but not the video. This started after a recent apple software update. It is happening on several computers also so it is not an isolate

TS1717 music video downloaded but will not play

i just downloaded a music video, but will not play. Comes up as a blank screen. Any ideas ?Hi c, well my first thot is that it didn't install. You can verify this at Just a word of advice, if you continue trying to

Certain music videos will not play in iTunes.  The music plays fine but not the video.  No picture.

Certain music videos will not play in iTunes.  The music plays fine but not the video.  No picture.  Same with the iPod.  Other videos in the library play fine. Help.Regular playlists vs smart playlist does not make a difference. What I noticed is th

Quicktime 7.7.4 will not play mp4 video

I have several recorded videos saved in mp4 format that will not open in Quicktime. The audio plays, but the video is only a black screen. I have one mp4 file that I recorded a few days before the others that will open in Quicktime. All the files ope

My computer won't play videos from site like the Daily Show and the CW, but they stopped working last week. I have the newest version of Adobe player. Anyone know why the full videos will not play?

My computer won't play videos from site like the Daily Show and the CW, but they stopped working last week. I have the newest version of Adobe player. Anyone know why the full videos will not play?I failed to mention that the sound does play on the v

My ipod touch 4th generation will not play any videos or make the noises for turning it on or off.

My Ipod Touch will not make the on an off noise or button noises. Nor will it play videos! Plz help!!Try: - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten

Videos will not play in presentation mode.

Videos will not play in presentation mode. They play fine when I preview them in Keynote but once I am presenting it trys to play and then skips the slide. Hi dalekw83, Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities. If videos will not play in iTunes

Firefox will not play flash videos

Firefox 3.6.12 will not play flash videos. I see many people have this problem so let me list everything that I tried or thought of: 1. Uninstalled and reinstalled Flash and Firefox 2. Flash works on IE- and i do have both versions of flash installed

Video clips will not play

When I double click on the video downloaded from NikonD7100 in Library mode in lightroom 5 it will not play. I have windows 8. thanks, gilMaybe somebody else has more specifically related experience, but I recommend: 1. reporting problem to Adobe (or