Delivery unit / Rounding profile for a specific customer

Dear Expert, A specific customer has to receive full case/box for specific products (for ex 1 case = 20 EA, if the customer orders 24 EA, he will receive 20 EA = 1full case). For other customers there is no restriction, they can order 1EA... The orde

Rounding profile in the material master doesn't copy to the inforecord

RT, Dear all, have you ever encountered this kind of problem? Wishing get the answer as soon as possible from you!HI, Did you customize teh rounding profile appropriately in SPRO?? you need to maintain them. moreover this should happen even before a

Inforecord Rounding Profile error- RP not defined eventhough it is maintain

Dear Gurus, I have maintained the Rounding Profile in the transaction OWD1. Yet, the inforecord does not display it in the dropdown list and I am getting the error 'Rounding Profile not defined in Plant'. Request your help in solving this. Regards, S

Rounding Profile Issue in Article Master - IS Retail System

Hi, We have an Issue with the Rounding Profile in Article Master of IS Retail System. Rounding Profile (50) Maintained at Purchasing View of Article Master (MM41 & MM42) and the same is getting copied to Logistic DC View and Logistic Stores of Articl

RBA - use of rounding profile/settings during Interchangebility

Hi, We are using the product-location interchangebility dung RBA ATP check at the time when PR's get converted into PO's. Rounding profile/value of predecessor product is different than that of successor product. We want both the values to be conside

How to disregard rounding profile for return PO?

Hi Guru's When placing a PO we have rounding rules in place.  However when doing a return to vendor we enter quantity of 1 and the rounding rule is taken in to effect and automatically changes to 10 for many articles.  We want the rounding rule for P

Rounding Value is not considered for MB lot size

Hi I have a scenario where MB (Monthly Lot size) lot size is used with rounding value. Example as below: Lot size: MB Min Lot size: 15000 Rounding Value: 20000 DEMAND: 16000 When MRP run, System is creating the 16000 as P Req instead of 20000 which i

Rounding of PO quantity

Dear colleagues, I have a dynamic rounding profile in my info record saying that PO quantities shall be rounded up to the whole transport box if the qty exceeds 40% of the box and down to the whole box if the quantity is lower than that. This works f

How realize Sales order rounding quantity

Hello Expert I would like to know how to realize Sales order rounding quantity. As I have checked other title there are a lot of same topic however I couldn't realize yet. My scenario is as bellow. There are the materials which we want to input every


Hi, We are having the following process flow Sales order-Service order-Confirmation of service order operations-DP90-Biling request-Invoice to customer. In this for example if I confirm for 3.5 hrs in service order,Iam getting 3.5 hrs in the actual d

AFS Purchase Order Unit Rounding

We are implementing SAP AFS system in our garment manufacturing divison.  We are facing a problem with rounding in Purhcase Order for Thread.  The Base Unit for Thread is M, and the Order Unit is Roll.  1 Roll = 3500 M.  When we have a PR for 4000 M,

Rounding value

Hi, For a material there are two rounding values (no rounding profile is maintained ) One at plant level and one at a MRP area level . While MRP run system is taking into account MRP area kevel rounding value ,and create a PR as  MRP is run at MRP ar

Decimal place rounding - reorder point

Dear experts, Can you please advise , how can I confirm that  the reorder point will be displayed without decimal point (rounded). for example in place 79.67 > 79,  in place 80.43>80.How is the reorderpoint determined? manually entered or automatica

User exit in SO item level & rounfing profile from SH of CMIR instead of SP

Hi Folks, Can any one of you suggest me an user exit in sales order line item level? I want something which stops before/ or just after entering the quantity in the item level. We wanted to set up a issue which deals with rounding profile comming fro

How to do automatic rounding in outbound delivery?

Hello, I have been trying to implement a simple rounding rule where the system will always round down to an integer (NO decimals) for both sales order and delivery. I have configured rounding profile (rounding method 3, with a rule that rounds down)

Combination of Fixed Lot size and Period lot size

Dear all I have scenario as follows: 1. My supplier's standard packing size of a raw material is 1000 EA. 2. I want to follow period based lot size to optimise my order and inventory cost. But I don't want to use dynamic lot size which will propose d

Strategy problem

Sir i wish to see practical effects of different " Strategies " that we mention in material master [MM01] .Can you please explain me with some example? Thankyou , I wait online.hi MRP Planning Strategy for SAP Strategy 10 - PIR Type - LSF Net re

Userexits for MOQ

Hello Experts , Our users have maintained minimum order  quantity ( MOQ) as 30  in material master they found  that system is not accepting in sales order if the order line is not in increment of MOQ - even if the line is for more than MOQ  ( system

Regarding Total Quantity and Base Quantity in Process Order

Hello Gurus, Please help me out, I am working for Beverage Industry, we are using Unit Conversion from Litre(L) to Barrel (BBL). 195 Litre = 1 BBL, so If I am producing 9880 Litre, which is giving me 50.667 BBL, how and where I can change the setting

Can any body help me by sending the config settings of delivery scheduling.

hi, sap gurus, in my project there is logistics execution module.  here my concern is they are depending on district and regions for fixing the frieght and all, so we have to schedule the deliveries to save the damarages and warphage to the client. c