Nokia registration & OVI usage

Hallo all, I have a nokia n8 - before i could register myself on the phone, my son did that using his profile.  I have since created my logon, but whenever i want to go onto a site like facebook etc, it asks me to logon to the OVI site. It won't howe

Ovi think n96 in file transfer when I select PC Su...

Im running Vista. Just got a new n96. Installed Ovi along with the nokia cable driver that came on the c.d in the box. During cable driver installation an error occured, and it stopped. When I connect the phone to the computer no matter what mode I p

N900 owners wanted to beta test next Ovi Suite

Cpitchford already posted about this - the next version of Ovi Suite is planned to support the N900 and Nokia is now recruiting Beta testers. Read more from Kale, our resident Ovi Suite team Beta test  Admin:

PC Suite not wokring after installing OVI

I recently installed the OVI Suite, but decided that don't need the OVI Player, so I unistalled it. But even after uninstalling the player, the rest of the suite is still there and seems to conflict with PC Suite. So now I have a double connection to

Please help.downloading apps from ovi store over w...

i simply cannot download a single application from ovi store over wifi.its too costly over 3g .please help me.latest firmware updated.You dont have change your wifi settings.(I hopr you dont have any probs with your internet connection) Use this inst

Ovi suite won't recognise E7-00

Help anyone: I have a new E7-00 and a PC running Vista. When I install Ovi suite and conect the phone then Ovi always says that the phone is not in PC suite (or Ovi suite) mode, but it is. I can never get beyond this which means Ovi doesn't link with

Can't access my ovi account

My blackberry phone can't access my account and it requires me to verify my password but wen I do it say my password is invalid where els I just logged in with the ame password nwGreat news.... and I am posting this all around. This morning S

What can I do for dispaly   VAT Registration Number in PO Header

Hi ALL! Which Customizing must I do for display vat registration number in Additional Data of PO Header ? Thanks, Liza> liza starozhilets wrote: > Hi ALL! > Which Customizing must I do for display vat registration number in Additional Data of PO

Service Tax Registration Number

hi all, Where can i incorporate the Vendor's Service Tax Registration number in the Vendor Master. I am working in CIN - Country India Version. I can see a column in the table J_1IMOVEND, Service tax regn. no. How does it get populated. thnx regards

Cold Fusion Administrator CFX tag registration.

I am getting the below error message while registring the CFX tags. I am using Windows 2008 R2 datacenter With Service Pack1.  After clicking on REgister C++ tags button I am getting below error message. "You must configure your application server to

OVI tell me that I don't have Outlook, but I have ...

1. Windows XP SP3 included on a Windows 2003 server domain 2. Outlook 2010 (14.0.5128.5000 (32 bits)) connected with Exchange 2003 server. 3. OVI (Installed in this order) When I try synchronize calendar & tasks, OVI tell me that I need


HOW DO WE BUY APPLICATIONS FROM OVI STORE. HOW DO WE PAY ?As your name suggests, you are from India.. and for you to Buy any application from OVI Store.. you will need a Credit card..not sure whether Debit card is accepted.. You will get the options

Ovi app wizard apps on n97 mini

i cant get any of the new ovi app wizard apps to load on my n97 mini? the app opens but the feed doesnt load, does anyone have any idea how i can sort this? thanx in advance.i have this experienced too. At last i found out that it is because you have

Nokia Ovi Suite

Hi - This evening my Ovi upgraded me to v2.0.2.42. Can you please post a list of changes/bug fixes etc in this version - I cannot find this information anywhere. I am desperate to know if bugs I have experienced have been fixed. ThanksHi dconroy1, ca

Problem with signing in to Ovi

Hello I downloaded the Ovi Store app on my N96 When I login it says "you are signed in as dieter***" and a few seconds later it says: "Sign-in Failed, Check your username and password".  I triend about ten times, but it's always the sa

Ovi Suite 2 on Windows 7 maybe a solution for slow...

I was having issues with Ovi Suite on Windows 7, instead of using the normal when connecting select PC Suite, I chose Mass Storage instead the other night and it now syncs a lot faster, normally for me it fails. just my 2 cents what do other think? T

I lost Applecare registration number

I bought the AppleCare Protection Plan for my MacPro (10-jun-2010) but I lost the card with the registration code before I could register the product. How can I get that code without repurchasing it?. I hope is not too late to register it. Tkx.http:/

Supplier Registration Questions

Hi everybody, We are on SRM 5.0 and I am trying to implement the supplier registration system. I have 2 questions on supplier registration: - Is there a way select buyers can be notified when a supplier registers in the registration page? - We have s

Error during workflow registration OIM 11.5

Hello, I am getting following error during workflow registration, please let me know how to fix it. I am using Oracle Tutorial for self service reg workflow. and command is "*ant -f registerworkflows-mp.xml register*" D:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle

Self-registration auto populate/save approver values

Hi, From OOTB scenario for Self Registration in OIM 9.1.x, after submitting the user registration request, approver needs to provide 'Organization Name' (i.e., Xellerate Users) before approving. We created an 'Organizations.Organization Name' field i