Playbook OS2 Asian Sexy Girls - Do these really need to be here? Come on enough already!!!

just installed the new OS and now within MP3 & Media Players the majority of the free apps are for Beautyleg models. Isn't there enough of this sort of trash on the wild wild web - do we really need to have it dominate the playbook apps?Thanks for th

Error installing apps on playbook

Hi,I have playbook os2.1.0.1917.i have installed android apps successfully wit ddpb installer. But I gives error'app has stopped unexpectedly please try again later please somebody help me to solve thisTry using Chrome with the PlayBook App Manager e

OS 2, Appworld doesn't work

i just upgraded to playbook os2 ( The appworld given an error anytime I try to install any app. Install Error: [0003-0005] There was a problem during installation. Please try again.I have found the solution in change

How to import self signed root CA certificates on to playbook.

Hi,  I have a test environment with windows CA configured, and i want to install the root CA of this server on to my playbook device, i followed the steps mentioned in PlayBook user guide for importing root certificates, but  when i select the certif

Using overdrive to get library books with OS2 on playbook

I can find the book I want at my library and the program says that I have downloaded it.  But I can't find it anywhere. Looked for it in the overdrive app but it's not there. Yesterday. I did find it somewhere (can't find it today). Yesterday When I

Playbook stuck on animation screen!

I have had my Playbook for about 5 months.  No real issues.  Upgraded to os2 a month ago.  I went to turn it on yesterday and the darn thing wont move past the welcome animation balloons screen. I have tried everything: 1. Soft reset 2. Hard reset 3.

Playbook - Can't even use out of the box

What a shame. I was prepared to look past the barrage of negative press that this device has received as I truly believed its a great bit of hardware and the software issues are being addressed - certainly with the ability to upload some decent, popu

Arabic language for playbook

hi, How can I enable my playbook to read and write Arabic language?  Whille we are all waiting for OS BB10 to be ported onto Playbook, I doubt there will be any major improvements to OS2.1 It's possibe you will have all the languages currently enjoye

Lack of Playbook Updates

When is the new operating system being released already!  I purchased my playbook on the 1st date of sale and am thoroughly disgusted with the lack of information. It was an remains an incomplete product for which I paid full retain price. It seems t

Slwo to Come Out of Stand By after OS2 Upgrade

Ladies and Gentlemen: Ever since I upgraded my 16 GB PlayBook to OS2, it has been very slow - sometimes up to 17 seconds - to come out of stand by.  Has anyone else run into this?  Any ideas as to how to speed things up a bit?  It was pretty well ins

Missing features in OS2 Email client

There are two glaringly missing features in the slick OS2 E-mail client. First, and most annoying when starting up with OS2, there is no "mark all as read" option. This matters when adding a new but exisitng account, as we are all doing now. Sec

How to transfer files to and from the BB PlayBook

Overview The following sections outline different methods of transfering files to and from the BlackBerry® PlayBook™. Wi-Fi® Sharing Complete the following steps to share files over a Wi-Fi connection: From the BlackBerry PlayBook home screen, select

Cannot get Yahoo email on Playbook

Was working a couple weeks ago and since then cannot connect.  Is there a fix on this shortly as my Playbook is useless appears that the server is down try setting up a different account with yahoo mail.. your address has rim in it that may be

PlayBook browser hints not selectable

Probably simple ignorance, but... My new Playbook with OS2.0.1 is the only BlackBerry product I've ever used. In the browser, when I want to visit a Page, I drag down from the top of the screen, and the address bar appears. As I type, if I have previ


HI! I upgraded my playbook to from MY PlayBook PIN: 2A9A6DA0 I use the "BlackBerry Desktop Software" and "Blackberry Link" tried this method, they can find 2.1.1917 update, bu

Playbook 4G does not run any android app

Hi, I've just purchased an used Playbook 4G then I wiped it after few hours using without backups. But after updated to the latest os, there are not any android apps able to run while other native or flash apps work perfectly. Everything f

Playbook email account set up problem

I just got a PB 16GB yesterday and got it set up fine with OS2, connected with BB Bridge - all was well. I set up an email account this morning then decided I wanted a different one so deleted the account. But now when I tap on Add an Account and sel

Video Chat via Playbook PIN's, having problems...

I have two Playbooks on OS2.0 sharing the same Blackberry ID. I'm trying to use Video Chat via Playbook PIN's and I'm not having any luck. Call attempts fail with "The person you called is not currently available". - both Playbooks have Accept C

Disable folder creation in root but not in subfolders

Hello everybody, we have a shared network drive and i have already set the structure of the root folders in C:\. I want to restrict users to create a new folder or move  a file in the root directory C:\ but to be able to create, move etc in the subfo

Gmail sync issues on my playbook

I used to have my gmail account sync on my playbook. I didn't use my playbook for about a month and now I am not aboe to sync the account. All my emails, contacts, etc arecompletely gone. Any help will be highly appreciatedgoogle used to allow active