Realtionship between J_1IEXCHDR and VBAP or VBAK

Hi All Expert, Hw ru. Please help me regarding relation ship between J_1IEXCHDR and VBAK or VBAP table. currently i am using rdoc in J_1IEXCHDR table but cant fetch data. PLease guide me which field i can use for relation ship. *SELECT * *    FROM J_

Link betwwen KONA and VBRK/VBRP

Hi please suggest me the link between KONA and VBRK/VBRP and KONP and VBRK/VBRP I want to give link of rebate agreement and invoice no/Inv Qty My requirement is I want a report where i can see Under one Rebate agreement ,how many Commercial  Invoice

Link between AUFK and BKPF table

Hi all, Can anyone tell me the link between AUFK and BKPF table. Thanks in advance Regards Neha Kapoorhi neha , 1.first u have to get MBLNR from AUFM for that order 2.Next u have to call FM <b>AC_DOCUMENT_RECORD</b> I_AWTYP                    

Difference between 0FI_GL_4 and  0FI_GL_10

Hi Friends, Could you please any one tell me the difference between these data soureces(0FI_GL_4 and  0FI_GL_10) in ECC6.0? Thanks in advance. Thanks & Regards, Vas. Edited by: Vas_srini on Jun 1, 2010 11:54 AMHi, The DataSource 0FI_GL_4 extracts the

Comparison between Forms6i and Forms9i

We have some client/server-based applications built in Forms6i and are considering to convert/rebuild them into Forms9i or JDeveloper as web-based applications. Has anyone done any comparison between Forms6i and Forms9i/JDeveloper? Or, can you point

Single Sign On between BPM and Siebel

Hi, How are you? has somebody involved in a proyect where SSO was implemented between BPM and Siebel? is there an Oracle Standard way of achieving this? thanx in Advanced and Kind Regards! Gerardo JHi Harsh, I heard about SPNego a mechanism you use f

Is there a difference between AirPrint and printing via usb printer plugged into an airport extreme?

My printer does not show up in the add a printer option on my iMac when plugged into the extreme. I have a HP officejet 5610 All-in-One. I want to be able to print wirelessly using my Airport Extreme.  Thank youIs there a difference between AirPrint

What is the difference between JAR and WAR

would u pls tell me how to answer the Diffrences between JAR and WAR, if interwiever askedI hope you know what a JAR file is. If not, you need to study the Deployment trail in The Java Tutorial. If you have basic knowledge about programming web appli

Diffference between ALL_TAB_COLS and ALL_COLUMNS

What are difference use between ALL_TAB_COLS and ALL_COLUMNS?unwilling or incapable to DESCRIBE them yourself? SQL> desc all_tab_columns Name                            Null?    Type OWNER                            NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30) TABLE_NAME  

Difference Between Chroma and Saturation?

Can anyone explain the difference between chroma and saturation? Also, how could I change the chroma of a color in Photoshop? Thanks!c, You may have a look here: A search in the Photoshop Helpfile will show w

Difference between Pgi and Invoice verification

good receipt=100 invoice verfication=110 how u can find out price differenceshi, During Goods receipts values floes from Purchase order as there will no invoice of vendor. At gate security will just enter PO number and qty. system internally will gen

Diference between DATA: and TYPES: on internal tables

Hi people, Can somebody help me. I wanna know whats the diference between DATA: and TYPES: on internal tables and whitch has the best performance, here is a eg: DATA: BEGIN OF ti_sbook occurs 0,           carrid   LIKE sbook-carrid,           fldate 

Difference between DOM and SAX

Difference between DOM and SAXa sax parser is event driven meaning it processes the xml as it sees it and then forgets about it. you have to implement what you want the parser to do wants it reaches a certain event dom on the other hand keeps the who

What Are the Differences Between String and StringBuffer?

Both String and StringBuffer are final classes. StringBuffer grows in size dynamically. Could people help to detail other differences between String and StringBuffer?String is immutable. In other words, once it is made, the contents of that instance

Can't sync files on Cloud Drive between Macbook and iPad after Yosemite and IOS 8.02

can't sync files on Cloud Drive between Macbook and iPad after Yosemite and IOS 8.02 Pages, Numbers and more won't sync.Er OK efter opdatering til IOS 8.1 Til gengæld er Photo funktionen (synkronisering) blevet dårligere (for dårligt)Read other 2 ans

Diference between STO and Shipment order?

Hi All , There are two plants , one is manufacturing and other is sales .  In sales plant sales order is created and after MRP run Purchase requisition is created(for getting materisl from production plant) . In me59 we convert this Preq to shipment

Seriously, is airdrop NOT compatible between mavericks and IOS7 ?!!! ***

I'm desperately trying to airdrop a photo from my ipad mini retina (released 1 month ago) to my mybookair running mavericks (released a couple of month ago)... and now I read the two are not compatible... How can it be ? Am I a stupid user ? or Is th

Relation between LIKP and VEKP

Hello Friends, I want to know the relation between LIKP and VEKP tables. Please help me in this regard. Regards, ShreekantHi LIKP and LIPS are delivery Header and Item tables <b>VEKP and VEPO</b> are HU header and Item tables linked with Key f

ORA-01850: hour must be between 0 and 23

Hi techies, We have created a procedure for our daily report.its running fine for two location.when we run for a location we end up with this error.our current NLS_DATE_FORMAT is HH24:MI:SS.but its running successfully when we set nls_date_format='DD

Difference between SAPU and SPDD Transactions ?

Hi What is the difference between SAPU and SPDD Transactions ? Thanks In advance Sri.Hi, SPDD Deals with Data Dictionary objects and SPAU Deals with Progams. Check the link for more information Hope this info