Using Mainstage

Had to post some positive feedback Just done a very intensive tour of South America armed with only My Macbook Pro & Apogee Duet & Lacie drive....& whilst some of the hired Keyboard controllers were well below standard, Mainstage did not let m

Roland A-30 Template

Hello everyone, I have a Roland A-30 midi keyboard, and just now started to use Mainstate. I find it very difficult to set up the Mainstage for Roland A-30. Is there anyone who has made a template before so to e-mail it to me? Thanks AlexanderYou cou

Loving Mainstage so far!

I am really impressed with Mainstage. In addition to being really freaking easy to use, I think that the Logic 8 update has improved the overall performance of my MacBook Pro for live use. When I was using Logic 7 to run Scarbee samples live at a lat

Pitch bend in Mainstage synths using GI-20

I am using Mainstage live for my bass rig. I have a Roland GI-20 triggering synths in it. What settings do I need to change in Mainstage to allow me to bend a string and the note to actually bend and not trigger another note?Hi This issue is primaril

Any guitarist who completely switched over to MainStage?

I'm a pretty big fan of "real" guitar equipment (amps & fx), but the idea of switching over to "just one" Mac with MainStage is very tempting as well. It would save me quite much work on setting my up my equipment every gig if I'd

New Computer for Mainstage

Hello, I'm deciding on a new MBP for use with Mainstage. 13in- 2.53 Processor 15- 2.53 15, 2.66 15, 2.8 15, 3.06 I like the 13 because its smaller, but I don't want to sacrifice reliability and stability, and quality. Do I need the extra processing a

What are the differences between MainStage 2 and MainStage 3?

Hi everybody, I m running MainStage 2.2.2 and I am wondering what are the differences between the MainStage Version 2 vs MainStage 3. Is the recent one really more better than the 2?? Thanks a lot for answering regards, G.New sounds, new instruments,

Satellite Pro A30 - 1024 X 768 screen resolution only

My Satellite Pro A30 will only run at a screen resolution of 1024 X 768 can I increase this ? I did not see any options in the display settings or the BIOSHi Carl, I believe that 1024 X 768 is the maximum availavle screen size for your A30. You can,

Retrosynth crashes MainStage 3 on Mavericks.

Just upgraded to Mainstage 3 and Mavericks on Macbook Pro. Retrosynth immediately crashes Mainstage when it is selected or clicked on. Any ideas guys? thanks AdamHi Blueberry Here's the crashlog, thanks Process:         MainStage 3 [3180] Path:      

TS4027 [HELP!!] where can i download mainstage 2.2.2 update?

Hi, anybody knows where can i download mainstage 2.2.2 update? i still always experience unexpected quit which will greatly affect the stability of live performance!!! help please~~~ thx very much in advance!!!!Wow... people need to learn to get back

Can I use mainstage as a remote plugin rack to logic

I have a spare mac mini which I've been thinking of using as a remote plugin rack - that is, run my most cpu consuming plugins in the spare computer, while doing the main tracking and effects on logic. That said, I would like if there is actually som

A30 not booting: missing file

My A30 laptop will not load windows because the following file is either missing or corrupt. <window root>\system32\hal.dll. It is not currently connected to the internet, which should rule out a virus, and it worked fine prior to recieving this mes

I'm having an intermittent problem with my midi controllers triggering Mainstage 3. I'm using a PreSonus Firebox audio interface. It's been working fine for months, but now when I first turn on the computer in the morning , I'm not able to trigger Ma

I'm having an intermittent problem with my midi controllers triggering Mainstage 3. I'm using a PreSonus Firebox audio interface. It's been working fine for months, but now when I first turn on the computer in the morning , I'm not able to trigger Ma

Roland pedalboard

I just acquired a Roland PK5A pedalboard so that I could play bass parts while I play guitar. I have connected its midi out port through a M-Audio Uno interface which is then connected to a USB port on my iBook. iBook has 1.4GHz G4 processor, is runn

I just downloaded Mainstage, I'm having trouble using it, because it won't open, can someone help me out?

I have the latest Mac Os update ... I downloaded Mainstage, it won't open... Why is that???  I've deleted it, reinstalled it, but I keep having trouble using it...Yu have to run the library upgrader - it is in your applications folder in the utilitie

Putting Satellite A30 together again

Hi all, beginner is I. Have Satellite A30, which I had to take apart as it had broken pin in external power socket and cost of total repair was so great! Mother board has been returned with new power socket and I am putting back together again. BUT,

Mainstage 2 Concert won't open, stuck on EXS

My concert I've used forever suddenly won't open. Hangs on loading EXS. What has Apple done to **** up Mainstage 2 so horribly??? CPU usage way worse, less stable, less reliable. It's a joke, and not a funny one. Logic upgrade was a HUGE waste of mon

Arturia V Collection won't show up in MainStage 3?

Hi There, I have Mainstage 3 working fine, running LA Scoring Strings and plug ins etc... I can't seem to get my Arturia V Collection to show up in Mainstage? They all work well in stand-alone mode and I have updated installed the latest updates for

Mainstage 2 not loading mainstage 1 files properly

Hi there, running a 2008 macbook pro 15", 4gb ram. Had no problems installing the logic studio 2009 upgrade, logic's working fine. But Mainstage 2 won't load my old Mainstage files, keeps saying the files are corrupt. If the file does load, it is all

Can I plug a Roland Mini Cube into my Imac G5?

I usually play everything by hookin' my LP to a M-Audio AUDIO BUDDY (pre-amp) then outta that into my Imac G5 - I use Amplitube and Guitar Rig software within LOGIC EXPRESS... I have a couple of old amps that suck - was thinking of purchasing a Rolan