Lenovo S10 and Lenovo S10e leather covers

howdy this is completey superficial but never the less something i hope you know the answer to Do the leather book covers for the Lenovo S10 fit the Lenovo S10e Those slip on covers are great but i want a more business and easy access style So far i

If lenovo wants to make a new version of s10-3t , they have to read this

1- lenovo s10-3t need to be more solid 2- it needs at least 8cell battery which is small in size and light in weight 3- they need a better processor (core 2 duo - or higher) 4- they need windows 8 5- they need a display with perfect angle of view (ta

Lenovo S10 broken cover at hinge. Poor design !!

I have the Lenovo s10 and the cover just happened to break from closing it . I have seen many other pictures here with the same problem.  now I need to look for new parts to fix this . My w500 is a nice laptop this S10 is built way to cheap.  Very di

How to check used lenovo s10-3t before buying?

hi gurus...i planning to buy a used lenovo s10-3t. can you give me a list of check items to ensure that it is still in good working condition?i suggest you to buy it online from ebay kind websites. some of sellers accepts return so if you don't like

Lenovo S10 Keyboard

Hi all !! can anyone tell me where i can buy a new german keyboard for my Lenovo S10 ?? The CRU Nr. is " 42T4172" thx AndyHi and welcome.. call your next local dealer ... Lenovo Stores Austria  sincerely KalvinKlein Thinkies 2x X200s/X301 8GB 25

Lenovo S10-t3 Mutli touch issue

Hello Forum, i recently purchased the lenovo S10-t3 but i have just found out that windows 7 Starter, doesnt support multi touch, is this true? or is there a way around it? or do i have to fork out MORE money to upgrade to a higher version of windows

Lenovo S10 crash

Well, i am using a Lenovo S10 with upgraded ram to 2048 megabytes. I recently installed veriface software.  Everything went downhill fast from there.  After i installed it, XP started crashing everywhere(you could see a flash of the blue screen befor

Lenovo s10 3t sleeping mode not working???

I just received my lenovo ideapad 2 days ago and upgraded to ultimate.. my problem is , even before i upgraded it and it was on windows starter, whenever i put on sleeping or hibernate mode, it actually SHUTS DOWN? after putting/thinking it was on sl

Disappointed in Lenovo S10 touchpad quality

I have been using this netbook moderately for 2 weeks and I have already started to see the touchpad fading already. I had my dell laptop for over 2 years and it did not happen at all. My fingers may be a bit oily, but the touchpad looks really bad r

My Lenovo s10-3c doesn't work

i tried to boot but doesn't work and i tried to push onekey rescue but it doesn't work..helping me also..please...i want study for my exam...hi. can you try this trick first?: remove the battery, unplug the acpower, press power button for 30-40 secon

Drivers lenovo notebook G460

Are already developing drivers compatible with the G460 notebook? ThankPlease do too btw is LENOVO 20078JU a g470 ? on lenovo-g470 grep FADT /var/log/kern.log Oct 18 19:31:42 lap kernel: [ 0.516293] ACPI FADT declares the system doesn't support PCIe

Newbie-How Do You Turn On/Off Webcam On The S10?

Curious how the webcam works on the S10? How do you turn on/off the internal camera? Any instructions on use? Thanks.Hi, you can do this by pressing Fn + ESC Keys... (Result Shown onscreen) its off along you didnt switch it on again Fn+ESC  or you re

Help on my s10: missing audio device and non working built in camera

According to Lenovo, XP Home has a conflict with the built in camera of some S10 and they have a Bison patch to solve it.  I already downloaded the bison update and realtek audio driver. Still it didnt work! I checked the audio folder. No audio devic

S10-3 XP Driver for my machine ?

I have an S10-3 and wanted to put XP Pro on it. Is this possible? Are there drivers? If not, what version of 7 would you suggest for use with VPNs and network interconnection. Thanks!! Edit Moderator Move to seperate post Solved! Go to Solution.Hi th

Vista drivers for S10

Hello, I have finally put Vista business on my S10 with 2 GB Ram,and I am still searching for  the W Lan driver.All other drivers have been installed and it runs to my satisfaction. Who has Vista on their S10 and where did you get the drivers? Greeti

PITA purchasing from Lenovo...

The S10 is supposed to be in stock at Fry's. I get to Fry's, "we sent them all back, they were defective" Lenovo web site still says "Fry's"  OK so I order on line.Order is placed over the weekend. Est ship date 5/29.Web site says,  Ap

S10 Win 7 Power Management

Hello everyone, I have an S10 which I am dual booting XP and Windows 7 RC. Win 7 is working well, except I have had problems with the Lenovo Power Management. Crashes, machine won't wake from sleep, etc. From what I've gathered others here have had s

Which memory type does my S10-3s use?

I just got a S10-3s and so far I'm pretty happy with it. I have had one very bad experience though, and I'm trying to avoid a repetition. I wanted to upgrade the memory to a 2GB block and so I bought a block when I purchased the netbook - the store c

BIOS 21 available for S10-2

Hi, new BIOS 21  for S10-2 is available at lenovos download section : ... Fixed low battery capacity beep cannot be muted issue..... Get S10-2 BIOS 21 here Summary of changes ================== General Information: 1ACN21WW: 1.Fixed low battery capac

S10-3T Discontinued?

I tried ordering this netbook from a dealer in Canada (quite a few of the dealers in Canada are out of stock). They replied back with "we just learned by our manufacturer that this item is discontinued". I called who would not confirm